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Gung Ho at the Oxbridge Xmas Ball!

Gung Ho! Graduates from the Oxford and Cambridge Xmas Ball 叫板从牛津和剑桥圣诞节晚会毕业了

Boat race? What about a bike race!

Gung Ho! Girls Suzie (left) and Jessie (right) were on hand to present the Gung Ho! prize at the Oxford-Cambridge Alum Christmas Ball charity auction. No they did not come with the prize!

Our Private Gung Ho! Pizza & Wine Class hosted by (actual) Oxbridge alum John O’loghlen ended up going for over 1,600rmb! Cheap at twice the price –  even if it it didn’t come with Suzie and Jessie so stop asking.

Keep Calm and Gung Ho!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Chang'e and the Moon Bunny

Chang’e and the Moon Bunny chillin’ on the moon.

Happy Mid-Festival from the Gung Ho! Team!

Go! Go! Go!

Women’s Day Tomorrow!

Happy Women’s Day!

So for Women’s Day we wanted to make another video but Sammi and Clara decided  they would exercise their Women’s Day Free Pass and… not. So Wynn and I had to do it instead. If anything is going to make you appreciate the amazing women in our lives this Women’s Day, this video certainly will.

Women’s Day Special!

Be a woman and order a pizza, salad or pasta this Women’s Day (March 8) and get two egg tarts free! (Limit one per order)

Gung Ho loves all the ladies of the world

Happy New Year!

“‘Make ‘em Gung Ho! Ho! Ho!’ Amirite?”

The madcap punctuation-loving crew at Gung Ho! Pizza would like to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday season and a fortuitous pepperoni infused 2012.

Enjoy a song about fireworks from fellow pink aficionado the now currently ‘Miss’ Katy Perry