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Green is the New Pink

John and Jade with Jane Goodall_low













Jade Gray and John O’Loghlen with environmental activist and personal hero Jane Goodall

Our Green Dream

Inspired by the clothing brand (and pioneer activist corporation) Patagonia, Gung Ho! founders Jade Gray and John O’Loghlen wanted to build a different kind of company, a sustainable company that doesn’t just exist for profit, but takes responsibility for its people and its impact on the planet as well.

In pursuit of our “green dream”, when founding the company we partnered with an international environmental consultancy to help design our sustainability roadmap. We then hired a full-time Environmental Manager and built our own Green Team.

There are many challenges to maintaining a consistent effort to become a truly sustainable company, but it’s a dream that still lies at the core of Gung Ho!

Sustainable Business

Triple Bottom Line Defined by the United Nations, sustainable development is a model that “meets the needs of the present world without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own”. A sustainable model measures its success as a business not just through the lens of profit, but also through its impact on people (our team, our customers, our suppliers and the surrounding community) and the planet’s resources.

This is more commonly known as the 3 P’s (representing People, Planet and Profits), or as the “triple bottom line”.


From 2016 to 2019, we were super stoked to be part of the global B Corp community of 2500+ recognised companies in the world meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

To learn more about BCorp, head to!


Our mission is to use the power of food to inspire positive change in our local community and find solutions minimising our negative impact on the environment.

We now use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a roadmap to continue our social impact initiatives and help us frame our objectives as a purpose-driven company.

Our Journey to Date…


  • Inspired by sustainable business pioneers Patagonia, John & Jade commit to applying the 3P’s philosophy to their new startup.


  • Gung Ho! Pizza is finally born!


  • The Gung Ho! crew develops the Golden Bird Foundation and Peking Pups advocating animal welfare and education


  • Gung Ho! Pizza contracts green business specialists “We Impact” to help develop a sustainable business plan
  • Laura Xiao joins Gung Ho! as our Environmental Manager and the ‘Green Team’ is officially formed.
  • We Impact audits Gung Ho’s environmental impact and the Green Team implements a company-wide environmental awareness program
  • The Gung Ho! Green Team confirms it’s environmental vision, goals and action plan


  • We begin sorting and recycling rubbish, reducing overall waste by 23.1%
  • We trial menus printed on 100% recycled paper
  • Gung Ho! publicly launches its “Green Action plan”
  • The second phase of our waste reduction campaign closes the loop on 50.6% of our waste
  • Gung Ho! collaboratively designs with its supplier a pizza box made of recycled paper and starts using them in all of its stores


  • We publish our first certified GRI report, one of the first SME’s in China to do so
  • Our sustainable restaurant renovation at our Sanlitun store is complete! Utilising sustainable materials like brick made from recycled mining waste and particle board from discarded wheat straw. Not to mention the decorative items in major part vintage, second-hand!


  • Sustainable restaurant renovation at our Lido flagship store complete!
  • Gung Ho! publishes its second annual GRI report.
  • In co-operation with Patagonia and One Percent for the Planet, we begin planning a Beijing Earth Day Festival, which ultimately got cancelled for reasons out of control (we’ll let you guess the reasons why)
  • Co-founder Jade attends B Corporation‘s Asia conference in Tai wan


  • We undertake and publish a company-wide gender diversity audit
  • Gung Ho! publishes its third annual GRI report
  • In co-operation with Patagonia and One Percent for the Planet (again), we successfully organise Beijing’s first Earth Day Festival (hurrah)
  • An urban farm is planted on the rooftop of our Lido headquarters
  • Were granted the internationally-recognised B Corporation certification

2017- 2018

  • We launch a series of BCorp Movers Meetup events at our Sanlitun store for Beijing’s conscious community
  • We take our Great Wall clean-up hike to the next level thanks to the support of our new official partner, Patagonia
  • We introduce Meatless Mondays and launch our very own house-made, Earth-friendly vegan cheese pizza (that has been making waves in town!)
  • Co-founder Jade lectures at Tsinghua and Beida University on business and social entrepreneurship
  • All plastic straws are replaced with reusable stainless steel straws from The Bulkhouse
  • We officially become key members of Goal Blue‘s iCare sustainable network
  • Our “Empty Plate Campaign” is launched to incentivise and reward customers minimising their food waste.


Updates coming soon…! In the meantime, do reach out to our Community Manager for interest in our social impact initiatives and possible collaborations.