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Karaoke Night @ Sanlitun

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Looking for something different to do on Friday night?

Try out a little light karaoke action at Sanlitun this Friday! We’ve got literally thousands of songs – English, Chinese and more – from brand new top 10 hits all the way back.

Come for the New Zealand pizza, stay for the Buy One Get One Free drinks – and who knows? Maybe sing a song or three!


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Gung Ho visits Shepherd’s Field

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In 1991, Tim & Pam Baker (and their 3 children) adopted a little Chinese girl, a decision that would change their lives. In 1998, the Bakers adopted two more orphans, twin boys, Nathaniel and Zachariah. Recognizing a calling to help children in need, in 1999 they founded an orphanage in a house donated by a local businessman. Langfang Children’s Village was focused on giving at risk and special needs orphans a safe and loving family environment as well as the medical treatment they require. Though the businessman donated 4 more houses to the orphanage, their numbers kept growing and the Bakers needed to find a bigger location.

After Tim found a perfect 6 acre lot close by he went to the local government to discuss price, hoping to bargain hard for a discount. “Before I could even say a word, the man said, ‘How about 1 kuai? ‘That’s 1 kuai! That land was worth a million dollars. So I looked at my Chinese assistant, and said, ‘Did he say one dollar or one million dollars?’ He said, ‘Tim, it’s one dollar, that’s a good deal, you should take it.'” And thus, Shepherd’s Field was born!

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Since 1995 Tim and Pam Baker, along with Shepherd’s Field and the Philip Hayden Foundation have provided surgeries for more than 3000 orphans all over China, and they have assisted in more than 900 adoptions to families in China, North America, Asia and Europe.

  • At any given point there are between 65 to 70 kids.
  • SFCV has 5 houses each housing 10 to 15 kids
  • There is 1 house mother for every 3-4 children
  • Onsite therapy department led by a forieign therapist and her local team
  • A medical center with a doctor and nurse see to all the orphans medical needs
  • They have a network of hospitals in Beijing and Tianjin that donate time and resources
  • They even have a school on site which around 40 kids attend every day, learning Chinese, math, English, music, and art!


Last Christmas Gung Ho! Pizza partnered with Shepherds Field for a special project, pledging one child’s meal for every large pizza sold. We ended up selling 787 pizzas over that period, funding 787 complete meals for the orphans at Shepherd’s Field. Last week, we visited the orphanage to meet the kids, and the Gung Ho! Kiwi Bird came with us!

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This is the Hands of Hope, a wall featuring plaques donated by the new families of adopted orphans. Each plaque features a hand-print of their new child, as well as a message of hope to all of the orphans that remain with the Shepherd’s Field family. It was an incredible and inspiring visit; the children were amazing and loud and funny and incredible and we can’t wait to go back.

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If you’d like to donate or volunteer, head to the website here! Anywhere from 50 to 100 volunteers come over the weekends to help out and play with the kids, with interns from all over the world staying for a few days up to a year.

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The 2017 Beijing Earth Day Festival

This Earth Day, One Percent for the Planet, Patagonia, Gung Ho! Pizza, C Nature and Live Simply are presenting the second annual Beijing Earth Day Festival, a series of events to raise awareness of environmental programs in Beijing.

2017 Beijing Earth Day Festival

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This Earth Day, One Percent for the Planet, Patagonia, Gung Ho! Pizza, C Nature and Live Simply are presenting the second annual Beijing Earth Day Festival, a series of events to raise awareness of environmental programs in Beijing.

Taking place on Earth Day April 22, the Beijing Earth Day Festival will feature a Green Market run by Earth Day Festival partner C Nature, featuring lots of handmade environmentally friendly items on offer, as well as an organic farmer’s market by partner Live Simply. We will also host stands for all of our Green Project partners, giving them a chance to spotlight their efforts in Beijing and China, as well as help raise donations with a charity auction.

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The festival will also feature live presentations from our Green Partners as well as a keynote presentation from Gung Ho, a charity auction, Patagonia documentary screening and Q&A, as well as special kids’ events, live music, and more! See you there!

12pm to 6pm April 22 | Sanlitun SOHO (Next to Patagonia)

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Gung Ho’s Lucy wins WOW Award!

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On Wednesday night – International Women’s Day – our CFO, assistant Lao Ban and co-founder of Lush, Pyro Pizza and Gung Ho! Pizza Lucy Hu was the proud recipient of the 2017 WOW Business award! A lot of you know our other founders John and Jade but not many people know Lucy. Jade’s business partner since 2003, Lucy is the spiritual heart of our team and our biggest cheerleader, and recently has been moving into a more visible leadership role. In her words:

“Until know I have been happy to stay behind the scenes, but last year in particular I have been very proud to take a more forward role in the company. Last year we opened our largest store, we launched new initiatives such as the Women of Gung Ho, and achieved a huge milestone in our Green Program with our successful B Corporation accreditation, only the third company in China to do so. I am now also a member of Beijing’s Chinese Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO).

I am proud that I have been able to first learn, and now to teach and mentor my own team as well as others in my EO forum, as well as take a hand in steering the company as we expand into a true China based company.”

Congratulations Lucy! We’re proud of you!

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Gung Ho Exclusive: Tea Macchiatos!

