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Gung Ho! Spring Specials 2014

New Gung Ho! Weekly Specials!

Delivery and Pick Up Only

  • Every Monday get 10% of all Gung Ho! Salads all day!
  • Every Tuesday get 10% Off all Gung Ho! Chicken Wings
  • Every Wednesday all Pasta & Lasagne is 10% Off
  • Every Thursday get 10% off Carnivore and Veggie Calzones

And every Monday to Friday between 2pm tp 4pm upsize your pizza from a medium to a large – free!

Sorry! VIP cards cannot be used with other promotions

Gung Ho! Pizza Points

Gung Ho! Pizza Points!

Exchange your Gung Ho! pizza points for sides, salads, calzones and more!

Do you have a stack of Gung Ho! Pizza Points burning a hole in your pocket? Well put ‘em to work! As of today you can  spend your hard-earned pizza points on lot’s of other Gung Ho! stuff!

‘What is a Gung Ho! Pizza Point’ you say? Gung Ho! Pizza Points are those little round pink and yellow stickers you occasionally see on your docket. You get a point every time you spend 80rmb or more at Gung Ho! (except combo meals and other promotions) and you get half a point for spending 40rmb or more. What can you get?

6 Pizza Points

  • Exchange 6 Pizza Points for any side

8 Pizza Points

  • Exchange 8 Pizza Points for and medium pizza, medium salad, pasta or soup

10 Pizza Points

  • Exchange 10 Pizza Points for any large salad, a carnivore or veggie calzone, or 6 Gung Ho! wings

12 Pizza Points

  • Exchange 12 Pizza Points for any large Gung Ho! pizza

Muy Importante!

Okay, now here’s the important bit. We don’t track your pizza points yet. We will in the future but right now we’re still looking for the best and most convenient way to do this. So – and I really mean this –



Gung Ho! VIP Card

Gung Ho! VIP Card

If you’re ordering from Gung Ho! a lot (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you be?) consider picking up a pre-paid GHP VIP Card! Convenience, piece of mind and a discount rolled into one! The cards come in denominations of 8800rmb and 2000rmb and confer a 12% and 20% bonus respectively. Plus you don’t have to deal with icky cash transactions at the door when all you want is a mouthful of hot pizza!

Let’s do the math:

  • The 880rmb VIP Card gets a 12% extra. That’s an extra 120rmb of Gung Ho!
  • The 2000rmb VIP Card gets a chunkier 20% extra. That actually works out as an extra 400rmb of Gung Ho!

If you’re interested, drops us an email at or give our helpful POS staff a buzz :)

Gung Ho! Very Important Pizza!

Combo Meals!

Delivery and Pick Up Only

Gung Ho! Pizza Combos

Sorry! No Gung Ho! Points with Combo meals or other promotions.

The Gung Ho! Money Back Guarantee

At Gung Ho! Pizza we play for keeps. We’re not saying every little thing is going to be perfect every single time but we’re damn sure going to try our hardest to make it so. If for any reason you’re not happy with any of our food, then give us a call and we’ll come and pick it up and give your your money back. A few caveats:

  • Generally speaking, if the food’s more than half gone we can’t take it back
  • Also, if you’ve had the food more than an hour (not counting delivery time) we also can’t guarantee the quality of said food