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TBJ Restaurant Awards 2013

Vote Gung Ho! Pizza for MOST GUNG HO!

Pizza and prosperity!

So it’s like this. We and a bunch of other Beijing restauranteers kinda have a pretty sizable pool going, and it’d really help us out if you jumped online and voted the following way…

Best Place for a Date: McDonald’s

Best Chinese (High End): McDonald’s

Just kidding. Seriously though, The Beijinger is one of the cornerstones of the expat community (if not cornerstone, then definitely that one guy who always gets you out on a work night) and their annual reader awards are always a showcase of Beijing’s best and brightest places, people and… pizza. This year we’ve again been nominated for Best Pizza, Best salad and Best service. Our own Rich Akers has been voted for Best Personality, which he attributes to “the power of social media”. He then cackled insanely and vanished in a puff of smoke.

So if you’ve got a minute or three, please click on over to the TBJ Reader Awards and show your support!

Thanks again,

Gung Ho! Team

Gung Ho! Bros. on CCTV-9

Gung Ho! Bros John & Jade with CCTV's Haidi Lun

Make sure you get my good side…

Last month, Gung Ho! Bros. John and Jade were interviewed by CCTV BizAsia’s Haidi Lun. The interview played over the Golden Week holiday, but thanks to the magic of the internet you can watch the awesome interview it here!

Big props to Haidi and the team!

We Speak Vegetarian!

to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to. gung-HO!

If I could… talk to the vegetables, talk to the vegetables…

Do you speak vegetarian? At Gung Ho! we’re all about good fresh vegetables and sometimes you just gotta let them shine.

Did you know that over 40% of our menu is vegetarian friendly? And that includes 30% of our pizzas! Combine that with our 100% organic wholewheat flour and you’re looking at some pretty nature-friendly tucker.

And of course if you like your meat you can always do like I do and DIY pepperoni onto, well, anything. My favorite’s the Il Classico. Yum.

Gung Ho! Kids Pizza Making Class!

Winnie and Rosie eating their Gung Ho! Pizza

Kids Make the Darndest Pizza!

What kid doesn’t like pizza? Let us entertain you (and your kids) at your next childrens’ party or event with a Gung Ho! pizza making class! Each kid will get to make their very own mini pizza – and eat it too!

The kids will watch as we prepare the bases and then put together their own pizza with a selection of yummy pizza toppings! We’ll take care of the dough, sauces and the cooking – no mess, no fuss and no kids near the pizza oven!

  • Classes are 80rmb per child and include:
  • A 60 minute pizza making class for 6-12 kids ages 5 and up at Gung Ho! Pizza: Lido
  • A Chinese-speaking or bi-lingual teacher
  • One special “Kid Size” pizza base per person with a selection of toppings
  • We handle the dough, sauce and cooking! No worries about safety and mess!
  • Up to 3 adults will receive a soft drink

Classes must be booked at least a week in advance; classes are available anytime between 2pm to 5pm Tuesday to Thursday and Saturdays. If you’re interested contact us at:!

Thanks to Winnie and Rosie’s dad for letting me use this pic!

Olympics Kick Off Party!

Represent Gunghoistan at the Olympics Kick Off Party!

Celebrate the start of the London Olympics at an iconic indie Beijing hot spot!

Watch the opening ceremony in style on a huge (nay, giant) screen – outside no less!

Get Beatlemania Beijing-style (披头士狂, look it up) with a live show my the Beijing Beatles!

Rock your native colors! Prizes for best dressed!

(And eat yummy Gung Ho! pizza too!)

  • Date: July 28
  • Time: 8:30pm
  • Venue: Dos Kolegas
  • Admission: 150rmb (includes 2 cocktails)

For more info head to or email them at

GHP @ The Brick

Gung Ho @ the Brick

A wonderful day in the neighbourhood…

Thanks to everyone who came out to play last night! It was an awesome night. Weather was perfect and company was better! According to barkeep extraordinaire Lee, around 70-80 people swung by. Definitely more than we thought. The pizza didn’t last long but thank god the 10rmb Pabst Blue Ribbon did!

