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How to get Plastered! Dominic’s Gung Ho! Training

Dominic getting Plastered at Gung Ho!

V is for… Victory?

Every month we have a monthly meeting, and after the meeting we round up all of our middle and senior managers for training. Of course, we’re Gung Ho! Pizza so this training is never boring. We’ve had accomplished industry peeps, inspirational charity founders, once we even had the wife of China’s most famous ambassador come and talk about her life in revolutionary China for an hour!

This time we had quite possibly the least boring man in the world come and present. I don’t think there’s anyone in Beijing right now who doesn’t know this guy – he’s definitely been one of our marketing heroes for a long time!

Dominic Johnson-Hill, founder of Plastered 8 t-shirts and spiritual Godfather of Nanluoguxiang, unwilling (well, pretty willing) TV celebrity and out-of-the-box branding genius talk for over an hour about (among other things):

  • His accidental arrival in China
  • The sudden birth of his t-shirt brand
  • His stance on the monarchy (hint: against)
  • His ongoing stewardship of a hutong
  • His meteoric rise rise to Asian celebrity (geographically, not ethnically)

And most of all his subversive and wildly creative take on brand marketing.

TL;DR? If Dom’s giving a presentation somewhere near you, go. Thanks Dom!

Check out Plastered 8 T-Shirts here!

Gung Ho! Allstars™

Gung Ho! Allstar - Batteries not included!

Action Figures Coming Soon!

We stand behind our product. So much so, in fact, that we’ve stuck the face of the last person to check your order on the side of the box. See? That’s David. He checks the pizza coming out of the oven, and he checks that your order is… in order.

And if you’d like to learn more about David and the rest of our team, you can check out their bios on our new GHP Allstar page!

Here’s the opening paragraph copied in it’s glorious entirety (spoiler alert!):

We believe that the success of Gung Ho! Pizza is absolutely dependent on our team.

We spend a lot of time and energy finding the brightest and most passionate people, developing and training them, taking care of them, and creating a fun and productive company culture to retain them.

We really do feel that we have the best team in Beijing – most of the comments we get are not just about the pizza but also about our awesome team and service!

You’ve talked to our customer service team, you’ve met our delivery guys at the door, now meet the old guard, the Gung Ho! Lao Shou’s that rock it day in and day out behind the scenes.


He Liliang Visits Gung Ho!

He Liliang and the Gung Ho! Pizza Team

Honored Stateswoman He Liliang and the Gung Ho! Team

Some of you already know this of course, but Gung Ho’s vision is to change peoples’ lives. The name ‘Gung Ho’ itself comes from ‘Gong Ye He Zuo She’, the Chinese industrial co-operatives started by New Zealand expatriate Rewi Alley in 1938, who is a massive hero of ours.

Last Monday, we were incredibly honored to have He Liliang, the wife of renowned Chinese diplomat Huang Hua, come and talk to all of our managers about her inspiring life story.She talked about meeting Henry Kissinger and Helmet Schmidt, about incredibly tough times during the war of resistance against Japan and the following war of liberation against the KMT, about the time that Rewi Alley helped push an old bus along an old country road, and about how her and her husband, along with Gong He, helped change the lives of Chinese people.

Thanks again He Liliang for your incredible story!

To learn more about our vision and values, head to our story page!

He Liliang and the Gung Ho! Bros.

Gung Ho! in City Weekend

Gung Ho! in City Weekend

“Jade rousing the troops” in the latest City Weekend

Check us out in the latest City Weekend or online:

Better Business: Tips from Successful Chinese-Foreign Partnerships

Really nice (short) intro into our talent management philosophy! If you want the long version, come see us anytime! And bring a comfy chair…

Gung Ho! Allstar: Charlie

Gung Ho! Allstar: Charlie!

It’s no wonder really that so many of our Gung Ho! Allstars were also here on day one. It’s not just a job; it’s more of a way of life. Take Charlie. One of our first two chefs ever, he’s risen through the ranks like a true champ and now runs our central kitchen! With discipline and an eye for quality, he’s a Gung Ho! Allstar

Gung Ho! Crazy About Service!We’re crazy about service. If you have any recommendations on how we can serve you better, email us anytime at: JOHNANDJADE@GUNGHOPIZZA.COM. And remember, if you’re ever not satisfied with your meal we’ll give you your money back!

Mmmm… Brownies

Gung Ho! Double Choc Brownie

Excuse me, double choc brownies.

Why ‘double chocolate’ brownies? Apparently that’s actually a mix of Swiss chocolate and chopped up Snickers™ bars there on that slab of Brownie ready to go back into the oven and… I can’t. It’s too much. I’m drooling all over my keyboard.

Check out the pics below. That last one looks like the river from Willy Wonka.

Swiss Chocolate and chopped up Snickers bars Save me Willy Wonka! Chocolate Tsunami

Gung Ho! Allstar: Betty

Gung Ho! Pizza Allstar Betty

This is Betty, another member of our very small ‘day one club’ – she made some of our first pizzas! In true Gung Ho! style she may speak softly but she delivers in a big way. She rocked it as a chef and now she’s crushing it as a manager. She’s even teaching herself English! She’s not just a star. She’s a Gung Ho! Allstar.

Gung Ho! Allstars - Crazy About ServiceWe’re crazy about service. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can serve you better, email us anytime at: JOHNANDJADE@GUNGHOPIZZA.COM. And remember, if you’re ever not satisfied with your food we’ll give you your money back!

The Best Damn Team in the World

Massive props to the best damn team in Beijing, if not the world. It’s hard to remember sometimes but a lot of these kids are, well, kids. Kids from second and third tier cities, and some from tiny villages you couldn’t find on a map. They work so hard every single day and we love them for it. These awards are definitely for, and by, them.

Go! Go! Go!

Happy April Fools Day

Congrats, not.

Fool me once…

Haha! Sorry, this is just our idea of a good time. The astute may have recognized Nicole from the Titanic English Class video, the Holmes-ian among you realized that July and Ben stand for Jiao Ban, the Chinese name of our company.

On another note, when did flowers get so expensive?

Gung Ho! fans July Wang and Ben Li tied the knot at the Lido branch yesterday. July and Ben met at the Sanlitun branch a year ago and promptly fell in love with the pizza, and each other. When Ben finally proposed, they decided they wanted to do something different – so July thought they’d have the wedding at the place they met! The ceremony was performed by Gung Ho! intern Pieter Van Herck, who registered as a marriage officiant online for the occasion.

After the wedding it was home on the GHP bikes and then off to the airport for a tour of the world’s most famous pizza landmarks, from the birthplace of laobing in China’s north-east, Napoli, Italy and the leaning tower of Piza, and Des Moines Iowa, where they invented the stuffed cheese crust.

They have no plans yet to start a family, but they’re already thinking about it. Says Ben, “if it’s a boy, we’re going to name him Li Jiao Ban”.

Happy April Fools Day :)


2011 in pictures (Halloween)

Oscar does Gung Ho-lloween!

Okay, I’m starting from the end but I couldn’t wait. Check out Oscar VS the Halloween… uh… schoolgirl, Superman and a Bumblebee. Why wasn’t I on shift?! And check out these guys below; 10 points for this clutch Halloween win. “Uh hi, can I have a medium pepperoni and… 3 t-shirts, a couple of hats and a helmet?” *Click* “Let’s party.”

Gung Ho Imposters!