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Gung Ho visits Shepherd’s Field

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In 1991, Tim & Pam Baker (and their 3 children) adopted a little Chinese girl, a decision that would change their lives. In 1998, the Bakers adopted two more orphans, twin boys, Nathaniel and Zachariah. Recognizing a calling to help children in need, in 1999 they founded an orphanage in a house donated by a local businessman. Langfang Children’s Village was focused on giving at risk and special needs orphans a safe and loving family environment as well as the medical treatment they require. Though the businessman donated 4 more houses to the orphanage, their numbers kept growing and the Bakers needed to find a bigger location.

After Tim found a perfect 6 acre lot close by he went to the local government to discuss price, hoping to bargain hard for a discount. “Before I could even say a word, the man said, ‘How about 1 kuai? ‘That’s 1 kuai! That land was worth a million dollars. So I looked at my Chinese assistant, and said, ‘Did he say one dollar or one million dollars?’ He said, ‘Tim, it’s one dollar, that’s a good deal, you should take it.'” And thus, Shepherd’s Field was born!

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Since 1995 Tim and Pam Baker, along with Shepherd’s Field and the Philip Hayden Foundation have provided surgeries for more than 3000 orphans all over China, and they have assisted in more than 900 adoptions to families in China, North America, Asia and Europe.

  • At any given point there are between 65 to 70 kids.
  • SFCV has 5 houses each housing 10 to 15 kids
  • There is 1 house mother for every 3-4 children
  • Onsite therapy department led by a forieign therapist and her local team
  • A medical center with a doctor and nurse see to all the orphans medical needs
  • They have a network of hospitals in Beijing and Tianjin that donate time and resources
  • They even have a school on site which around 40 kids attend every day, learning Chinese, math, English, music, and art!


Last Christmas Gung Ho! Pizza partnered with Shepherds Field for a special project, pledging one child’s meal for every large pizza sold. We ended up selling 787 pizzas over that period, funding 787 complete meals for the orphans at Shepherd’s Field. Last week, we visited the orphanage to meet the kids, and the Gung Ho! Kiwi Bird came with us!

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This is the Hands of Hope, a wall featuring plaques donated by the new families of adopted orphans. Each plaque features a hand-print of their new child, as well as a message of hope to all of the orphans that remain with the Shepherd’s Field family. It was an incredible and inspiring visit; the children were amazing and loud and funny and incredible and we can’t wait to go back.

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If you’d like to donate or volunteer, head to the website here! Anywhere from 50 to 100 volunteers come over the weekends to help out and play with the kids, with interns from all over the world staying for a few days up to a year.

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