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Jodi Smith: Gung Ho! Yoga

Black-belt Yoga Mistress (and Gung Ho! fan) Jodi Smith getting her Qigong on at the Great Wall ~ episode 10 of her series “30 Minute Yoga for Hotel Rooms”

Check out the fabulously fit (and presumably flexible) Jodi after the break.

Jodi Smith - Gung Ho! Yoga

Jodi’s travels frequently between London, Beijing, Tokyo, Auckland and Fiji training and teaching a unique style of yoga heavily infused with meditation and Kung Fu and stuff. Basically – I’m inferring – she’s Trinity from the Matrix.

She’s also a big fan of Gung Ho! Pizza so uh, connect the dots. In her own words:

“I love it [Gung Ho!] because it absolutely saved my life while working intense hours on 3D film in china – Gung Ho! was my mother-substitute!!!!”

Check out her appropriately named website here. And see her rockin’ her customized GHP t-shirt with style and panache, baby.

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