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All New Kids Combos!

All new Kids Combos! Perfect for kids aged 4 to 10 years, this brand new menu features 7 new mains with your choice of special kids sides and a mini dessert! All combos are just 50rmb, and even come with a serving of healthy fruit slices and vegetable sticks. These new Kids Combos are only available at in-store at Lido & Sanlitun for now but stay tuned!

Closed for Renovations, Still Open for Delivery!

404 Error Gung Ho! Pizza Not Found


Attention Gung Ho! Massive: Starting Monday, we’re giving our lao da Sanlitun Branch a well-deserved make-over. We’ve come a long way since opening Gung Ho! Pizza on July 7, 2010. We’ve grown to 3 stores, a central kitchen and HQ, 120 employees and lots and lots of pizza. But we’re here to tell you…

We’re not done yet.

We’ve got a very exciting plan in the works, and as always our Sanlitun store will be leading the charge. We can’t tell you too much about it right now, all we can say is… watch this space.

Sanlitun Renovation

Sanlitun will be closing for renovations from June 2. The dine-in section will be closed, but our delivery service will be operating as usual. We apologize for the inconvenience, but trust us, it’ll be worth it.


Gung Ho! Goes Mobile!

The ‘M’ stands for “Mmmm…!”

As our phones have gotten smarter, so must we… So welcome to try the all brand spankin’ new Gung Ho! Mobile site! Optimized for iPhone and synergized for satisfaction, let your fingers do the walking (and the cab driver do the drivin’) and ensure a hot tasty slice is ready to meet you at your door.

As with any new piece of potentially rebellious technology there may be a few bugs. Please help us out by reporting them at

Welcome to the future. Two point oh yeah!

Olympics Kick Off Party!

Represent Gunghoistan at the Olympics Kick Off Party!

Celebrate the start of the London Olympics at an iconic indie Beijing hot spot!

Watch the opening ceremony in style on a huge (nay, giant) screen – outside no less!

Get Beatlemania Beijing-style (披头士狂, look it up) with a live show my the Beijing Beatles!

Rock your native colors! Prizes for best dressed!

(And eat yummy Gung Ho! pizza too!)

  • Date: July 28
  • Time: 8:30pm
  • Venue: Dos Kolegas
  • Admission: 150rmb (includes 2 cocktails)

For more info head to or email them at

Shuangjing is Go! Go! Go!

Gung Ho! Shuangjing is ready for you!

The long wait is over! Gung Ho! Shuangjing is now go go go!

Opening Stuff!

All Shuangjing customers on Opening Day will get a half-price pizza voucher!

Uh, pretty self explanatory. One per customer! Only valid for a week so… get cracking!

All Shuangjing orders from Opening Day until the 19th of June will get double pizza points!

What are Gung Ho! Pizza Points you scream, shaking your fist at the sky? Well let me enlighten you. For every 40rmb you spend you get half a point. GHP Points can be exchanged for GHP Goods such as pizza, salads and more! Check out our website for details!

Online Ordering is fully operational!

If you’ve heard about our fancy-schmancy fully-widget-enabled online ordering service, you can give it a go tomorrow! It’ll be live from day one!

Fuli Cheng Stuff!

If you live in Fuli Cheng, keep an eye out for us towards the end of the week. We should be around doing some fun stuff :)

As usual, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

Cheers guys, and as always,


Sanlitun-Shuangjing Zone Change!

Sanlitun Shuangjing Zone Change

It’s a turf war, on a local scale…

ATTENTION: If you live in the south bit of the Sanlitun Delivery Zone, you are on the frontlines of Gung Ho’s first ever Turf War! That’s right, Glorious Royal (Pink) Gung Ho! Army territory has been encroached upon by the Revolutionary (Pink) Pizza’ Army of… Gung Ho?

Well, the new Shuangjing store is closer, so no matter who wins, you win.

