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Women’s Day Tomorrow!

Happy Women’s Day!

So for Women’s Day we wanted to make another video but Sammi and Clara decided  they would exercise their Women’s Day Free Pass and… not. So Wynn and I had to do it instead. If anything is going to make you appreciate the amazing women in our lives this Women’s Day, this video certainly will.

Women’s Day Special!

Be a woman and order a pizza, salad or pasta this Women’s Day (March 8) and get two egg tarts free! (Limit one per order)

Gung Ho loves all the ladies of the world

Free Pizza Upsize!

Turn a Gung Ho! into a GUNG HOOOOOO!

Large Box included.

Did you work through lunch? Even better. Order any medium pizza Monday to Friday between 2pm to 4pm and upsize it free! That’s any large pizza for the price of a medium!

Starts Monday, February 27.

Gung Ho! Online Ordering!

The Future of Pizza

Welcome to the future!

For the last few months we’ve been working on a super secret project and today we can finally tell you what it is!

Gung Ho! Online Ordering! You’re Gung Ho! ordering experience just got even more convenient!

Here are some tips to get the most of your GHP Online experience:

  • Use a modern browser! Our faves are Chrome and Firefox but we support all modern browsers. Unfortunately, like a lot of popular web services we don’t support Internet Explorer 6. There’s an ever growing list of reasons why, but the shortest answer is that it’s over 10 years old now!
  • Wait for the whole thing to load! The webpage may take a few seconds to load but once it’s up you’ll be able to check out all that Gung Ho! goodness as well as flip back and forth from the order and take out sections without loading anymore pages.
  • Register! After you’ve setting a GHP account, you can literally make an order in 5 seconds or less! And registering is easy! You can register first by clicking on the ‘register’ link at the top right hand corner of the page or auto-register after you’ve placed your order. This is in no way compulsory so by all means, give it a go first :)
  • Finally, in the wonderful world of technology things can go wrong. If you have any problems, please help us fix them by letting us know! You can call the delivery hotline for urgent stuff or email us at

Enough bullet points, check it out for yourself!

Happy internetz!

Gung Ho TV: Episode II

Blame it on the rain.

Check out the second Gung Ho! TV commercial that we couldn’t get on TV so it’s on Youku instead. New term: Youkommercial. Write it up, Urban Dictionary!

Again starring marketing manager Sammi as Smug Sammi, and marketing girl Clara as Unlucky Clara and shot and cut by my assistant Wynn on his iPhone. That thing is iHandy.

Triva: Clara had never seen a Nintendo Wii before and thought I was crazy when I said, “just swing it around like you’re playing tennis”.

Like our videos? Check out the GHP Youku Channel for more!

Merry Xmas from Gung Ho!

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays! ~ Gung Ho! Crew

Hey guys, just wanna say thank you again for an amazing year of support, love, sweat and tears, pepperoni and organic wholewheat flour.

To take us out, here’s a special GHP Xmas commercial starring kitchen manager Charlie as Young Santa and Clara from marketing as his exasperated girlfriend.


For other videos, check out our channel here!

“Go Gung Ho!” TVC take one…

Who’s next??

Who needs a film studio? We certainly don’t. Check out the new Gung Ho! TV commercial, shot with 100% actual Gung Ho! people!

Scouted from the desk opposite me, flung in front of the camera and destined for greatness, check out GH marketing manageress Sammi and junior marketeer Clara and say you knew them way back when…

(Subtitles for the Chinese impaired)