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Gung Ho! John, Sammi & Rich at the City Weekend Awards!

Pizza Jedi John, MKT Siren Sammi and I @ Migas

Last night, on a cool summer evening atop hotspot Migas (best new bar!) was the last awards event of the season, the City Weekend Reader Restaurant and Bar Awards. It was a great event – despite 4 awards given out in every bracket (best, outstanding and editor’s pick) hot-seater Sienna PC kept the whole shebang racing down the straightaway.

And, well, I’m very proud to say that – for the first time ever – that the award for Best Pizza goes to…

Gung Ho! Pizza.

As amazingly awesome as that is, it was nothing compared to what came next.

Best Service: Gung Ho! Pizza.

I don’t even have a photo of that because, well, best pizza? Job well done. High fives all round, see you tomorrow in the office. Luckily I was still there to grab the prize. But… speechless. Absolutely speechless.

Gung Ho! Pizza AllstarsSo to everyone that voted, massive and heart-felt thanks from the GHP crew. It’s so utterly mind-blowing to see all the hard yards we put into the frontline make an impact.  Thanks for all your support. And if you have any ideas on how we can do better on any front, remember you can email us anytime at! Cheers again guys :)

For those who are counting (i.e. us) here is our current pool room inventory:

  • 2012 City Weekend – Best Pizza
  • 2012 City Weekend – Best Service
  • 2012 The Beijinger – Outstanding Pizza
  • 2012 The Beijinger – Outstanding Salad
  • 2011 City Weekend – Honorable Mention: Best Pizza
  • 2011 City Weekend – Editor’s Pick: Best Service
  • 2011 The Beijinger – Outstanding Pizza
  • 2011 The Beijinger – Editor’s Pick: Best Delivery
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