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Lush: Best for students!

Lush, best student hangout

Kate, Josh and Rich ham it up at the Beijinger Awards. Ok, it’s just me hamming.

For the 3 of you out there who weren’t aware, Gung Ho! founder Jade Gray (the south island one) is also the founder of Wudaokou-based favorite Lush. That’s also where Jade and I met, and how I got started working for him -and let me tell you it’s been a wild tequila-infused ride.

Lush crossed the starting line in 2003, and has never really looked back. It regularly rocked under headline DJs Usami and Patrick Yu, it was one of the first places Indie Queen Helen Feng (Pet Conspiracy, Ziyo) ever played, it’s the birthplace of Beijing’s first Open Mic night, Beijing’s (now) longest running Pub Quiz, and even Drum’n’Bass big-uppers The Syndicate. But most importantly it’s been the surrogate home of countless numbers of dis- (and mis-) placed foreign students.

So it is with great pride and humility that I announce that Lush has won Best Student Hangout for the 8th year in a row. We counted.

Actually, we had a twofer this year, receiving the nod for Best Wudaokou/Haidian Bar and Best for Students but for us, it’s kinda the same category. Josh picked up an outstanding pat for his long running Pub Quiz (the hardest in Beijing – try it) and I finally grabbed an Outstanding Regular Event plaque for the Lush Open Mic Night – 9 years!!

Anyway, the entire Lush/Pyro team would like to thank everyone who voted – and anyone ever who’s ever been and sung a song, eaten a Lush burger, or done a shot of tequila. Cheers.

Final tally:

  • Best for Students (not, studying apparently)
  • Best Wudakou/Haidian Bar
  • Outstanding Pub Quiz
  • Outstanding Regular Event (Open Mic)
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