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UPDATE: Vote Gung Ho! at the City Weekend Awards!

Aw! Gung Ho! Kids!

Aw look at his little face!

Update: Just 3 days to go! Also, creator of the crowd favorite Thai Beef Salad, celeb chef Jun Trinh is also nominated for Best Chef so while you’re voting, give him a nudge too!

Atten-shun! Gung Ho! Crew present arms! And legs!

Gung Ho! needs you! There’s just 4 days left to vote in the City Weekend Restaurant and Bar Awards and well, we’d really like to win. So if you like, nay, love your friendly neighborhood Gung Ho! Pizza, then please please please take the time to vote for us! Voting is really simple; after you’ve registered all the categories are listed on one page. Just click on a category and the nominees just pop out. You can vote in as many or as little categories as you like! For example:

  • Best Dressed Delivery Staff
  • Loudest Yelling in a Restaurant
  • Most Effective! Use of Punctuation!!!

But the one we’re really after is of course:

  • Best Pizza

Just click here to vote and thanks again for all your support!

Gung Ho! Pizza

PS We’re also nominated for Best Service!

Jun Trinh has personal appeal

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