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Feeding Starving Artists: Autumn

Autumn Box Design - Houyi by Rich Akers

“…and as Chang’e floated ever higher, Houyi put down his mighty bow and got on his delivery bike” ~Gung Ho! Tales

By now hopefully many of you have had a chance to see this, the Autumn Edition of the Gung Ho! Feeding Starving Artists project. This campaign kicked off in 2010 and features the works of Beijing-based artists on our pizza boxes, each celebrating a particular season in Beijing.

After the first box design, kindly donated to us by Dominic of Plastered 8 T-Shirts, LEAP magazine leapt into the fray and boldly offered to curate the project, refining and bringing to life the Feeding Starving Artists concept.

We’ve been lucky enough to have boxes designed by many of the progenitors of the modern art scene in Beijing, including such leading names as Wen Ling, Ray Lei, Yan Cong and Yangzi.

This piece however was designed by me, only the second box I’ve been able to design and the first as a Starving Artist. What’s that you say? Beijing-based? I’ve been here for 13 years, which makes me about as Beijing based as anyone! Plus, anyway, I wanted a go. It’s so much fun!

The box depicts Houyi, the rightfully annoyed boyfriend of Moon Goddess Chang’e, (whom you might know from the Mid-Autumn Festival fable ‘Chang’e and the Moon‘) as a Gung Ho! delivery guy. His rather aggressive looking warpaint is my interpretation of Houyi’s Peking Opera makeup. Oddly enough, the original version does include the handlebar mustache.

Check out all the Feeding Starving Artists project designs below, along with some hi-lar-ious outtakes of what my box design could have turned out like…

Feeding Starving Artists - The Original - Rich Akers

Feeding Starving Artists - Panda & Friend - Wen Ling

Feeding Starving Artists - Beijing Hotel - Dominic from Plastered 8

Feeding Starving Artists - Beijing Hey Ya - Ray Lei

Feeding Starving Artists - Ice Skating at Hou Hai - Yan Cong

Feeding Starving Artists - Dancing Ladies - Yangzi

Feeding Starving Artists - Paper Lanterns - Rich Akers

Feeding Starving Artists - Falling Leaves - Rich Akers

Feeding Starving Artists - Temple of the Moon - Rich Akers

Feeding Starving Artists - Monkey King - Rich Akers

Feeding Starving Artists - Original Houyi - Rich Akers