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Hutong Golf Recap!

Brandnü, Gung Ho! Golf!

Enviro-preneur Nathan Zhang and Sustainability Manager Laura at the Brandnü, Gung Ho! Hutong Golf design challenge!

Hutong Golf was last weekend and it was a raging success! Expected attendees tripled in the last few days – that’s over a hundred people traipsing around Beijing’s Hutongs!

As you know, Gung Ho! was one of the supporters. We teamed up with an old friend of ours, the always effervescent Nathan Zhang to put together a design challenge for the event. Nathan Zhang is the founder of the ethical clothing line Brandnü, which takes offcuts, seconds and remaindered stock and repurposes it into all new apparel designed by his ever growing team of like-minded collaborators. In addition, all the work is done by women in rural communities (hence, Brand-). Pretty great huh? We sent along a box of t-shirts, our sustainability manager Laura and our talent liaison Spring to help out.

Learn more about Brandnü here!

Brandnu Fashion!

Hutong Haute Couture

Beijing Hikers Earth Day Cleanup

Beijing Hikers Earth Day Cleanup

Go Go Captain Planet!

Last Sunday was global Earth Day, a day where we take some time to do something for the environment. The Beijing Hikers did their part by hiking up to the Great Wall and cleaning up one of the main scenic spots in the area, removing 25kgs of rubbish and returning it to near-pristine condition. They also spent some time chatting to other hikers in the area about their mission – achieving their two goals of cleaning up the trail and spreading awareness.

We were so impressed by their efforts we gave them all some Gung Ho! vouchers to use on their return. Sustainability is a major motivation of our company and we’re always looking for ways to contribute.

Check out the Beijing Hikers mission statement and itinerary on their website!