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Internship Diaries: Aranza

Gung Ho Internship Diaries 1

Traveling somewhere you’ve never been to before to stay there for a long period of time when you don’t speak the language at all is scary, working or in this case interning in that place is even scarier, or at least that’s what I thought when I first came to China.

Deciding to do my internship in China was one the craziest and most scary decisions I’ve made but as it turns out it has also been one of the best ones despite the fact that all my friends and family tried to talk me out of it.

Even though my chinese is really not good, I can honestly say the language difference is not that big of a barrier, interning at Gung Ho has certainly opened my eyes and helped me get an authentic feel for China and not only understand their culture but appreciate it.

Yes, sometimes looking up in your phone’s dictionary every single word or trying to get your point across with the few words in chinese you actually know and a lot sign language can be challenging and even a bit frustrating, and I think it has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my internship but I’ve found that while there are people that not only don’t understand what you’re saying but also don’t care, there are also people that will go out of their way to help and will do anything they can to try to understand you.

My first few days as an intern where very different from what I had thought it was a reality shock, specially being involved in sales and marketing all I knew was what I had learned at school, what my teachers had told me but seeing it in real life you realize how different and hard it all is and you see first hand all the little things and details that go into making something work.

One of the highlights so far I must say has been getting to know all of our team members through our English corner training and learning every time a little more about their hometowns’ history, specialties,customs and what not, bonding with people that you might otherwise not.

For sure i can’t wait to see what next week has in store.

Gung Ho Internship Diaries - Event

National Holiday Opening Hours

Gung Ho! National Holiday

Hi guys,

For the first two days of the National Holidays (Thursday and Friday) our opening hours for all three stores will be 11pm to 9pm.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

Gung Ho! Team

Autumn Specials: Peking Duck Pizza is Back!

The Gung Ho! Peking Duck Pizza is Back!

Happy Holidays!

To celebrate the Autumn holiday season we’ve got some brand new Chinese-themed treats for you!

First up, is an old Gung Ho! classic: Peking Duck pizza! Featuring tender duck and crispy duck skin, topped with julienned spring onion and sweet Hoisin sauce, and served with freshly sliced cucumber and a side of cilantro.

Next up, check out our exclusive Drunken Shrimp Pizza! Fresh prawns sautéed in baijiu, garlic, and butter, on a baijiu-infused tomato base, topped with imported mozzarella, ham, red onion, and chili pepper.

Gung Ho Autumn Cocktails

And what’s a holiday without booze! But Gung Ho! has got you covered there too.

While the Summer sun is still hanging around, try out our cool and sweet Lychee Martini, with vodka and of course, actual lychees!

The adventurous among you can try out our exclusive Baijiu Berry cocktail, featuring a generous tot of [NAME] Baijiu, Creme de Cassis, fruit juice and fresh bluberries. Served over ice and garnished with dragonfruit it’s fruity but not at all boozy; a perfect Autumn evening tipple.

These new Autumn items are available for a limited time only, starting September 25 until October 10. Get into it!


Pizza Partnerships

Chef Rob Cunningham

At Gung Ho! Pizza we love to collaborate with other local – and not so local – chefs from Beijing and around the world. Our New Zealand Lamb pizza was designed by the one and only Rob Cunningham, FEAST head chef and all around lovely guy. This exclusive pizza features sweet grilled veggies, homemade Middle-eastern harissa spice paste and fresh mint tzatziki, with tender imported New Zealand lamb, slow-baked in our oven for 6 hours.

Our Roasted Eggplant Pizza with created by massively famous Chinese vegetarian blogger Xiao Bai, who’s currently publishing her second cookbook book and has over half a million followers on social media! Her vegetarian pizza features roasted eggplant spinach pesto base topped with mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms and fresh basil topped with her traditional “san bei” Chinese sauce.

Chef Xiao Bai

Our Chili Prawn Pizza was created by Kiwi Gus Hayden, head chef at one of New Zealand’s best restaurants The White House Cafe & Bar in Wanaka and develepoer of our instore menu! This spicy pizza features plump prawns and chili peppers topped with fresh basil and charred at the table!

Don’t forget! Today is Two For One Tuesdays! Get any of these pizzas… and another one free!

Go! Go! Go!

New Autumn Menu!

Gung Ho! Pizza - Oven Roasted Veggies

Autumn Menu Launches Today!

It’s been a drizzly couple of days here in Beijing – Autumn is definitely creeping up. So enjoy your two weeks of light jacket wearing while they last! You know Beijing winter is just around the corner…

We’ve got hot Italian Meatballs, Oven Roasted Veggies, two new dessert calzones and new improved pastas returning to the delivery menu!

Also check out Saffron chef Yao Yang’s Gung Ho exclusive Mini Sandwiches, Tataki Beef & Onion, and Chicken & Bacon! Instore only!

Gung Ho! Pizza - Meatballs Al Forno Gung Ho! Pizza - Choc Banana Calzone

Two for One Tuesdays!

Gung Ho! Two For One Pizza Tuesdays

Our month-long 5th Birthday Celebration is nearly over and was a massive hit! And the biggest hit of all was our crazy Buy One Get One Free Pizza deal! So it is our pleasure to announce our new Two For One Tuesdays weekly event, featuring buy one get one free pizzas in-store every Tuesday, all day long!

Corporate Catering

Gung Ho! Pizza delivers our gourmet pizzas, salads and sides to Beijing’s best office parties, private group dinners and catering events. We can look after 30 people or 300 people, and take care of plates, napkins and recycle your pizza boxes! We also offer kegs of 京A beer and our signature service. Please contact our Key Account team – (Chinese) or ( English ) Go! Go! Go!


Gung Ho! 5th Birthday!

Please celebrate our FIFTH BIRTHDAY with us! That’s 5 years since we opened our little Sanlitun store. Five years since we first hoisted our pink flags and shouted “Go! Go! Go!” scaring pedestrians for miles around. Five years of being Beijing’s brightest pizza bearers and hardest-trying hangover curers. It’s a huge milestone and we couldn’t be more proud of our little pizza store.

Online Orders 20% Off!

Gung Ho! 5th Birthday

Our 5th birthday bash begins today! Until August 8 we’ve doing buy one get one free pizzas in-store, new later Happy Hour and 20% off online orders! Feeling hungry yet?

In order to provide the maximum amount of flexibility for you, the online order discount will work like this:

  • The discount will be applied at the register. This means that the online platform price will be incorrect. The receipt you’ll get at the door will show the correct discounted price
  • The Monday to Thursday specials are superseded by the 20% discount so they will be cancelled for the duration of the event
  • We’re keeping the afternoon free upsize special, but this will not be discounted as the discount cannot be used with existing promotions. All other items will be discounted though. Again, this will be reflected on your receipt.
  • Likewise, combos and VIP cards cannot be used in conjunction with this promotion, but please order as normal and we will apply the discount to all applicable items at the register.
  • Finally, we put very little markup on our delivery drinks so the discount will also not apply to drinks and juices, etc.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at

Dig in!