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Hutong Golf!

Gung Ho! Hutong Golf!

“Play it as it lies??”

Creative Hutong Golf will take place on 2pm Saturday the 22nd of September in the cultural crevasses of Beijing’s coolest hutongs! Participating teams are asked to complete creative tasks at as many of the 20 participating businesses as possible in order to ‘sink the putt’. Each challenge will have a par rated on difficulty (par 3, par 5, etc.) and the team with the best score will win an awesome prize! The challenges will be revealed on the day itself, but be prepared to use both your left and right brain (or just the friends to the left and right of you) to complete the tasks!

Ticket price is RMB 150 per person including drinks and snacks. To participate, register before the event at Payment can be made on the day.

This event is a non-for profit event! All proceeds will be donated to Chi Fan for Charity. For more information on the Creative Hutong Golf Event and registrations for bookings, please visit See you then!

Note: Gung Ho! Delivery Guys will not caddy for you!

The Zeta Pole Dancing Comp 2012

Gung Ho! Pole Position!

Gung Ho! takes pole position!

Man. The Hilton has the most random events. From boxing to bachelor auctions – and even a pancake race – they’re always doing something crazy. SO without further ado:

Gung Ho! is proud to participate in the fourth installment of the Hilton Zeta Bar Pole Dancing Competition this Saturday night! Event starts at 10pm – tickets are 150 at the door or 99rmb pre-sale. Call for info on 5865-5050.

I’ll be judging so come say hi! I promise to give you my full divided attention.

Time Out Food Awards 2012

Time Out Reader Awards 2012

Vote for your friendly neighborhood Gung Ho!

Vote for Gung Ho! in the Time Out! food awards’ hallowed Readers’ Choice category! This award is 100% reader voted, so I say we start re-zoning electorates, er, delivery zones now. Can anyone say Gung Ho! SuperPAC?

Click here to vote or head to

The closing date for people to submit their entries is April 6 at 6pm!

Beijing Boyce’s Summer House Party Competition

Win 10 Gung Ho! pizzas and 2 cases of Vedett White!

Okay, so I’m pretty sure you all know who Jim ‘Beijing’ Boyce is. Master of the blogosphere and king of the twitterati, his blog has been the last – and most often the first – word on Beijing’s ever burgeoning bar and restaurant scene. Seriously. I used to hear where media editors gave bonuses for scooping him, large ones too ’cause they knew their money was safe.

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