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Shuangjing is Go! Go! Go!

Gung Ho! Shuangjing is ready for you!

The long wait is over! Gung Ho! Shuangjing is now go go go!

Opening Stuff!

All Shuangjing customers on Opening Day will get a half-price pizza voucher!

Uh, pretty self explanatory. One per customer! Only valid for a week so… get cracking!

All Shuangjing orders from Opening Day until the 19th of June will get double pizza points!

What are Gung Ho! Pizza Points you scream, shaking your fist at the sky? Well let me enlighten you. For every 40rmb you spend you get half a point. GHP Points can be exchanged for GHP Goods such as pizza, salads and more! Check out our website for details!

Online Ordering is fully operational!

If you’ve heard about our fancy-schmancy fully-widget-enabled online ordering service, you can give it a go tomorrow! It’ll be live from day one!

Fuli Cheng Stuff!

If you live in Fuli Cheng, keep an eye out for us towards the end of the week. We should be around doing some fun stuff :)

As usual, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

Cheers guys, and as always,


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