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Weekly Wrapup

Verne Harnish at Gung Ho HQ

Left to Right: Skott Taylor from New Seed Creative Consulting, Verne Harnish “The Growth Guy”, Josh Lally from our sister company Lush/Pyro, John O and myself from Gung Ho!

Verne Harnish, the “Growth Guy” and author of the Rockefeller Habits has been in town this week to give another seminar. After the show, Michael Wester, Grand Poobah of the Entrepreneurs Organization’s Beijing Chapter (and CEO of The Beijinger) managed to hijack his car and bring him (along with the rest of the EO guys) to Gung Ho HQ for a looksee. Verne Harnish has been a great inspiration to our company – he’s a bloody marvel on stage –  and it was great to show him how many of his tools we put to use.

You can’t tell because I Photoshopped the hell out of myself but I’m quite drunk. Cheers to Campbell Thompson from the Wine Republic! And thanks for Dominic from Plastered 8 for the custom tees!! Caption: “That’s just the light bleed!”

Free Pizza Upsizes!

From last Monday order any medium pizza Monday to Friday between 2pm to 4pm and upsize it free! That’s any large pizza for the price of a medium!

Youku Killed The Video Star

Video: Check out extreme fixie fanatic Ines Brunn school the Gung Ho! Boys on how to really ride.

GHP-TV: The Gung Ho! Girls Trilogy!

Check out the three episodes of the Gung Ho! Girls on the GHP Youku channel! Due to fanboy pressure, there may or may not be a secret fourth installment – not unlike Firefly.

Swing the Vote!

We’ve been nominated for Best Pizza and Best Salad in the Beijinger Reader Restaurant Awards! If you have a minute please vote for us here!

Also, the Time Out Readers’ Choice award is wide open! If you have a second, yes! give us a good nudge!