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LumDimSum behind the scenes at GHP!

LumDimSum behind the scenes at GHP!

Check out this awesome review of GHP: Lido courtesy of Kristen Lum!

I won’t lie. I was supposed to write a behind the scenes preview myself but hey, Kristen Lum of has done better than I ever could so I’m re-posting it. Welcome to the internet.

So take a Kristen’s Eye View of the brand spankin’ new Gung Ho! Lido HQ – all four majestically flour covered floors – from the central kitchen in the basement to the office and the Gung Ho! training center on the top floor!

Review: LDS on Lush!

I Heart Wudaokou!

Check out this fantastic review of Lush from!

If you’ve never heard of Lush –  first of all what? Lush is the original Wudaokou hotspot and winner of TBJ’s best Student hangout award for 8 years in a row! Lush was Jade’s first foray into the world of F&B and it was where I cut my teeth on brand building/beer drinking.

We learned a lot here, but first and foremost we learned that even though you might be stuck on a budget, you never have to compromise on quality (and fun)!

Kristen Lum goes Gung Ho!

Check out this awesome review from fabulous babe-about-town Kristen Lum on her blog LumDimSum!

No, apparently the blog isn’t about dim sum, but a chance for us hoi polloi to catch a glimpse of the glamorous side of Beijing. In her own words:

I decided to create LumDimSum to share my experiences (both personal and work related) with family & friends abroad, along with anyone interested in the life I live as a PR socialite in Beijing. As a newly graduated, ABC living in Beijing, my life has taken off on a path of its own and my goals and aspirations have morphed, grown, and leapt in ways I never expected or imagined.

And PS Kristen, anytime you have a spare +1, why yes, I would love to go.