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Our Amazing NZ Week Partners

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As part of New Zealand’s “NZ Week” in Beijing, we’ve partnered with some of New Zealand’s best food and alcohol companies! Watch this space for more specials and events!

Whether it’s grass-fed beef, sustainably grown shellfish, or even beer which – don’t forget – is 90% water, all food comes down to three things: water, air, and earth. And New Zealand’s got the purest of all three. This November, Gung Ho is excited to be able to share these Kiwi goodies with you all!

NZ Week Partners

Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s leading producer of premium quality free-range and grass-fed lamb, beef, venison and a bunch of other stuff that tastes great on a grill. What makes it so great? Well, in NZ not only the air and water is the best in the world. Turns out, so’s the grass!

With a diet of rich grass animals grow strong, healthy and lean. The meat that is produced is leaner, more finely textured and nutritionally better for you. Compared to being grain-fed, grass-fed meat is lower in saturated fat, and higher in vitamins A and E, and omega-3! Plus it tastes better!

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Moa Brewery

Proud recipient of more medals than the NZ Olympic team, Moa Beer is made the way beer used to be made before everyone started making it differently and buggered it up.

The Moa brewery is situated among the vineyards in the world famous winemaking region of Marlborough, New Zealand, which isn’t surprising considering founder Josh Scott is also a winemaker and the son of winemakers. In his own words: “It takes a lot of beer to make a good wine”. And vice versa too, apparently.

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Villa Maria

Famous vintner Robert Mondavi once said “You can make bad wine with great grapes but you can’t make great wine with bad grapes.” Turns out that’s also true about grapes and soil, and well, sorry to keep on about that, but New Zealand has got some great soil. Just ask Villa Maria. With vinyards across New Zealand, this family-owned winery is New Zealand’s most awarded winery, number one in New Zealand and number four Most Admired Wine Brand in the world!

Also, their wine bottles have screw tops, so go ahead a get another bottle. It won’t go to waste.

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Zealong Tea

It takes some guts to make Chinese tea in New Zealand and sell it back to the Chinese. Enter Zealong Tea Estates. Zealong’s premium tea is grown, processed, and packaged by passionate tea masters, from a single source in the pristine air and soils of Waikato, New Zealand.

It’s an unbelievably high quality tea, with absolutely no chemicals – certified 100% organic in both New Zealand and China, and one of the very few fully ISO22000 / HACCP certified tea companies in the world, the highest food safety standard in the world!

It also won first and second place in the 2017 Global Tea Championships. But don’t take our word for it, try some yourself!

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