ACTUAL NEWS BIT: If you live in the (current) Sanlitun Delivery Zone south of Guanghua Lu (or south of Chaoyang Lu on the far South-East corner) then as of June 6 you’re now in the Shuangjing Delivery Zone. Which is good news actually because is much closer, especially once the secret tunnel under the canal is finis- oops! Your new delivery number is: 5876 5262.

More a slightly more helpful map, please click here.

Also, the Shuangjing Zone Map is live on the Delivery Zone page!

Go! Go! Go!

T Minus 5 Days and Counting!

Five days to go!

Get ready Shuangjingers! And if you’re feeling especially impatient, swing by our pre-launch preview bash at The Brick on Monday night!

Lush: Best for students!

Lush, best student hangout

Kate, Josh and Rich ham it up at the Beijinger Awards. Ok, it’s just me hamming.

For the 3 of you out there who weren’t aware, Gung Ho! founder Jade Gray (the south island one) is also the founder of Wudaokou-based favorite Lush. That’s also where Jade and I met, and how I got started working for him -and let me tell you it’s been a wild tequila-infused ride.

Lush crossed the starting line in 2003, and has never really looked back. It regularly rocked under headline DJs Usami and Patrick Yu, it was one of the first places Indie Queen Helen Feng (Pet Conspiracy, Ziyo) ever played, it’s the birthplace of Beijing’s first Open Mic night, Beijing’s (now) longest running Pub Quiz, and even Drum’n’Bass big-uppers The Syndicate. But most importantly it’s been the surrogate home of countless numbers of dis- (and mis-) placed foreign students.

So it is with great pride and humility that I announce that Lush has won Best Student Hangout for the 8th year in a row. We counted.

Actually, we had a twofer this year, receiving the nod for Best Wudaokou/Haidian Bar and Best for Students but for us, it’s kinda the same category. Josh picked up an outstanding pat for his long running Pub Quiz (the hardest in Beijing – try it) and I finally grabbed an Outstanding Regular Event plaque for the Lush Open Mic Night – 9 years!!

Anyway, the entire Lush/Pyro team would like to thank everyone who voted – and anyone ever who’s ever been and sung a song, eaten a Lush burger, or done a shot of tequila. Cheers.

Final tally:

  • Best for Students (not, studying apparently)
  • Best Wudakou/Haidian Bar
  • Outstanding Pub Quiz
  • Outstanding Regular Event (Open Mic)

NOVA HEART EP Release Tickets!

Win free tickets to Nova Heart’s EP release party this Friday!

Rock Goddess and Indie Institution Helen Feng (Pet Conspiracy, Free the Birds, Ziyo) has a brand new bag and it’s dropping at Yugong Yishan this Friday. Born in an Istanbul Alley and nursed by Italian Disco Cowboys in Rome, and already a veteran of SXSW, the Zurich Street Parade and Canadian Music Week – all before releasing a single track – Nova Heart will probably blow your socks off. So remember to bring an extra pair. I like these ones. Supported by Beijing’s indie wunderkinder Residence A, new not to be missed experimental pop group Fuzzy Mood, and FakeLoveMusic´s own jet setting DJ Metro Tokyo, expect one of the most memorable shows of the season.

And we’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway! To win, just tell us in the comments what kind of pizza would befit a Rock Goddess. You can also enter on our Facebook Page if you’d like to give your friends the chance to praise/judge your answer. Winners will be notified by email on Friday noon!


  • 80 RMB door  60 RMB presale
  • 50 RMB student presale


  • Yungong Yishan
  • Friday, April 27
  • 9:00 pm to 1:00 am

Double Your Points Online!

Double your Gung Ho! Pizza points online!

The future was 90 days ago.

It’s been nearly 3 months since we launched our sparkly new online ordering service and it has been a blogospheric success (that’s a word isn’t it?). So let’s celebrate with moar pizza points!

Until the end of the month, all online orders will get double the Gung Ho! Pizza points! (Offer excludes combos and other specials as usual)

Go! Go! Go!