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We’re in the Semi Finals!


This is it! The second last round of The Beijinger’s 2016 Pizza Cup! And this round, we face none other than ubiquitous Beijing pizza delivery brand Annies Pizza.


We’re on the home stretch now, within a stone’s throw of winning the Beijing Pizza for the third year running and join such greats as Muhammad Ali and the New Zealand Allblacks! Or something like that anyway… But as is only fitting, we face the heaviest hitters at the end. This semi-finals, Kro’s Pizza will face Sanlitun sophomore Bottega, while we will face our old foe Annies. Whichever way it goes, it’s going to be a HUGE showdown!

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Pizza Cup Quarter Finals


Gung Ho has made it to the Quarter Finals, where Beijing’s 8 biggest and best pizza brands will go head to head including Annies, Tube Station, Great Leap, Bottega, Kro’s Nest, Eatalia. This round Gung Ho! Pizza will take on Napolitan pizza specialists La Pizza! It’s a bit of a grudge match as La Pizza took down our sibling store Pyro Pizza in Round 2.


It’s a bit of a roller coaster year for us this year. The opening of our store in the IKEA Livat shopping center was a massive step for us in every way, but the loss of our Lido HQ – the heart of our operation – has definitelly been a gut punch to our team. But at Gung Ho there’s only ever one thing to do – GO! GO! GO!


As you know, Gung Ho has won back to back Pizza Cup championships. And this year we’ve just passed tha halfway mark to scoring a Threepeat! It’s a huge challenge, especially with Beijing’s pizza field getting stronger every year, but what an achievement!

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We’re in the Sweet 16!


We’ve made it into Round 3 where the final 16 pizza competitors will go head to head! Our next challenge is against Detroit-style pizza store Pie Squared, a long time Shunyi favorite that crushed it at the Pizza Festival.

Thank you to everyone that voted last round! This is the last round before we head into the quarter finals. We’ve won the Beijing Pizza Cup two years in a row, can we make it Threepeat? After all, the best things come in threes!

Voting ends 2pm Thursday afternoon so please get out the vote!

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Gung Ho and Pyro have made it to Round 2!


66 Down, 32 to go!

Thanks to everyone’s support in the first group round, both Gung Ho and Pyro Pizza have made it into the second round! Gung Ho will be facing Indigo Mall’s Tiago Home Kitchen, and Pyro will take on Sanlitun’s La Pizza! Voting starts today and will end 2pm Monday. It’s only the second round, but voting gets quicker each time!

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As you know, Gung Ho has won back to back Pizza Cup championships. This year, can we make it a threepeat?? It’s a huge mission, especially with Beijing’s pizza field getting stronger every year. But we’re going for it! GO! GO! GO!


Passing the first round, our Pizza Cup Celebration has officially hit 10% off, to be announced at the end of the competition! The discount will get 10% lower with every round we pass!

Thanks to everyone who voted! We really appreciate your support!


Vote Gung Ho & Pyro Pizza in the 2016 Pizza Cup!


It’s that time again! After a great (if not particularly clear skied) weekend at the annual TBJ Pizza Festival, the 2016 Beijinger Pizza Cup has officially started!

The annual competition is a celebration of how far the F&B scene in Beijing has come, with 88 pizza stores competing up from 64 last year. The format has seen a bit of a tweak also: last year, each competitor was grouped into a class category, from bars or family style, to the hotly contested pizza specialist category. This year, the 88 pizza brands have been randomly sorted into 4 random brackets, which will hopefully see fewer of the pizza specialists being knocked out early, and sticking around to go toe-to-toe in the later rounds.

In a weird twist of fate, both Gung Ho as well as our west-side pizza brand Pyro Pizza have been seeded in the same bracket. Hopefully this shouldn’t have too much of an impact, as voters have been given up to 8 votes in each bracket of 22. In case that was too subtle, we have have two pizza stores in the race – please vote for us both!

This first group round started last night, and will end on Wednesday night so get cracking! As before, Gung Ho will be offering a discount celebration depending on how far we get along in the competition. More details to follow!

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Thanks for your support – Go! Go! Go!


Notification: Lido is Closing


To all of our amazing Lido customers,

We’re sad to inform you that due to an unexpected change in our lease agreement by our landlord we will be closing our Lido store on Tuesday October 18. Regretfully we will also be unable to offer delivery service to the Lido area. Our Sanltiun, Shuangjing and Xihongmen stores are still open for business and are ready to take care of you anytime you come.


For our VIP customers, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that our VIP cards are useable at all other stores and useable on all promotions and specials, including combos and our daily lunch buffet.

We understand that the change in location may be inconvenient to some people, so we like to offer all of our current Lido VIP customers a 20% increase to their current balance. If this is not suitable, then please contact us before October 31 and we will refund your current balance.

For inquiries about VIP Cards, please contact Jack on 18519117187

If you have other inquiries about the Lido store closure not related to VIP cards please contact Rich on 18610054900.

If email is more convenient, contact us at:


It’s been a pleasure living and working in the area, and a pleasure getting to know you all. In true Gung Ho! fashion we have no intention of letting this set back getting us down and we look forward to re-opening a store in the area again soon. Take care, and see you all soon!


The Gung Ho! Team

New Autumn Menu (What is Fall??)


This Autumn we’re featuring more products influenced from our native New Zealand! Joining our crowd fave New Zealand Lamb Pizza we’re proud to present our new venison pizza and salad, featuring tender farm-raised venison imported from New Zealand. Our new Venison Pizza is served with julienned apple and watermelon radish on the side and accompanied by a plum-raspberry gastrique dipping sauce. And the salad has avocados in it! Who doesn’t love avocados?


Sausage rolls are an antipodean favorite at children’s parties and BBQs (and late night bar crawls) alike. Served with tomato sauce, these bite-sized snacks are going to be a hit with your kids.


We’ve also got a South Western salad on the menu featuring our tender (and safe!) sous vide chicken with sliced avocado (yay!) and chunks of fresh mango and served with our new avocado-lime dressing!



All of our pizzas and salads are now available in a small size! Our small pizzas are 9″ in wholewheat and white crust – perfect for one – and our small salads are perfect as a side. All of our new small size pizzas and salads are available via delivery as well as instore!

Kia Ora from New Zealand


New Zealanders are friendly and caring, made up of a mix of diverse cultures, and surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

Likewise, New Zealand cuisine is all about fresh produce, international inspirations and creative combinations, put together with care and attention to safety.

We’re proud to be showcasing more and more Kiwi products in our menu items, and more dishes taken from – and inspired by – our New Zealand background.



Gung Ho! Pizza is proud to partner with Anchor for all of our dairy products, including the most important pizza ingredient – mozzarella!

Anchor is the flagship brand of Fonterra, a dairy company co-operatively owned by over 10,000 New Zealand farmers, and responsible for 30% of the world’s dairy exports.

Founded in 1886, Anchor has become a leading world-class brand that provides high quality dairy products to families all around the world.

Crazy Workday Deals

GHP - Workday Specials - Website - Post 02

Leverage your synergistic engagement with these incredible workday specials!

  • Half price salads on Monday
  • Free Pizza Upsizes on Tuesday (still two for one instore!)
  • Half price wings on Wednesday
  • Half price pasta on Thursday

No Friday? You’re a Beijinger. The weekend starts on Thursday.

Now remember: there’s no “I” in ‘Gung Ho’. But there is one in ‘pizza’.

GHP - Workday Specials - Website - Post 03