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Plastered T-Shirts Will Change Your Life

Superstar DJ, singer, rap star, hair stylist and dutiful son Nathan Zhang

If you’ve been in Beijing anytime at all you probably know that Plastered 8 T-shirts set the bar for marketing in China. And if you don’t, well, check out the ‘Plastered Will Change Your Life” videos starring founder and resident madman Dominic and the ludicrous funnyman Nathan Zhang as themselves. Mostly. Check them out here, or click on the following handy links! But remember: unless you hate your computer, put down the coffee first.

The just released Episode Four has a small cameo from someone you might have seen from another video.

Gung Ho! Plastered Video Bomb!

Happy Mothers Day from Gung Ho!

From the gang at Gung Ho! Pizza, Happy Mothers Day!

Here’s a vid of the Gung Ho! team (all of them) wishing their mothers a happy mothers day! I forget that like me, nearly all of them are quite far from home. It’s a bit long (3 and a bit minutes) but it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside so why not? It’ll also make you want to call your mum so go ahead and recharge your phone first.

Also, this Mothers Day (Sunday, May 13) we’re giving away 4 egg tarts with every large pizza. Yum!

Love you mum!

Women’s Day Tomorrow!

Happy Women’s Day!

So for Women’s Day we wanted to make another video but Sammi and Clara decided  they would exercise their Women’s Day Free Pass and… not. So Wynn and I had to do it instead. If anything is going to make you appreciate the amazing women in our lives this Women’s Day, this video certainly will.

Women’s Day Special!

Be a woman and order a pizza, salad or pasta this Women’s Day (March 8) and get two egg tarts free! (Limit one per order)

Gung Ho loves all the ladies of the world

GHP Bike Safety Training with Ines Brunn

BMX Bandit!

At Gung Ho! Pizza we believe that when riding around Beijing’s dangerous roads safety comes first.

So we got renowned extreme bikie Ines Brunn to show us what not to do.

Don’t try this at home!

Ines Brunn has been riding competitively for over 20 years and owns a fixed-wheel bike and juggling store in Wudaoying Hutong called Natooke. She’s performed all over the world, given a TEDx Talk and even made dumplings while riding on CCTV! Check out her blog here!

GHP-TV: Episode III – Gung Harder!

Watch the final climactic episode of the Two-Girl Trilogy!

Hopefully these little videos are as much to watch as they were to shoot – because they were a lot of fun to shoot! One of my most memorable uh, memories was probably standing outside my door with a huge fan and a big handful of crushed rice crispies. And the second was probably the time I was supposed to pour a bucket of water on Clara’s head but missed. From 10 inches away. Pretty funny. Take it again!!

Big thanks to my bro Handsome Rich for guest starring. He was very obliging and patient, though he refused take his shirt off. One at a time, ladies.

Happy Spring Festival 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gung Ho Na Lai!

Hi guys! The team at Gung Ho! would like to wish you all a safe lucky dragon year in 2012! And remember; if you’re messing with fireworks, lay off the baijiu!

And now here’s a video of the Gung Ho! team singing a song about a dragon! Rawr!

FYI, we’re sending a lot of our guys home for CNY so our opening hours will be as follows:

  • January 22, 23, 24: Closed (Sorry!)
  • January 25 ~ 29: 11am ~ 2pm and then 5pm ~ 9pm

And then back to standard operating hours from January 30 (11am to 11pm).

Also, as a seasonal treat (wait ’til you see our Paddy’s Day Guinness Pizza) we’re doing a promo on our pre-paid VIP cards. Purchase any VIP card and get a 100rmb voucher as a kicker!! VIP cards are pre-paid pizza credit and carry a discount depending on the card you get. 1000rmb = 10% off, 2000rmb = 20% off and 3000rmb = you guessed it, 30% off. Offer available until Jan 30. If you’re interested, drop us a line at!

Happy Chinese new year! May your VPN never fail!

Gung Ho TV: Episode II

Blame it on the rain.

Check out the second Gung Ho! TV commercial that we couldn’t get on TV so it’s on Youku instead. New term: Youkommercial. Write it up, Urban Dictionary!

Again starring marketing manager Sammi as Smug Sammi, and marketing girl Clara as Unlucky Clara and shot and cut by my assistant Wynn on his iPhone. That thing is iHandy.

Triva: Clara had never seen a Nintendo Wii before and thought I was crazy when I said, “just swing it around like you’re playing tennis”.

Like our videos? Check out the GHP Youku Channel for more!

Merry Xmas from Gung Ho!

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays! ~ Gung Ho! Crew

Hey guys, just wanna say thank you again for an amazing year of support, love, sweat and tears, pepperoni and organic wholewheat flour.

To take us out, here’s a special GHP Xmas commercial starring kitchen manager Charlie as Young Santa and Clara from marketing as his exasperated girlfriend.


For other videos, check out our channel here!

“Go Gung Ho!” TVC take one…

Who’s next??

Who needs a film studio? We certainly don’t. Check out the new Gung Ho! TV commercial, shot with 100% actual Gung Ho! people!

Scouted from the desk opposite me, flung in front of the camera and destined for greatness, check out GH marketing manageress Sammi and junior marketeer Clara and say you knew them way back when…

(Subtitles for the Chinese impaired)

Gung Ho! Top Chef Auditions

Who will be Gung Ho’s Next Top Chef?

A behind-the-scenes look at the recent GHP chef tryouts. Competition was fierce and this guy… did not get the job. Thank god I didn’t have to tell him personally.

Featuring the incredible Lao Zhou! Shot and cut by Wynn Zhou (no relation).