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John and Jade at the Beijing Triathlon!

John O'Loghlen and Jade Gray at the Beijing International Triathlon

Congrats to Gung Ho! Bros. John O’Loghlen & Jade Gray for successfully finishing the 2012 Beijing International Triathlon.

The event consisted of a 1.5km swim across the picturesque Qing Long Lake, followed by a massive 40km bike race to Qian Ling Mountain and back, capped off with a 10km run!

The Gung Ho! Bros are certainly no strangers to athletics; both John and Jade have been involved in athletics from an early age. John O’Loghlen is a very accomplished rower, having rowed for Harvard and Cambridge, as well as the New Zealand National team. Even more impressive, John ran an unbelievable 100km at the ultra marathon in Hong Kong last year! His experience certainly paid off at the Beijing Triathlon – John finished second in his age group!

Jade Gray is also a sport-lover. He played rugby all through high school and university, and made it into the Canterbury Under-17’s side – New Zealand’s most successful rugby team! Even his first job in China was as a ski instructor! Jade’s triathlon performance was also impressive. Despite an old knee injury, he completed the swim and bike races, and managed to complete the 10km run on crutches!

Congratulations again John and Jade! Nice work!

Jade Gray swinging his way to the finish line!

Hutong Golf!

Gung Ho! Hutong Golf!

“Play it as it lies??”

Creative Hutong Golf will take place on 2pm Saturday the 22nd of September in the cultural crevasses of Beijing’s coolest hutongs! Participating teams are asked to complete creative tasks at as many of the 20 participating businesses as possible in order to ‘sink the putt’. Each challenge will have a par rated on difficulty (par 3, par 5, etc.) and the team with the best score will win an awesome prize! The challenges will be revealed on the day itself, but be prepared to use both your left and right brain (or just the friends to the left and right of you) to complete the tasks!

Ticket price is RMB 150 per person including drinks and snacks. To participate, register before the event at Payment can be made on the day.

This event is a non-for profit event! All proceeds will be donated to Chi Fan for Charity. For more information on the Creative Hutong Golf Event and registrations for bookings, please visit See you then!

Note: Gung Ho! Delivery Guys will not caddy for you!

Gung Ho! Bros at the Beijing International Triathlon

Gung Ho! Bros at the Beijing Triathlon

Looking good is half the battle!

Look out for the Gung Ho! Bros John and Jade at the inaugural Beijing international Triathlon this Sunday!

Set in Beijing’s Fengtai District, this new race features a 1.5km swim in the picturesque Qing Long Lake, a challenging 40 km bike race from the Park to Qian Ling Mountain and back, and finally a fast 10 km run through the beautiful trails and pathways of Qing Long Lake Park. The event weekend will be filled with dinners, receptions, course tours, city tours, a Fitness Expo, the race, parties, and more!

Good luck guys! I may join you for the party after…

If you’re interested, check out their website here!

Or follow the action on Weibo!

Go! Go! Go!


We Speak Vegetarian!

to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to. gung-HO!

If I could… talk to the vegetables, talk to the vegetables…

Do you speak vegetarian? At Gung Ho! we’re all about good fresh vegetables and sometimes you just gotta let them shine.

Did you know that over 40% of our menu is vegetarian friendly? And that includes 30% of our pizzas! Combine that with our 100% organic wholewheat flour and you’re looking at some pretty nature-friendly tucker.

And of course if you like your meat you can always do like I do and DIY pepperoni onto, well, anything. My favorite’s the Il Classico. Yum.

Yao Yang from Saffron’s Spring Salad

Saffron Owner/Head Chef Yao Yang

Meet Gung Ho’s Spring Celebrity Chef Yao Yang!

Yao Yang is a very busy man. Not only is he the star of hit TV show “Yao Yang in my Kitchen”, he’s also the owner and head chef of hip hutong hotspot Saffron in Wudaoying and a talented guitarist to boot! Somehow he managed to find the time to help us come up with some new items for our Spring menu including a new signature salad! In his own words:

“For the Spring salad, I just thought about the colors changing and it came to me. I used red radish and courgette flowers to give it a colorful Spring feel. It’s an Asian-fusion style salad, dressed with a red wine and soy sauce vinaigrette. I hope everyone likes it!”

Follow Yao Yang at:


Yao Yang also helped us with a new Cantonese-style BBQ sauce for our wings and a great Gourmet Pita Platter, featuring homemade hummus, pesto and duck liver pate dips! We also have a BBQ chicken pizza coming and… ribs! Mmm… ribs.

Gung Ho’s new Spring menu launches this Friday!

Yao Yang's Gung Ho! Spring Salad

Gung Ho! Pizza How-to

Check out this awesome vid of a Gung Ho! gourmet pizza coming into the world and out of the oven, shot and cut by my legendary assistant Wynn. Not sure why he choose Prodigy though.

Heyrobics! Push it! Yeah!

Hey Ho! Gung Ho!

I love the smell of Gatorade in the morning

Ok. So the reason why we love Heyrobics can basically be found in the first paragraph of the about page of their website.

The instructors wear Swedish-colored clothing matched by pinks shorts (love it or hate, you’ll just have to deal with it).

What’s not to love? Gung Ho! got together with the pink short brigade over the weekend. Click the link for words and pictures!

Read more

Jodi Smith: Gung Ho! Yoga

Black-belt Yoga Mistress (and Gung Ho! fan) Jodi Smith getting her Qigong on at the Great Wall ~ episode 10 of her series “30 Minute Yoga for Hotel Rooms”

Check out the fabulously fit (and presumably flexible) Jodi after the break. Read more

Great Wall Pizza Cook-off!

A couple of months ago, John, Jade and fixer extraordinaire Peter built a wood-fire pizza oven at the Gung Ho Hut, J & J’s beautiful property in Jiankou right beside the Great Wall. It’s built entirely from second-hand materials, from the scavenged bricks (sorry neighbors!) to the massive cast iron wok that forms the roof and took the better part of two days. Pretty impressive non? Read more