Special note of thanks to massive supporter Tara, Ida Colin’s Fat Bunny Bakery for the awesome cupcakes, and of course the man with plan, Lee ‘Brick’ Tamland.

On that note, check out our Facebook page!

There goes the neighbourhood…

Gung Ho! Pizza goes to the Brick!

We’d love to see you there :)

BCIS Spring in the City!

Gung Ho! Teamsters Mack and Nancy at BCIS

Gung Ho! Allstars Mack and Nancy at the BCIS Spring in the City event!

Last Saturday Nancy & I set up shop on Beijing City International School’s beautiful campus grounds to sling some pizza slices and spread the word about our new Shuangjing store! It was an amazing event; tons of people were about and the weather was… incredibly cooperative. I mean really. Forecast was for thunderstorms but all we got was non-stop sunshine. Amazing. There was live music, tons of games and events, Gung Ho! buddies Beijing Kids and The Hutong Kitchen were there along with many others. In all we sold nearly two hundred slices of pizza for charity!

Okay, Nancy doesn’t look super happy in the header pic which is weird because she’s basically a ray of sunshine in human form. To the utter surprise of no-one who’s ever ordered from her at Sanlitun, she rocked the stall. It turns out that in college she worked part time at a supermarket pushing samples!

Beijing City International School

BCIS is a not-for-profit day school who’s mission (should they choose to accept it) is to educate and empower students to be compassionate and inspired people, who act for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world.

UPDATE: Vote Gung Ho! at the City Weekend Awards!

Aw! Gung Ho! Kids!

Aw look at his little face!

Update: Just 3 days to go! Also, creator of the crowd favorite Thai Beef Salad, celeb chef Jun Trinh is also nominated for Best Chef so while you’re voting, give him a nudge too!

Atten-shun! Gung Ho! Crew present arms! And legs!

Gung Ho! needs you! There’s just 4 days left to vote in the City Weekend Restaurant and Bar Awards and well, we’d really like to win. So if you like, nay, love your friendly neighborhood Gung Ho! Pizza, then please please please take the time to vote for us! Voting is really simple; after you’ve registered all the categories are listed on one page. Just click on a category and the nominees just pop out. You can vote in as many or as little categories as you like! For example:

  • Best Dressed Delivery Staff
  • Loudest Yelling in a Restaurant
  • Most Effective! Use of Punctuation!!!

But the one we’re really after is of course:

  • Best Pizza

Just click here to vote and thanks again for all your support!

Gung Ho! Pizza

PS We’re also nominated for Best Service!

Jun Trinh has personal appeal

Yao Yang from Saffron’s Spring Salad

Saffron Owner/Head Chef Yao Yang

Meet Gung Ho’s Spring Celebrity Chef Yao Yang!

Yao Yang is a very busy man. Not only is he the star of hit TV show “Yao Yang in my Kitchen”, he’s also the owner and head chef of hip hutong hotspot Saffron in Wudaoying and a talented guitarist to boot! Somehow he managed to find the time to help us come up with some new items for our Spring menu including a new signature salad! In his own words:

“For the Spring salad, I just thought about the colors changing and it came to me. I used red radish and courgette flowers to give it a colorful Spring feel. It’s an Asian-fusion style salad, dressed with a red wine and soy sauce vinaigrette. I hope everyone likes it!”

Follow Yao Yang at:


Yao Yang also helped us with a new Cantonese-style BBQ sauce for our wings and a great Gourmet Pita Platter, featuring homemade hummus, pesto and duck liver pate dips! We also have a BBQ chicken pizza coming and… ribs! Mmm… ribs.

Gung Ho’s new Spring menu launches this Friday!

Yao Yang's Gung Ho! Spring Salad