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Are you reaching out for your Leifang-inspired fur hat already?! With Beijing’s notorious post-October drop in mercury, our bodies will start longing for more soul-warming, calorie-rich foods.
And, if we’re not careful with our cravings… we know where that’s heading with the sofa-bound shoddy-food-indulgence! So with that in mind the Gung Ho! crew has been busy creating a raft of COMFORT FOODS to see you healthy and upbeat through the post-summer chill!

Check our Autumn-Winter menu here!


Join us in store, order a pizza and get the 2nd on us! For deliveries, it’s 20% off your pie.

(the better deal’s in store, ’cause it’s better for our planet, high 5)


In 2010, kiwi lads Jade G. and John O’ wanted to create a different kind of pizza company, one that would make the most wholesome pizza in town, while giving a damn about people and the planet! 


So we went a little wild and started making alternative doughs - signature whole wheat, gluten-free and low carb paleo – and dressed them with fresh toppings brought together in creative combinations. Premium grass-fed lamb pizza or roasted aubergine with vegan cheese? Whatever floats your boat! We use the best ingredients we can find locally and when we can’t we import only the good stuff, even if it means going all the way to New Zealand to get it!

How We Roll-low



We’re on a mission to create China’s healthiest pizza joint! In that effort, we’re pumped to launch our most nutrition-packed menu to date.

For us at Gung Ho! health means catering to everyone’s dietary needs: whether you’re gluten-intolerant, a sexy health nut, a badass vegan environmentalist or simply love fresh creative pizza, we’ve got options for you.


For pizza it all starts with our alternative doughs. Choose between our homemade whole-wheat, gluten-free or low carb paleo crust. Each is jammed with goodness, so knock yourself out!


As for our cheese, we use premium New Zealand Anchor mozzarella. But if you’re looking for a lighter option, swap it out for our homemade dairy-free cheese – compliments to vegan chef extraordinaire Danielle Sonnek-Bouchard from Kangsu Kitchen!

Please note:

1/ For the time being our new Spring menu items are available for delivery only. New items will be launched in-store in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

2/ As part of our new menu direction, we are no longer offering white, thick crust or large pizza options. Apologies to all customers affected by this change. We encourage you to try our signature whole-wheat thin crust instead. There’s a reason why it’s our biggest seller!

**Word out to our vegan crew:

Our pesto sauce and sweet potato chip dip are now fully vegan. Thanks to Yeyo’s Christiana Zhu!

“Beloved Supreme Pizza”

Lavished with EVERYTHING!! Kim Jong-Un style.


 “The Robert Plant” 

Our Rock star vegetarian pizza headlining okra and asparagus.


 “A’Roma Therapy” 

100% fresh durian… just like Mamma used to make.


“Wild Rice & Okra Salad”

Okra, asparagus, baby carrots, beetroot and orange over a medley of wild rice and barley.


“Lentil & Baby Spinach Salad”

Lentil base layered with baby spinach, sweet peppers and roasted pine nuts.


“Tempting Tiramisu”

Your classic coffee dessert made with New Zealand Anchor dairy.


 As for beverages…

we’ve ditched the sodas and switched

to quality liquid goodness!

 Papp’s Tea Kombucha 

Probiotics in a bottle


New Zealand Moa Beer

Using the purest water in the world…… probably



Vegan Wins Day (Wednesday!)

Animal agriculture = 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions and, yes *tear* that  includes dairy too.

So turns out Meatless Mondays ain’t good enough no more. But don’t fret, say 你好 instead to Vegan Wins Day (read Wednesday) with two compelling plant-based deals for even the staunchest of omnivores.

Meatless Mondays

Website Post - 01

Skipping meat one day a week is good for you – and better for the planet! And since we love both you and the planet, Gung Ho is offering 20% off all vegetarian items every Monday as part of its BCorp program! That’s 20% off all vegetarian faves like our Roasted Eggplant and Spinach Tofu, Greek Salad, and Sweet Potato Fries!

Customers please note: Meatless Mondays replaces our Half Price Salad promotion. If you’re interested in our other promo events including Gung Ho Points and more, check out our revamped Rewards Program below. It’s free to join!

“Meatless Mondays” is an international campaign that encourages people to reduce their overall meat consumption by not eating meat on Mondays in order to improve their health and that of the planet. Meatless Mondays is now active in 44 countries and continues to grow globally.

Keen to learn how you can be part of the solution? check out and

Warm up with our new Winter Menu!

Website- Pic 05

With a new pizza and salad, new mini sliders, and a brand new mussel pot – not to mention new shares and desserts, Gung Ho has got a big new menu to warm you up this Winter!

Come Warm Yourself Up Kiwi Style @ Gung Ho!



Imported sustainably-grown New Zealand Greenshell mussels steamed in a classic apple cider and cream Normande sauce made with chopped fennel, fresh thyme and Moa Apple Cider!

Website- Pic 06


Tender grass-fed free-range beef from Silver Fern Farms, marinated, slow-roasted and then served on a base of sautéed balsamic beetroot chutney and fresh rocket, topped with a fresh Italian gremolata.

Website- Pic 02


Noodles, veggies and tender chicken pieces in a rich chicken broth served with oven-baked herbed flat bread.


Hearty roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot, carrot and onion, topped quinoa and served on a bed of fresh spinach, with a Mediterranean yogourt dressing.

