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Happy Chinese New Year!

Gung Ho! Chinese New Year 2015

As you all know, Spring Festival is a very important time for Chinese people all around the world. In particular, it’s a very important to our team, many of whom are working very far from their hometowns. For some of them Chinese New Year is their annual trip home to see their families. The map above shows the hometowns of our team. The closest are in Beijing (obviously), the furthest is in Kunming (Yunnan)  over a day’s train ride away!

We’ll be closing for the week, beginning Wednesday the 18th of February and opening again on the following Wednesday (February 25). From the Gung Ho! Pizza team, have a safe and happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy the fireworks! (Watch your fingers!)

The Gung Ho! Lonely Hearts Pizza

Happy Valentines Day

This Valentines Day, Gung Ho has prepared something very special… for the single people among us. Watch the video to learn more about our new Lonely Hearts Pizza. Available this Valentines Day.

And hey, you’re great.

If you lucky enough to be spending Valentines Day with someone special, don’t forget Gung Ho’s 4 course set dinner with free-flow wine and beer! Call 8587-1663 for reservations!


New Zealand Lamb Pizza

New Zealand Lamb Pizza

As a special Spring Festival treat we’re going to celebrate this Year of the Sheep the Chinese way – by eating it!
This exclusive new pizza features sweet grilled veggies, homemade Middle-eastern harissa spice paste and fresh mint tzatziki, with tender imported New Zealand lamb, slow-baked in our oven for 6 hours. Available for a limited time only so get on it!

Designed for Gung Ho! Pizza by the one and only Rob Cunningham, the incredibly talented (and irrepressible) head chef of Food by East, this pizza is a delicious mix of Kiwi, middle-eastern and Mediterranean flavours. Enjoy!

Rob Cunningham


At Gung Ho we’ve always prided ourselves on doing things a little differently. Whether that means thinking outside the box, looking at things from a different perspective or getting off the beaten track, we believe that it can make the world a better place. So this year we’d like to wish you and yours a happy, prosperous – and above all different – year of the Black Sheep.


Valentines Day Dinner

Gung Ho! Valentines!

Happy Valen-times!

Celebrate V-day Gung Ho style with a four course dinner at our new Sanlitun full service restaurant, with free flow wine, draft beer, cocktails, and sure, soft drinks too. It’s your day. Treat yo’ self! And your partner too of course…

Spaces limited so reserve now! Reservations available at 6:00pm and 8:30pm. Just call 8587-1663.

Love always, Gung Ho xxx


If you haven’t been to our new Sanlitun restaurant yet, this is your chance! It’s a charming cosy spot perfect for an intimate Valentines. And located between Sanlitun and Xingfuercun, it’s close enough to walk in heels. See you there x

The Gung Ho! Service Machine Pt. 2

The Gung Ho! Super Service Awards

And the award goes to…

At Gung Ho! Pizza, service is something we pride ourselves on. We like to think we’ve become pretty well known for it. We know that intimate service drives our brand; this is how we keep it rolling. Last week we talked about our culture of service and sharing stories. This week we’re going to tell you how we celebrate them.

Step 2: The Service Oscars

After sharing stories and establishing this Gung Ho culture of service, the next challenge is to keep developing this, and to make it self-sustaining. We do this through something called the Feichang Fuwu Awards, otherwise known as the Gung Ho Service Oscars.

What are the Service Oscars? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like! First of all we collect all the examples of Feichang Fuwu (Super Service) that we’ve shared throughout the year and a small committee chooses the best stories and places them in categories such as “Most Creative” or “Most Heart-Warming”. We then send these nominees out to our team who vote on the winners of each category.

Then we hire out a venue, find caterers, set up a stage, find hosts. We have the teams from each store prepare a performance (always entertaining!). We have award trophies made, and have members of our team dress up to present them. Last year we had a projector screen and showed videos of each nominee introducing themselves. The nominees are called up to the stage, the presenter takes out a card from the envelope and announces the winner.

And so on throughout the night until all the winners have been announced, as well as best stores and overall winners. Last year’s overall winner was Doreen, who won an incredible 4 awards. Her prize? An all-expenses paid trip for her parents to visit Beijing.

It’s an incredible night, and both celebrates the successes of the past year, and raises the bar for the next!

