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Gung Ho at the Oxbridge Xmas Ball!

Gung Ho! Graduates from the Oxford and Cambridge Xmas Ball 叫板从牛津和剑桥圣诞节晚会毕业了

Boat race? What about a bike race!

Gung Ho! Girls Suzie (left) and Jessie (right) were on hand to present the Gung Ho! prize at the Oxford-Cambridge Alum Christmas Ball charity auction. No they did not come with the prize!

Our Private Gung Ho! Pizza & Wine Class hosted by (actual) Oxbridge alum John O’loghlen ended up going for over 1,600rmb! Cheap at twice the price –  even if it it didn’t come with Suzie and Jessie so stop asking.

Keep Calm and Gung Ho!

BCIS Xmas Bazaar!

Gung Ho! Pizza at the BCIS Xmas Bazaar 叫板!比萨在乐城轨迹学习圣诞节活动!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Last weekend the Gung Ho! Team went out to BCIS to take part in their yearly Xmas Charity Xtravaganza! We sold pizza by the slice and got to check out the festivities. And there was plenty to check out; there were tons of stalls selling everything from cupcakes to handicrafts, cool xmas cards and fun activity packages. There was also lots of entertainment – the BCIS student band in particular was shockingly good. The Coldplay cover rocked!

Of course we never go anywhere empty handed; this time we brought a bunch of balloons to hand out. Not sure if we had a net happy impact though – there’s nothing like watching your balloon float away to make a kid cry…

Gung Ho! Pizza is blowing up! 叫板!比萨快飞上了!

Peking Pups*, Pet Orphans Home & Adoption Day!

Awwww! Gung Ho! Kittens & Peking Pups

Here kitty kitty!

After six months of vetting and research, Gung Ho! Da Laoban Jade Gray bodyguard Jennifer Thome, and the rest of the team at Peking Pups have chose two outstanding local animal rescues to support with their Peking Pups Animal Rescue Grant. Backed up by local animal lover and film producer Feline Wang of InDeep Productions, and Beijing girl-about-town and media whiz Jennifer Thome, the team researched, interviewed, shared pizzas and strategized, and dug up two worthy organizations!

The first grant went to Pet Orphans Home (汪汪喵呜孤儿院), whose one-of-a-kind simulation home trains abandoned animals to live in a home environment before adopting them out, ensuring that they won’t get into any trouble in their new home. Pet Orphans Home also has an Angel Fund, that raises money for severely wounded or stray animals. The Peking Pups fund will be used to fund a new facility manager for a year, allowing the management team to scale their award-winning operations and spread them throughout China. Follow their heartwarming on weibo @ ilovedogdog

The second grant was given to Beijing Adoption Days (北京领养日), whose viral social media marketing strategy attracts hundred of visitors to their monthly pet adoption events around town in order to help them develop an online interactive animal adoption platform. If you know someone interested in hosting this fabulously furry flash mob, you can get in touch with them via weibo @beijingadoptionday.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Peking Pups fund and contributing, please email us at

Peking Pups and Adoption Day

*I know! Sorry! I like cats! I’ll post a pup when they find me French Bulldog!!

Hutong Golf Recap!

Brandnü, Gung Ho! Golf!

Enviro-preneur Nathan Zhang and Sustainability Manager Laura at the Brandnü, Gung Ho! Hutong Golf design challenge!

Hutong Golf was last weekend and it was a raging success! Expected attendees tripled in the last few days – that’s over a hundred people traipsing around Beijing’s Hutongs!

As you know, Gung Ho! was one of the supporters. We teamed up with an old friend of ours, the always effervescent Nathan Zhang to put together a design challenge for the event. Nathan Zhang is the founder of the ethical clothing line Brandnü, which takes offcuts, seconds and remaindered stock and repurposes it into all new apparel designed by his ever growing team of like-minded collaborators. In addition, all the work is done by women in rural communities (hence, Brand-). Pretty great huh? We sent along a box of t-shirts, our sustainability manager Laura and our talent liaison Spring to help out.

Learn more about Brandnü here!

Brandnu Fashion!

Hutong Haute Couture

Hutong Golf!

Gung Ho! Hutong Golf!

“Play it as it lies??”

Creative Hutong Golf will take place on 2pm Saturday the 22nd of September in the cultural crevasses of Beijing’s coolest hutongs! Participating teams are asked to complete creative tasks at as many of the 20 participating businesses as possible in order to ‘sink the putt’. Each challenge will have a par rated on difficulty (par 3, par 5, etc.) and the team with the best score will win an awesome prize! The challenges will be revealed on the day itself, but be prepared to use both your left and right brain (or just the friends to the left and right of you) to complete the tasks!

Ticket price is RMB 150 per person including drinks and snacks. To participate, register before the event at Payment can be made on the day.

This event is a non-for profit event! All proceeds will be donated to Chi Fan for Charity. For more information on the Creative Hutong Golf Event and registrations for bookings, please visit See you then!

Note: Gung Ho! Delivery Guys will not caddy for you!

Plastered T-Shirts Will Change Your Life

Superstar DJ, singer, rap star, hair stylist and dutiful son Nathan Zhang

If you’ve been in Beijing anytime at all you probably know that Plastered 8 T-shirts set the bar for marketing in China. And if you don’t, well, check out the ‘Plastered Will Change Your Life” videos starring founder and resident madman Dominic and the ludicrous funnyman Nathan Zhang as themselves. Mostly. Check them out here, or click on the following handy links! But remember: unless you hate your computer, put down the coffee first.

The just released Episode Four has a small cameo from someone you might have seen from another video.

Gung Ho! Plastered Video Bomb!

2012 Charity Bachelor Auction Wrapup

I don't get off my bike for less than 3,500rmb

Who will get the Final Rose? Or, as they say in Beijing, “Mai hua!”

So the Bachelor & Bachelorette Charity Auction last Friday was a massive success, packing out both floors of the Hilton’s Zeta Bar with hopeful (and cashed up) singletons and raising nearly 20,000rmb for orphan charities Magic Hospital and Morning Tears. A great time was had by all with even the empty-handed getting to dance the night away to the Beijing Beatles.

And what about our own Jade Gray? Well, JG broke the auction limit in true Gung Ho! style and ultimately went for the princely sum of 3,500rmb!

If you’d like to know how he managed this impressive feat, check out Beijing Boyce’s far more detailed wrap-up here.

Seriously. Check it out.

The Little Gold Book!

Little Gold Book!

Go for gold!

Gungho Pizza is a proud supporter or the  Little Gold Book! Like Gungho, the  Little Gold Book is the proud production of two modest New Zealanders (brother and sister Andrew & Irena).  They wanted to create a product that supported charities and not-for-profits in China – and pow! the  Little Gold Book was born.

The Little Gold Book is a selection of fantastic one off deals from Beijing’s best restaurants, from 50% discount at Hatsune, Karaiya Spice House or ROOMBeijing to 2 for 1 main offers at Assaggi or the Bookworm, the Little Gold Book has 85 brilliant deals that are valid for the whole of 2012. What’s more is 30% (72 RMB) of the purchase price goes to charity!

The Little Gold Book is only 240 RMB and can be purchased online now at or at participating outlets.