Website- Pic 04


Slow-roasted imported Silver Fern leg of lamb with cucumber, crisp rocket, and fresh mint tzatziki.


Slow-roasted imported Silver Fern Reserve beef with fresh coleslaw and beetroot chutney.

Website- Pic 01


A selection of chicken wings, popcorn chicken, kumara chips and cheese balls to share!

Website- Pic 03


Another classic antipodean treat! Spiced Granny Smith apples covered with rolled oats and chopped almonds, oven-baked and served piping hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Fresh yogurt and fruit pieces topped with toasted granola and a drizzle of New Zealand honey!

Plus we’ve just got a TON of brand new craft and specialty beers from New Zealand in our Sanlitun store – the new place for a sneaky drop, a quick pre-game, or an all-night dinner and drinks!

Website is currently offline

Gung Ho! Pizza Announcement

Sorry everyone, we’re having some technical issues with our website and we’re working hard to get them resolved at get back online as soon as possible. In the meantime, please call your store directly to arrange for Gung Ho! Pizza delivery.

  • Sanlitun: 8587-1404
  • Shuangjing: 5876-5262

Thanks for your patience!

“Kia Ora” Kiwi Set Menu

New Zealand Picnic

The best of New Zealand…

To celebrate our participation in NZ Food Week this month we’re stoked to share these brand new Kiwi Food Deals with you! These specials are only available through November – so get ‘em while they’re hot!

NZ Food Week is a New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) event showcasing some of the best food from some of the best seas, rivers, farms and pastures that New Zealand has to offer! We’ve been lucky enough to partner with some of these guys to get amazing New Zealand product to share.

Whether it’s grass-fed beef, sustainably grown shellfish, or even beer which – don’t forget – is 90% water, all food comes down to three things: water, air, and earth. And New Zealand’s got the purest of all three. This November, Gung Ho is excited to be able to share these Kiwi goodies with you all!

The star of our Kiwi Week specials is our Kia Ora Set Menu! ‘Kia Ora’ is the Maori language phrase for ‘hello’ – so introduce it to your tummy ASAP!

The Kia Ora Set Menu is perfect for two people and features:

To Eat

One medium Kiwi Lamb Pizza, featuring imported grass-fed free-range lamb from Silver Fern Farms
Cheesy Baked Mussels featuring imported NZ mussels
Our crowd-favorite Kumara Sweet Potato fries
One classic Kiwi Pavlova to share

To Drink

An ice-cold Moa Original classic lager brewed in the world-famous winemaking region of Marlborough, NZ
A glass of red or white wine from Villa Maria, New Zealand’s most awarded winery
A Gung Ho Tea Macchiato made with Zealong tea, grown in New Zealand and certified 100% organic

Just 168rmb (RRP 330RMB) | From Nov 01 to Nov 30

NZ Week Partners

Our Amazing NZ Week Partners

NZ Website - Pics 02

As part of New Zealand’s “NZ Week” in Beijing, we’ve partnered with some of New Zealand’s best food and alcohol companies! Watch this space for more specials and events!

Whether it’s grass-fed beef, sustainably grown shellfish, or even beer which – don’t forget – is 90% water, all food comes down to three things: water, air, and earth. And New Zealand’s got the purest of all three. This November, Gung Ho is excited to be able to share these Kiwi goodies with you all!

NZ Week Partners

Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s leading producer of premium quality free-range and grass-fed lamb, beef, venison and a bunch of other stuff that tastes great on a grill. What makes it so great? Well, in NZ not only the air and water is the best in the world. Turns out, so’s the grass!

With a diet of rich grass animals grow strong, healthy and lean. The meat that is produced is leaner, more finely textured and nutritionally better for you. Compared to being grain-fed, grass-fed meat is lower in saturated fat, and higher in vitamins A and E, and omega-3! Plus it tastes better!

NZ Website - Pics 04

Moa Brewery

Proud recipient of more medals than the NZ Olympic team, Moa Beer is made the way beer used to be made before everyone started making it differently and buggered it up.

The Moa brewery is situated among the vineyards in the world famous winemaking region of Marlborough, New Zealand, which isn’t surprising considering founder Josh Scott is also a winemaker and the son of winemakers. In his own words: “It takes a lot of beer to make a good wine”. And vice versa too, apparently.

NZ Website - Pics 03

Villa Maria

Famous vintner Robert Mondavi once said “You can make bad wine with great grapes but you can’t make great wine with bad grapes.” Turns out that’s also true about grapes and soil, and well, sorry to keep on about that, but New Zealand has got some great soil. Just ask Villa Maria. With vinyards across New Zealand, this family-owned winery is New Zealand’s most awarded winery, number one in New Zealand and number four Most Admired Wine Brand in the world!

Also, their wine bottles have screw tops, so go ahead a get another bottle. It won’t go to waste.

NZ Website - Pics 06

Zealong Tea

It takes some guts to make Chinese tea in New Zealand and sell it back to the Chinese. Enter Zealong Tea Estates. Zealong’s premium tea is grown, processed, and packaged by passionate tea masters, from a single source in the pristine air and soils of Waikato, New Zealand.

It’s an unbelievably high quality tea, with absolutely no chemicals – certified 100% organic in both New Zealand and China, and one of the very few fully ISO22000 / HACCP certified tea companies in the world, the highest food safety standard in the world!

It also won first and second place in the 2017 Global Tea Championships. But don’t take our word for it, try some yourself!

NZ Website - Pics 05