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Gung Ho! Pizza has partnered with Anchor to bring you this Beijing exclusive: Tea Macchiatos! Brewed – not steeped – tea, with a float of flavored cream milk foam on top, served hot or ice cold. These things are blowing up in Shangers, and we’re stoked to bring them to Beijing. Available now from Sanlitun and Xihongmen, and coming to delivery soon! And yes, they’re as tasty as they look…

Fresh brewed coffee layered with vanilla flavored milk foam

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Brewed oolong tea macchiato topped with cocao flavored milk foam

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Sweet jasmine tea macchiato layered with strawberry milk foam

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Brewed black tea macchiato layered with fresh Anchor cream
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Brewed green tea macchiato layered with fresh matcha favored milk foam

Try one today!

New Spring Menu!

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Since it’s the season of rebirth, we’re going to celebrate by, er, resurrecting some old Gung Ho favorites. First up:


As the weather gets warmer and we can **gasp** finally sit outside again, enjoy the air with our South East Asian seafood offering; prawns and sliced eggplant topped with fresh lemon, chili and basil.

小S 66元 / 中M 99元 / 大L 143元

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Sticking with the South East Asian vibes, try our sweet Satay Chicken pizza, topped with pineapple, criss-crossed with yogurt dressing and and coriander on the side. Vegetarians, try it with tofu!

小S 48元 / 中M 86元 / 大L 110元

Also returning!


A great Spring pasta we’re happy to see back! Mixed Chinese mushrooms sautéed with spinach and garlic in a creamy parmesan sauce on your choice of spaghetti or penne



This Gung Ho homemade cookie was on our very first menu! Chunk is the operative word here, made with Swiss chocolate and a touch of fresh mint


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Happy Year of the Rooster!

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The team at Gung Ho! Pizza would like to wish you all a happy and hopeful Year of the Rooster! If you were born in the year of the Rooster, number one: we can probably work out how old you are, and 2) you’re supposed to be trustworthy, responsible at work, and have a good sense of time. Basically, you sound like one of our type of people. Want a job?


Our Sanlitun and Shuangjing stores will be closed for the CNY break, but if you’re around Xihongmen, take advantage of our big CNY dinner party combo suitable for 8-10 people, available January 27 to February 3, featuring NZ Lamb Jiaozi!


4 Medium Pizzas + 2 Medium Salads
Chicken Wings, Fries, Kumara Fries & Shish Kebabs
2 Kiwi Pavlovas, 2 Brownies & Ice Cream, and drinks


NZ Baby Doll Sauvignon Blanc + Fruit Plate
Special New Zealand Jiaozi


Our Sanlitun and Shuangjing restaurant and delivery will be closed for the CNY break but our Xihongmen store will stay open as usual.


  • Everyday 10am to 10pm (No Change)

Sanlitun & Shuangjing

  • Closed from 9pm January 26 until Febrary 3
    (Open for business February 3)

Happy Chinese New year!

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The 2016 Gung Ho Service Awards

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Every year we celebrate our Frontline All-Stars at our annual end-of-year Gung Ho Service Awards, something we like to call the “Gung Ho Oscars”

What is that? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like! First of all we collect all the examples of Feichang Fuwu (Super Service) that we’ve shared throughout the year and a small committee chooses the best stories and places them in categories such as “Most Creative” or “Most Heart-Warming”. We then send these nominees out to our team who vote on the winners of each category.

This year we joined forces with the teams at Lush and Pyro Pizza and held a massive mega-event at our brand-new soon-to-open Pyro Pizza flagship store in Wukesong. The event was a blast, and a great celebration of the guys and girls that really make this company what it is. This year, awards went to:

Most Creative Service:

Also Nominated:
Sanlitun Team, Coco, Young

Customer Favorite:

Also Nominated:
Paul, Simon, Johnny

Best Service of the Year:

Also Nominated:
Bess, Sky, Clark

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

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Pizzas are for sharing



To celebrate being the only the third company in Mainland China to become a Certified B Corporation – as well as celebrate the season of giving – Gung Ho! Pizza is proud to announce that in conjunction with Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, for every large pizza we sell, we will provide one complete meal to one of the at-risk, special-needs orphans at Shepherd’s Field from December 25 until the end of the year.


Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village (SFCV) is located in Tianjin and is home to 70 to 100 children at any given time. Their goal is to assist local orphanages in caring for seriously at-risk, special-needs orphans who have been abandoned because they were considered useless and broken.

Shepherd’s Field cares for these orphans through an array of services, including: five children’s’ homes, a medical clinic, a therapy center, a school, housing for volunteers, an office, and a new vocational center. In addition to receiving every day essentials, children are also given an education, as well as the surgeries, medical care and therapies they so desperately need.

Shepherd’s Field is the largest facility of its type in China and home to special needs orphans of all ages. Since their establishment in 1999 they have:

  • Cared for more than 4,000 orphaned children
  • Provided more than 3,000 critical surgeries and other medical procedures
  • Helped more than 900 children find Forever Families through adoption
  • Become a model for other foster-care facilities to emulate

To learn more about the work of Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, or how you can help, volunteer or adopt, head to:

sfcv-wechat-02-528px sfcv-wechat-03-528px