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TBJ Restaurant Awards 2013

Vote Gung Ho! Pizza for MOST GUNG HO!

Pizza and prosperity!

So it’s like this. We and a bunch of other Beijing restauranteers kinda have a pretty sizable pool going, and it’d really help us out if you jumped online and voted the following way…

Best Place for a Date: McDonald’s

Best Chinese (High End): McDonald’s

Just kidding. Seriously though, The Beijinger is one of the cornerstones of the expat community (if not cornerstone, then definitely that one guy who always gets you out on a work night) and their annual reader awards are always a showcase of Beijing’s best and brightest places, people and… pizza. This year we’ve again been nominated for Best Pizza, Best salad and Best service. Our own Rich Akers has been voted for Best Personality, which he attributes to “the power of social media”. He then cackled insanely and vanished in a puff of smoke.

So if you’ve got a minute or three, please click on over to the TBJ Reader Awards and show your support!

Thanks again,

Gung Ho! Team

John and Jade at the Beijing Triathlon!

John O'Loghlen and Jade Gray at the Beijing International Triathlon

Congrats to Gung Ho! Bros. John O’Loghlen & Jade Gray for successfully finishing the 2012 Beijing International Triathlon.

The event consisted of a 1.5km swim across the picturesque Qing Long Lake, followed by a massive 40km bike race to Qian Ling Mountain and back, capped off with a 10km run!

The Gung Ho! Bros are certainly no strangers to athletics; both John and Jade have been involved in athletics from an early age. John O’Loghlen is a very accomplished rower, having rowed for Harvard and Cambridge, as well as the New Zealand National team. Even more impressive, John ran an unbelievable 100km at the ultra marathon in Hong Kong last year! His experience certainly paid off at the Beijing Triathlon – John finished second in his age group!

Jade Gray is also a sport-lover. He played rugby all through high school and university, and made it into the Canterbury Under-17’s side – New Zealand’s most successful rugby team! Even his first job in China was as a ski instructor! Jade’s triathlon performance was also impressive. Despite an old knee injury, he completed the swim and bike races, and managed to complete the 10km run on crutches!

Congratulations again John and Jade! Nice work!

Jade Gray swinging his way to the finish line!

Happy Halloween!

Gung Ho! Halloween!

Happy Gung Halloween!

Hope you guys had a good night… and weekend. For a country with no October 31st tradition… and a lot of non-North Americanos, Halloween in Beijing sure lasts a looong time.

If you have a Gung Ho! Halloween pic, send it to and we’ll post it!

Popeye VS Gung Ho!

Hutong Golf Recap!

Brandnü, Gung Ho! Golf!

Enviro-preneur Nathan Zhang and Sustainability Manager Laura at the Brandnü, Gung Ho! Hutong Golf design challenge!

Hutong Golf was last weekend and it was a raging success! Expected attendees tripled in the last few days – that’s over a hundred people traipsing around Beijing’s Hutongs!

As you know, Gung Ho! was one of the supporters. We teamed up with an old friend of ours, the always effervescent Nathan Zhang to put together a design challenge for the event. Nathan Zhang is the founder of the ethical clothing line Brandnü, which takes offcuts, seconds and remaindered stock and repurposes it into all new apparel designed by his ever growing team of like-minded collaborators. In addition, all the work is done by women in rural communities (hence, Brand-). Pretty great huh? We sent along a box of t-shirts, our sustainability manager Laura and our talent liaison Spring to help out.

Learn more about Brandnü here!

Brandnu Fashion!

Hutong Haute Couture

Hutong Golf!

Gung Ho! Hutong Golf!

“Play it as it lies??”

Creative Hutong Golf will take place on 2pm Saturday the 22nd of September in the cultural crevasses of Beijing’s coolest hutongs! Participating teams are asked to complete creative tasks at as many of the 20 participating businesses as possible in order to ‘sink the putt’. Each challenge will have a par rated on difficulty (par 3, par 5, etc.) and the team with the best score will win an awesome prize! The challenges will be revealed on the day itself, but be prepared to use both your left and right brain (or just the friends to the left and right of you) to complete the tasks!

