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Jade Gray goes to Tsinghua University!

Jade Gray at Tsinghua University

“Sorry… the dog ate my pizza.”

Last Thursday, Gung Ho! Bro Jade Gray was invited to do a presentation on entrepreneurship at top ivy institution Tsinghua University. His performance was a rousing success, garnering many questions during the Q&A portion of the event, both from the floor as well as over Weibo through the event’s liveblog.

We got his guest-lecture on video and we’ll get it online as soon as we can. After all, how else are we going to find out if he really did open with the Haka?

Gung Ho! Bros. on CCTV-9

Gung Ho! Bros John & Jade with CCTV's Haidi Lun

Make sure you get my good side…

Last month, Gung Ho! Bros. John and Jade were interviewed by CCTV BizAsia’s Haidi Lun. The interview played over the Golden Week holiday, but thanks to the magic of the internet you can watch the awesome interview it here!

Big props to Haidi and the team!

Gung Ho! Allstars™

Gung Ho! Allstar - Batteries not included!

Action Figures Coming Soon!

We stand behind our product. So much so, in fact, that we’ve stuck the face of the last person to check your order on the side of the box. See? That’s David. He checks the pizza coming out of the oven, and he checks that your order is… in order.

And if you’d like to learn more about David and the rest of our team, you can check out their bios on our new GHP Allstar page!

Here’s the opening paragraph copied in it’s glorious entirety (spoiler alert!):

We believe that the success of Gung Ho! Pizza is absolutely dependent on our team.

We spend a lot of time and energy finding the brightest and most passionate people, developing and training them, taking care of them, and creating a fun and productive company culture to retain them.

We really do feel that we have the best team in Beijing – most of the comments we get are not just about the pizza but also about our awesome team and service!

You’ve talked to our customer service team, you’ve met our delivery guys at the door, now meet the old guard, the Gung Ho! Lao Shou’s that rock it day in and day out behind the scenes.


Gung Ho! Bros at the Beijing International Triathlon

Gung Ho! Bros at the Beijing Triathlon

Looking good is half the battle!

Look out for the Gung Ho! Bros John and Jade at the inaugural Beijing international Triathlon this Sunday!

Set in Beijing’s Fengtai District, this new race features a 1.5km swim in the picturesque Qing Long Lake, a challenging 40 km bike race from the Park to Qian Ling Mountain and back, and finally a fast 10 km run through the beautiful trails and pathways of Qing Long Lake Park. The event weekend will be filled with dinners, receptions, course tours, city tours, a Fitness Expo, the race, parties, and more!

Good luck guys! I may join you for the party after…

If you’re interested, check out their website here!

Or follow the action on Weibo!

Go! Go! Go!


Gung Ho! Allstar: Charlie

Gung Ho! Allstar: Charlie!

It’s no wonder really that so many of our Gung Ho! Allstars were also here on day one. It’s not just a job; it’s more of a way of life. Take Charlie. One of our first two chefs ever, he’s risen through the ranks like a true champ and now runs our central kitchen! With discipline and an eye for quality, he’s a Gung Ho! Allstar

Gung Ho! Crazy About Service!We’re crazy about service. If you have any recommendations on how we can serve you better, email us anytime at: JOHNANDJADE@GUNGHOPIZZA.COM. And remember, if you’re ever not satisfied with your meal we’ll give you your money back!

Gung Ho! Allstar: Betty

Gung Ho! Pizza Allstar Betty

This is Betty, another member of our very small ‘day one club’ – she made some of our first pizzas! In true Gung Ho! style she may speak softly but she delivers in a big way. She rocked it as a chef and now she’s crushing it as a manager. She’s even teaching herself English! She’s not just a star. She’s a Gung Ho! Allstar.

Gung Ho! Allstars - Crazy About ServiceWe’re crazy about service. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can serve you better, email us anytime at: JOHNANDJADE@GUNGHOPIZZA.COM. And remember, if you’re ever not satisfied with your food we’ll give you your money back!

