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Jade Gray goes to Tsinghua University!

Jade Gray at Tsinghua University

“Sorry… the dog ate my pizza.”

Last Thursday, Gung Ho! Bro Jade Gray was invited to do a presentation on entrepreneurship at top ivy institution Tsinghua University. His performance was a rousing success, garnering many questions during the Q&A portion of the event, both from the floor as well as over Weibo through the event’s liveblog.

We got his guest-lecture on video and we’ll get it online as soon as we can. After all, how else are we going to find out if he really did open with the Haka?

How to get Plastered! Dominic’s Gung Ho! Training

Dominic getting Plastered at Gung Ho!

V is for… Victory?

Every month we have a monthly meeting, and after the meeting we round up all of our middle and senior managers for training. Of course, we’re Gung Ho! Pizza so this training is never boring. We’ve had accomplished industry peeps, inspirational charity founders, once we even had the wife of China’s most famous ambassador come and talk about her life in revolutionary China for an hour!

This time we had quite possibly the least boring man in the world come and present. I don’t think there’s anyone in Beijing right now who doesn’t know this guy – he’s definitely been one of our marketing heroes for a long time!

Dominic Johnson-Hill, founder of Plastered 8 t-shirts and spiritual Godfather of Nanluoguxiang, unwilling (well, pretty willing) TV celebrity and out-of-the-box branding genius talk for over an hour about (among other things):

  • His accidental arrival in China
  • The sudden birth of his t-shirt brand
  • His stance on the monarchy (hint: against)
  • His ongoing stewardship of a hutong
  • His meteoric rise rise to Asian celebrity (geographically, not ethnically)

And most of all his subversive and wildly creative take on brand marketing.

TL;DR? If Dom’s giving a presentation somewhere near you, go. Thanks Dom!

Check out Plastered 8 T-Shirts here!

Gung Ho! Bros. on CCTV-9

Gung Ho! Bros John & Jade with CCTV's Haidi Lun

Make sure you get my good side…

Last month, Gung Ho! Bros. John and Jade were interviewed by CCTV BizAsia’s Haidi Lun. The interview played over the Golden Week holiday, but thanks to the magic of the internet you can watch the awesome interview it here!

Big props to Haidi and the team!

He Liliang Visits Gung Ho!

He Liliang and the Gung Ho! Pizza Team

Honored Stateswoman He Liliang and the Gung Ho! Team

Some of you already know this of course, but Gung Ho’s vision is to change peoples’ lives. The name ‘Gung Ho’ itself comes from ‘Gong Ye He Zuo She’, the Chinese industrial co-operatives started by New Zealand expatriate Rewi Alley in 1938, who is a massive hero of ours.

Last Monday, we were incredibly honored to have He Liliang, the wife of renowned Chinese diplomat Huang Hua, come and talk to all of our managers about her inspiring life story.She talked about meeting Henry Kissinger and Helmet Schmidt, about incredibly tough times during the war of resistance against Japan and the following war of liberation against the KMT, about the time that Rewi Alley helped push an old bus along an old country road, and about how her and her husband, along with Gong He, helped change the lives of Chinese people.

Thanks again He Liliang for your incredible story!

To learn more about our vision and values, head to our story page!

He Liliang and the Gung Ho! Bros.

NOVA HEART EP Release Tickets!

Win free tickets to Nova Heart’s EP release party this Friday!

Rock Goddess and Indie Institution Helen Feng (Pet Conspiracy, Free the Birds, Ziyo) has a brand new bag and it’s dropping at Yugong Yishan this Friday. Born in an Istanbul Alley and nursed by Italian Disco Cowboys in Rome, and already a veteran of SXSW, the Zurich Street Parade and Canadian Music Week – all before releasing a single track – Nova Heart will probably blow your socks off. So remember to bring an extra pair. I like these ones. Supported by Beijing’s indie wunderkinder Residence A, new not to be missed experimental pop group Fuzzy Mood, and FakeLoveMusic´s own jet setting DJ Metro Tokyo, expect one of the most memorable shows of the season.

And we’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway! To win, just tell us in the comments what kind of pizza would befit a Rock Goddess. You can also enter on our Facebook Page if you’d like to give your friends the chance to praise/judge your answer. Winners will be notified by email on Friday noon!


  • 80 RMB door  60 RMB presale
  • 50 RMB student presale


  • Yungong Yishan
  • Friday, April 27
  • 9:00 pm to 1:00 am

GHP Bike Safety Training with Ines Brunn

BMX Bandit!

At Gung Ho! Pizza we believe that when riding around Beijing’s dangerous roads safety comes first.

So we got renowned extreme bikie Ines Brunn to show us what not to do.

Don’t try this at home!

Ines Brunn has been riding competitively for over 20 years and owns a fixed-wheel bike and juggling store in Wudaoying Hutong called Natooke. She’s performed all over the world, given a TEDx Talk and even made dumplings while riding on CCTV! Check out her blog here!

2012 Charity Bachelor Auction Wrapup

I don't get off my bike for less than 3,500rmb

Who will get the Final Rose? Or, as they say in Beijing, “Mai hua!”

So the Bachelor & Bachelorette Charity Auction last Friday was a massive success, packing out both floors of the Hilton’s Zeta Bar with hopeful (and cashed up) singletons and raising nearly 20,000rmb for orphan charities Magic Hospital and Morning Tears. A great time was had by all with even the empty-handed getting to dance the night away to the Beijing Beatles.

And what about our own Jade Gray? Well, JG broke the auction limit in true Gung Ho! style and ultimately went for the princely sum of 3,500rmb!

If you’d like to know how he managed this impressive feat, check out Beijing Boyce’s far more detailed wrap-up here.

Seriously. Check it out.

GHP-TV: Episode III – Gung Harder!

Watch the final climactic episode of the Two-Girl Trilogy!

Hopefully these little videos are as much to watch as they were to shoot – because they were a lot of fun to shoot! One of my most memorable uh, memories was probably standing outside my door with a huge fan and a big handful of crushed rice crispies. And the second was probably the time I was supposed to pour a bucket of water on Clara’s head but missed. From 10 inches away. Pretty funny. Take it again!!

Big thanks to my bro Handsome Rich for guest starring. He was very obliging and patient, though he refused take his shirt off. One at a time, ladies.

Gung Ho! Top Chef Auditions

Who will be Gung Ho’s Next Top Chef?

A behind-the-scenes look at the recent GHP chef tryouts. Competition was fierce and this guy… did not get the job. Thank god I didn’t have to tell him personally.

Featuring the incredible Lao Zhou! Shot and cut by Wynn Zhou (no relation).

LumDimSum behind the scenes at GHP!

LumDimSum behind the scenes at GHP!

Check out this awesome review of GHP: Lido courtesy of Kristen Lum!

I won’t lie. I was supposed to write a behind the scenes preview myself but hey, Kristen Lum of has done better than I ever could so I’m re-posting it. Welcome to the internet.

So take a Kristen’s Eye View of the brand spankin’ new Gung Ho! Lido HQ – all four majestically flour covered floors – from the central kitchen in the basement to the office and the Gung Ho! training center on the top floor!