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gung ho membership rewards

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Welcome to our Gung Ho Rewards program!

By becoming a member, enjoying great deals has never been easier. Whether you’re dining in one of our stores or ordering delivery through our Gung Ho! platforms*, it’s easy as:

1RMB spent = 1 Gung Ho Point earned.

As you collect points and eat your way up the member levels, before you know it you’ll get access to deals as unmatchable as the All-Blacks. Game on!

*Gung Ho platforms include Gung Ho online app, Gung Ho website and telephone

Member Levels

When signing-up to the program, you automatically access Member status and can start enjoying benefits and discounts, right off the bat.

Benefits Chart_ENG

About the Gung Ho Hut

If you haven’t yet heard, the Gung Ho Hut is the perfect getaway, where the rawness of rural China meets the best of kiwi living… right at the foot of the mighty Great Wall! We’re now offering preferential rental rates for our best patrons. Click here to learn more.


About member-only promotions

For more specifics on the special deals you get to enjoy throughout the week, please click here.

Redeeming Points

Every time you reach a new member level, you will receive eVouchers for your points that you can redeem against any Gung Ho items on the menu. There is no minimum order required nor other restrictions on use, so that you can satisfy your tastebuds in total freedom!

  • Silver upgrade: one eVoucher worth RMB80
  • Gold upgrade: two eVouchers worth RMB160 in total
  • Black upgrade: two eVouchers worth RMB160 in total

Gung Ho Wallet

When you credit money to your online wallet, we’ll add extra value so you can enjoy discounted rates, all the time essentially! There are zero restrictions on how or when to use the credit, so you’re getting the very best deals, even on weekends and on top of our daily specials. Do the math… Now that’s sweet as!

Discount Chart_ENG

Refer a friend and if they credit their online wallet, we will gift you a complimentary eVoucher as a thank you from the team!

To sign up!

  1. If not already, follow Gung Ho! Pizza on WeChat by scanning on the QR code below
  2. Go to MEMBER tab in the menu bar, click “My eCard”
  3. Enter required details.

Congratulations! You’re now a member!

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Earn Points Now!

  1. Place your Gung Ho! order
  2. Present your unique Member QR Code upon payment
  3. Settle the bill using any eligible payment method
  4. Points are automatically credited to your online account

Please note: Only orders placed through our Gung Ho! platforms (website, smartphone app and telephone) yield points.

For program full Terms & Conditions, please click here.

If you’re a VIP cardholder of our former membership program or have unused delivery points, please check the FAQ below to learn about the account transferal process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Gung Ho Rewards Program?

  1. Follow our official Wechat account by searching the ID Gungho-pizza
  2. Click on the “MEMBER” tab and then “My eCard”
  3. Input the information required by the system

Congratulations, you’re now a member!

Is the membership program free to join?

Yes, joining our membership program is completely free of charge.

How do I redeem my points?

Every time you reach a new member level status, we will automatically send you eVouchers ranging from RMB80 to RMB160 depending on the level you have reached. These eVouchers can be redeemed for anything you like on our menu, valid both weekdays and weekends. There are no conditions of use, so you can enjoy what you want, when you want.

I ordered delivery through a 3rd party platform. Do I earn points?

No, points are granted only for orders placed through Gung Ho platforms directly i.e. Gung Ho mobile app, Gung Ho website or Gung Ho telephone hotline.

I’m a foreigner and cannot read Chinese. When I enter “My eCard” I do not understand the content.

Due to limitations of the system, unfortunately only Chinese language can be displayed at this moment. Below are some translations we hope will help (please click images to enlarge). Should you still require assistance, please reach out to one of our service or delivery staff next time you order with us.

Sign-up screen

6a. Sign up UX

My eCard screen

6a. My eCard_ENG

I’m a Gung Ho VIP cardholder from the previous loyalty program and still have balance left on my account. What will happen to my account?

The credit left on your former VIP account is still valid and you’re free to use it as you did previously. However for your convenience, you have 2 choices:

  1. Upgrade to our online system by signing up through our Wechat account using the mobile number you first registered your VIP card with. The remaining balance on your VIP card will automatically appear in your online account. The benefit of upgrading to the online system is that you can consult your balance directly on your smartphone and tract your transactions.
  2. If you’re more of a traditionalist and prefer the “old way”, you’re welcome to keep using your physical VIP card to pay for orders. However once that credit is used up, you will only be able to recharge and enjoy such discounts through our online system.

I have physical point stickers accumulated from previous delivery orders and that I haven’t used yet. Can I still redeem them?

Yes, these points will still be valid until the end of March 2018 and can be redeemed against eligible food items in accordance with our former loyalty program. These “old points” cannot be exchanged for eVouchers or cash.