Celebrity hosts Dominic from Plastered 8 and Brand Nu's Nathan Zhang

Celebrity hosts Dominic from PLastered 8 and Brand Nu’s Nathan

Celebrating Success

There is nothing that takes the spring out of your step like the weight of a project plan extending endlessly into the horizon, especially for smaller companies working on shorter timelines. This is true at all levels of the company, but even more true for your front-line team who will only rarely have insight into strategic level planning. Of course the ongoing success of the company can be justified as a kind of reward in and of itself, but for junior staff this needs to be more impactful on a personal level. Celebrating success, i.e. correlating effort with result, is very important and should never be forgotten.

The Gung Ho! Service Machine Pt. 1

The Gung Ho! Team is ALL IN

The Sanlitun Team is all in (2012)

At Gung Ho! Pizza, service is something we pride ourselves on. We like to think we’ve become pretty well known for it. We know that customer intimacy (HBR)  drives our brand; this is how we keep it rolling.

Step 1: Super-Size Your Service

The most important thing is creating a culture of service. This difference between values and culture is that values are generally personal, while culture is shared. So the most important thing we do is share stories of excellent service. We call this Gung Ho’s “Feichang Fuwu (Super Service)”

Every week we collect stories of exceptional frontline service from our stores. We’re talking real above and beyond type stuff here, like the time that Sanlitun delivery guy Clark helped an upset customer look for her lost cat. Or the one time that our customer service operator Nathan heard a stuffy voice over the phone and arranged for a delivery guy pick up medicine on the way to the sick customer’s apartment.

Or the time that Bond delivered a pizza to an apartment only to have a child answer the door. Apparently his father was still stuck at work. So Bond said “No worries, just drop the money off when you get the chance” and left the pizza there for the child to eat.

Every week we share these stories at our weekly team meetings. This goes a long way to creating a culture – an environment – where our team members know that not only is it okay to take the initiative to solve a problem for a customer, or even break the rules to make an impression, it’s encouraged. We let them know the sky’s the limit. Sometimes one of our front-line team members will get over-enthusiastic and overdo it, but from our point of view, that’s the Gung Ho Way!


Sanlitun Team 2.0 share stories (2014) 

Face and Fear of Failure

Culturally, the concept of face is always perceived to be quite prominent while doing business here in China but in reality it’s not very far removed from Western concepts of social acceptance. In regards to pre-conceptions about being risk-adverse or non-confrontational with authority, all social structures reward success and punish failure to some degree, and by definition all hierarchies enforce authority. The fact that risk-adversity and (over) respect of authority are coupled together under the concept of ‘face’, and then propagated ubiquitously here presents very specific challenges. For this reason it is very important that this service culture is embraced from the top-down and that management regularly rewards initiative and action.

Part 2: The Service Oscars (Coming Next Week)

Gung Ho! Event Catering


Thinking of throwing an end of year party for your family, friends or office? Make it a snap with Gung Ho! Pizza. We offer both set-menu or buffet-style service, both at our Sanlitun location and delivered to the venue of your choice, all with the trademark Gung Ho! service you expect.

Restaurant Reservation

Accommodating up to 50 people, the newly renovated Sanlitun restaurant is perfect for an intimate gathering or special event.

Offsite Catering

Delivery is what we do! Call Gung Ho! to cater your next office party or special event with a set-menu or buffet-style spread.

Special Requests

We pride ourselves on making you happy! If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at or call us directly at the numbers below:

  • SANLITUN: (010) 8587 1404
  • LIDO: (010) 5135 8557
  • SHUANGJING: (010) 5876 5262

New Lunch Buffet

Gung Ho! Lunch Buffet

Introducing the new Gung Ho! Lunch Buffet!

From 11:30am to 2:00pm every day of the week (including the weekend!), eat as much pizza and salad as you like for just 59RMB per person. It’s a great deal for anyone, but it’s even better for those with families with kids under 10 eating for just 29rmb.

The selection includes Pepperoni and Margherita pizzas as well as Caesar salads all the time, and features a rotating daily selection of carnivorous and vegetarian pizza and salad options, for the herbivores among us. Drink-wise we offer bottomless Coke, Sprite and Red Tea for the duration of the buffet.

Come by and eat your fill over your lunch break, or get set for a long haul over the weekend!