Gung Ho! Allstar: Ronan

Gung Ho! Allstar Ronan Liu

Big Brother Ronan

See that guy there in the white shirt? That’s Ronan. His team call him Brother Liu. He’s been store manager at Gung Ho! from day one and he’s been working with Jade for nearly 10 years. He started off as a chef at Lush and now he’s in charge of getting new Gung Ho! stores off the ground. Not bad eh? He’s a Gung Ho! Allstar.

Gung Ho! AllstarsWe’re crazy about service. If you have any recommendations on how we can serve you better, email us anytime at And remember, if you’re ever not satisfied with your food we’ll give you your money back!

UPDATE: Vote Gung Ho! at the City Weekend Awards!

Aw! Gung Ho! Kids!

Aw look at his little face!

Update: Just 3 days to go! Also, creator of the crowd favorite Thai Beef Salad, celeb chef Jun Trinh is also nominated for Best Chef so while you’re voting, give him a nudge too!

Atten-shun! Gung Ho! Crew present arms! And legs!

Gung Ho! needs you! There’s just 4 days left to vote in the City Weekend Restaurant and Bar Awards and well, we’d really like to win. So if you like, nay, love your friendly neighborhood Gung Ho! Pizza, then please please please take the time to vote for us! Voting is really simple; after you’ve registered all the categories are listed on one page. Just click on a category and the nominees just pop out. You can vote in as many or as little categories as you like! For example:

  • Best Dressed Delivery Staff
  • Loudest Yelling in a Restaurant
  • Most Effective! Use of Punctuation!!!

But the one we’re really after is of course:

  • Best Pizza

Just click here to vote and thanks again for all your support!

Gung Ho! Pizza

PS We’re also nominated for Best Service!

Jun Trinh has personal appeal

Weekly Wrapup

Verne Harnish at Gung Ho HQ

Left to Right: Skott Taylor from New Seed Creative Consulting, Verne Harnish “The Growth Guy”, Josh Lally from our sister company Lush/Pyro, John O and myself from Gung Ho!

Verne Harnish, the “Growth Guy” and author of the Rockefeller Habits has been in town this week to give another seminar. After the show, Michael Wester, Grand Poobah of the Entrepreneurs Organization’s Beijing Chapter (and CEO of The Beijinger) managed to hijack his car and bring him (along with the rest of the EO guys) to Gung Ho HQ for a looksee. Verne Harnish has been a great inspiration to our company – he’s a bloody marvel on stage –  and it was great to show him how many of his tools we put to use.

You can’t tell because I Photoshopped the hell out of myself but I’m quite drunk. Cheers to Campbell Thompson from the Wine Republic! And thanks for Dominic from Plastered 8 for the custom tees!! Caption: “That’s just the light bleed!”

Free Pizza Upsizes!

From last Monday order any medium pizza Monday to Friday between 2pm to 4pm and upsize it free! That’s any large pizza for the price of a medium!

Youku Killed The Video Star

Video: Check out extreme fixie fanatic Ines Brunn school the Gung Ho! Boys on how to really ride.

GHP-TV: The Gung Ho! Girls Trilogy!

Check out the three episodes of the Gung Ho! Girls on the GHP Youku channel! Due to fanboy pressure, there may or may not be a secret fourth installment – not unlike Firefly.

Swing the Vote!

We’ve been nominated for Best Pizza and Best Salad in the Beijinger Reader Restaurant Awards! If you have a minute please vote for us here!

Also, the Time Out Readers’ Choice award is wide open! If you have a second, yes! give us a good nudge!

GHP-TV: Episode III – Gung Harder!

Watch the final climactic episode of the Two-Girl Trilogy!

Hopefully these little videos are as much to watch as they were to shoot – because they were a lot of fun to shoot! One of my most memorable uh, memories was probably standing outside my door with a huge fan and a big handful of crushed rice crispies. And the second was probably the time I was supposed to pour a bucket of water on Clara’s head but missed. From 10 inches away. Pretty funny. Take it again!!

Big thanks to my bro Handsome Rich for guest starring. He was very obliging and patient, though he refused take his shirt off. One at a time, ladies.