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TBJ Restaurant Awards 2013

Vote Gung Ho! Pizza for MOST GUNG HO!

Pizza and prosperity!

So it’s like this. We and a bunch of other Beijing restauranteers kinda have a pretty sizable pool going, and it’d really help us out if you jumped online and voted the following way…

Best Place for a Date: McDonald’s

Best Chinese (High End): McDonald’s

Just kidding. Seriously though, The Beijinger is one of the cornerstones of the expat community (if not cornerstone, then definitely that one guy who always gets you out on a work night) and their annual reader awards are always a showcase of Beijing’s best and brightest places, people and… pizza. This year we’ve again been nominated for Best Pizza, Best salad and Best service. Our own Rich Akers has been voted for Best Personality, which he attributes to “the power of social media”. He then cackled insanely and vanished in a puff of smoke.

So if you’ve got a minute or three, please click on over to the TBJ Reader Awards and show your support!

Thanks again,

Gung Ho! Team


Gung Ho! John, Sammi & Rich at the City Weekend Awards!

Pizza Jedi John, MKT Siren Sammi and I @ Migas

Last night, on a cool summer evening atop hotspot Migas (best new bar!) was the last awards event of the season, the City Weekend Reader Restaurant and Bar Awards. It was a great event – despite 4 awards given out in every bracket (best, outstanding and editor’s pick) hot-seater Sienna PC kept the whole shebang racing down the straightaway.

And, well, I’m very proud to say that – for the first time ever – that the award for Best Pizza goes to…

Gung Ho! Pizza.

As amazingly awesome as that is, it was nothing compared to what came next.

Best Service: Gung Ho! Pizza.

I don’t even have a photo of that because, well, best pizza? Job well done. High fives all round, see you tomorrow in the office. Luckily I was still there to grab the prize. But… speechless. Absolutely speechless.

Gung Ho! Pizza AllstarsSo to everyone that voted, massive and heart-felt thanks from the GHP crew. It’s so utterly mind-blowing to see all the hard yards we put into the frontline make an impact.  Thanks for all your support. And if you have any ideas on how we can do better on any front, remember you can email us anytime at! Cheers again guys :)

For those who are counting (i.e. us) here is our current pool room inventory:

  • 2012 City Weekend – Best Pizza
  • 2012 City Weekend – Best Service
  • 2012 The Beijinger – Outstanding Pizza
  • 2012 The Beijinger – Outstanding Salad
  • 2011 City Weekend – Honorable Mention: Best Pizza
  • 2011 City Weekend – Editor’s Pick: Best Service
  • 2011 The Beijinger – Outstanding Pizza
  • 2011 The Beijinger – Editor’s Pick: Best Delivery

Lush: Best for students!

Lush, best student hangout

Kate, Josh and Rich ham it up at the Beijinger Awards. Ok, it’s just me hamming.

For the 3 of you out there who weren’t aware, Gung Ho! founder Jade Gray (the south island one) is also the founder of Wudaokou-based favorite Lush. That’s also where Jade and I met, and how I got started working for him -and let me tell you it’s been a wild tequila-infused ride.

Lush crossed the starting line in 2003, and has never really looked back. It regularly rocked under headline DJs Usami and Patrick Yu, it was one of the first places Indie Queen Helen Feng (Pet Conspiracy, Ziyo) ever played, it’s the birthplace of Beijing’s first Open Mic night, Beijing’s (now) longest running Pub Quiz, and even Drum’n’Bass big-uppers The Syndicate. But most importantly it’s been the surrogate home of countless numbers of dis- (and mis-) placed foreign students.

So it is with great pride and humility that I announce that Lush has won Best Student Hangout for the 8th year in a row. We counted.

Actually, we had a twofer this year, receiving the nod for Best Wudaokou/Haidian Bar and Best for Students but for us, it’s kinda the same category. Josh picked up an outstanding pat for his long running Pub Quiz (the hardest in Beijing – try it) and I finally grabbed an Outstanding Regular Event plaque for the Lush Open Mic Night – 9 years!!

Anyway, the entire Lush/Pyro team would like to thank everyone who voted – and anyone ever who’s ever been and sung a song, eaten a Lush burger, or done a shot of tequila. Cheers.

Final tally:

  • Best for Students (not, studying apparently)
  • Best Wudakou/Haidian Bar
  • Outstanding Pub Quiz
  • Outstanding Regular Event (Open Mic)

UPDATE: Vote Gung Ho! at the City Weekend Awards!

Aw! Gung Ho! Kids!

Aw look at his little face!

Update: Just 3 days to go! Also, creator of the crowd favorite Thai Beef Salad, celeb chef Jun Trinh is also nominated for Best Chef so while you’re voting, give him a nudge too!

Atten-shun! Gung Ho! Crew present arms! And legs!

Gung Ho! needs you! There’s just 4 days left to vote in the City Weekend Restaurant and Bar Awards and well, we’d really like to win. So if you like, nay, love your friendly neighborhood Gung Ho! Pizza, then please please please take the time to vote for us! Voting is really simple; after you’ve registered all the categories are listed on one page. Just click on a category and the nominees just pop out. You can vote in as many or as little categories as you like! For example:

  • Best Dressed Delivery Staff
  • Loudest Yelling in a Restaurant
  • Most Effective! Use of Punctuation!!!

But the one we’re really after is of course:

  • Best Pizza

Just click here to vote and thanks again for all your support!

Gung Ho! Pizza

PS We’re also nominated for Best Service!

Jun Trinh has personal appeal

TBJ 2012 Restaurant Award Wrapup!

Marketing Manager Sammi and I at the TBJ Awards

Marketing Manager Sammi and I at the TBJ Awards

Hey Gung Ho! Guys and Girls, thank you so much for your support! We ended up taking home Outstanding nods for not only pizza but salad too. Though of course we’re super proud of both awards, we’re extra proud of the latter award, representing as it does a massive change in how you guys think of us. We’re not just a pizza store! We’re passionate about delivering great healthy food and these awards were just the next step.

Go Gung Ho!

TBJ Reader Restaurant Awards 2012

The Beijinger Reader Restaurant Awards 2012

First the Grammy’s, now this??

Last year we were lucky enough to pick up a runner-up plaque for Best Pizza as well as an Editor’s Pick for Best Delivery – both incredible honors for our cheeky little (then) startup that hadn’t even been around for a year!

This year we’ve been nominated not just for Best Pizza but also Best Salad too! Which is amazing given the competition in that field!

The competition is going to be fierce this year, with brand new pizza joints joining the fray but with your help, who knows? We might even take the crown this year! So please, if you have a minute, jump onto the Beijinger’s website and vote for us now! You can vote in as many or as few categories as you wish, so don’t worry about getting stumped in the “Best Organic Nepalese Tapas” category.

Thanks for all the support!

Rich, Jade, Anthony and Josh

Me (Rich Akers), El Capitan Jade Gray, Lord Anthony Ross of House Opposite and Sir Josh, Knight of the Wu at the 2011 TBJ awards!

Time Out Food Awards 2012

Time Out Reader Awards 2012

Vote for your friendly neighborhood Gung Ho!

Vote for Gung Ho! in the Time Out! food awards’ hallowed Readers’ Choice category! This award is 100% reader voted, so I say we start re-zoning electorates, er, delivery zones now. Can anyone say Gung Ho! SuperPAC?

Click here to vote or head to

The closing date for people to submit their entries is April 6 at 6pm!