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Anchor™ – the official cheese of Gung Ho! Pizza

Anchor, official cheese of Gung Ho! Pizza

This is where our mozzarella comes from. Nice.

At Gung Ho! Pizza we only use Anchor™ mozzarella cheese imported all the way from New Zealand! Why? Because where serious about quality, and the world’s best selling mozzarella from the purest place on earth can’t be that bad can it?

Since its beginnings in 1886, homegrown New Zealand brand Anchor has been synonymous with quality. Over 120 years later it has grown into a leading dairy brand across the globe. ANCHOR’s nutritional chops are provided by the Anchor Institute, an international network of dairy and nutrition experts that conducts and supports dairy nutrition research to improve the health of families around the world. It strives to develop new, nutritious and high-calcium dairy products that contribute to a healthy, balanced diet.

And we’re proud to serve it :)

Hi cows.