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We’re on a mission to create China’s healthiest pizza joint! In that effort, we’re pumped to launch our most nutrition-packed menu to date.

For us at Gung Ho! health means catering to everyone’s dietary needs: whether you’re gluten-intolerant, a sexy health nut, a badass vegan environmentalist or simply love fresh creative pizza, we’ve got options for you.


For pizza it all starts with our alternative doughs. Choose between our homemade whole-wheat, gluten-free or low carb paleo crust. Each is jammed with goodness, so knock yourself out!


As for our cheese, we use premium New Zealand Anchor mozzarella. But if you’re looking for a lighter option, swap it out for our homemade dairy-free cheese – compliments to vegan chef extraordinaire Danielle Sonnek-Bouchard from Kangsu Kitchen!

Please note:

1/ For the time being our new Spring menu items are available for delivery only. New items will be launched in-store in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

2/ As part of our new menu direction, we are no longer offering white, thick crust or large pizza options. Apologies to all customers affected by this change. We encourage you to try our signature whole-wheat thin crust instead. There’s a reason why it’s our biggest seller!

**Word out to our vegan crew:

Our pesto sauce and sweet potato chip dip are now fully vegan. Thanks to Yeyo’s Christiana Zhu!

“Beloved Supreme Pizza”

Lavished with EVERYTHING!! Kim Jong-Un style.


 “The Robert Plant” 

Our Rock star vegetarian pizza headlining okra and asparagus.


 “A’Roma Therapy” 

100% fresh durian… just like Mamma used to make.


“Wild Rice & Okra Salad”

Okra, asparagus, baby carrots, beetroot and orange over a medley of wild rice and barley.


“Lentil & Baby Spinach Salad”

Lentil base layered with baby spinach, sweet peppers and roasted pine nuts.


“Tempting Tiramisu”

Your classic coffee dessert made with New Zealand Anchor dairy.


 As for beverages…

we’ve ditched the sodas and switched

to quality liquid goodness!

 Papp’s Tea Kombucha 

Probiotics in a bottle


New Zealand Moa Beer

Using the purest water in the world…… probably



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