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In 2010, kiwi lads Jade G. and John O’ wanted to create a different kind of pizza company, one that would make the most wholesome pizza in town, while giving a damn about people and the planet!

So we went a little wild and started making alternative doughs - signature whole wheat, gluten-free and low carb paleo – and dressed them with fresh toppings brought together in creative combinations. Premium grass-fed lamb pizza or roasted aubergine with vegan cheese?  Whatever floats your boat! We use the best ingredients we can find locally and when we can’t we import only the good stuff, even if it means going all the way to New Zealand to get it!


And what’s all this business about giving a damn? In 2016 we were super stoked to become the 1st BCorp-certified restaurant group in China. It means that beyond making it in China’s fierce FnB market, our business is driven by another clear purpose: to use the power of food to inspire positive change in our community and find solutions minimising our negative impact on the environment.

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