Ticket price is RMB 150 per person including drinks and snacks. To participate, register before the event at Payment can be made on the day.

This event is a non-for profit event! All proceeds will be donated to Chi Fan for Charity. For more information on the Creative Hutong Golf Event and registrations for bookings, please visit See you then!

Note: Gung Ho! Delivery Guys will not caddy for you!

Gung Ho! Bros at the Beijing International Triathlon

Gung Ho! Bros at the Beijing Triathlon

Looking good is half the battle!

Look out for the Gung Ho! Bros John and Jade at the inaugural Beijing international Triathlon this Sunday!

Set in Beijing’s Fengtai District, this new race features a 1.5km swim in the picturesque Qing Long Lake, a challenging 40 km bike race from the Park to Qian Ling Mountain and back, and finally a fast 10 km run through the beautiful trails and pathways of Qing Long Lake Park. The event weekend will be filled with dinners, receptions, course tours, city tours, a Fitness Expo, the race, parties, and more!

Good luck guys! I may join you for the party after…

If you’re interested, check out their website here!

Or follow the action on Weibo!

Go! Go! Go!


Olympics Kick Off Party!

Represent Gunghoistan at the Olympics Kick Off Party!

Celebrate the start of the London Olympics at an iconic indie Beijing hot spot!

Watch the opening ceremony in style on a huge (nay, giant) screen – outside no less!

Get Beatlemania Beijing-style (披头士狂, look it up) with a live show my the Beijing Beatles!

Rock your native colors! Prizes for best dressed!

(And eat yummy Gung Ho! pizza too!)

  • Date: July 28
  • Time: 8:30pm
  • Venue: Dos Kolegas
  • Admission: 150rmb (includes 2 cocktails)

For more info head to or email them at

GHP @ The Brick

Gung Ho @ the Brick

A wonderful day in the neighbourhood…

Thanks to everyone who came out to play last night! It was an awesome night. Weather was perfect and company was better! According to barkeep extraordinaire Lee, around 70-80 people swung by. Definitely more than we thought. The pizza didn’t last long but thank god the 10rmb Pabst Blue Ribbon did!

Special note of thanks to massive supporter Tara, Ida Colin’s Fat Bunny Bakery for the awesome cupcakes, and of course the man with plan, Lee ‘Brick’ Tamland.

On that note, check out our Facebook page!

There goes the neighbourhood…

Gung Ho! Pizza goes to the Brick!

We’d love to see you there :)


Gung Ho! John, Sammi & Rich at the City Weekend Awards!

Pizza Jedi John, MKT Siren Sammi and I @ Migas

Last night, on a cool summer evening atop hotspot Migas (best new bar!) was the last awards event of the season, the City Weekend Reader Restaurant and Bar Awards. It was a great event – despite 4 awards given out in every bracket (best, outstanding and editor’s pick) hot-seater Sienna PC kept the whole shebang racing down the straightaway.

And, well, I’m very proud to say that – for the first time ever – that the award for Best Pizza goes to…

Gung Ho! Pizza.

As amazingly awesome as that is, it was nothing compared to what came next.

Best Service: Gung Ho! Pizza.

I don’t even have a photo of that because, well, best pizza? Job well done. High fives all round, see you tomorrow in the office. Luckily I was still there to grab the prize. But… speechless. Absolutely speechless.

Gung Ho! Pizza AllstarsSo to everyone that voted, massive and heart-felt thanks from the GHP crew. It’s so utterly mind-blowing to see all the hard yards we put into the frontline make an impact.  Thanks for all your support. And if you have any ideas on how we can do better on any front, remember you can email us anytime at! Cheers again guys :)

For those who are counting (i.e. us) here is our current pool room inventory:

  • 2012 City Weekend – Best Pizza
  • 2012 City Weekend – Best Service
  • 2012 The Beijinger – Outstanding Pizza
  • 2012 The Beijinger – Outstanding Salad
  • 2011 City Weekend – Honorable Mention: Best Pizza
  • 2011 City Weekend – Editor’s Pick: Best Service
  • 2011 The Beijinger – Outstanding Pizza
  • 2011 The Beijinger – Editor’s Pick: Best Delivery