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Happy Year of the Rooster!

GHP - CNY - Post 01

The team at Gung Ho! Pizza would like to wish you all a happy and hopeful Year of the Rooster! If you were born in the year of the Rooster, number one: we can probably work out how old you are, and 2) you’re supposed to be trustworthy, responsible at work, and have a good sense of time. Basically, you sound like one of our type of people. Want a job?


Our Sanlitun and Shuangjing stores will be closed for the CNY break, but if you’re around Xihongmen, take advantage of our big CNY dinner party combo suitable for 8-10 people, available January 27 to February 3, featuring NZ Lamb Jiaozi!


4 Medium Pizzas + 2 Medium Salads
Chicken Wings, Fries, Kumara Fries & Shish Kebabs
2 Kiwi Pavlovas, 2 Brownies & Ice Cream, and drinks


NZ Baby Doll Sauvignon Blanc + Fruit Plate
Special New Zealand Jiaozi


Our Sanlitun and Shuangjing restaurant and delivery will be closed for the CNY break but our Xihongmen store will stay open as usual.


  • Everyday 10am to 10pm (No Change)

Sanlitun & Shuangjing

  • Closed from 9pm January 26 until Febrary 3
    (Open for business February 3)

Happy Chinese New year!

GHP - CNY - Post 02

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