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New Winter Holiday Menu

Gung Ho! Xmas Menu

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Gung Ho’s new Winter Menu launches today! Featuring two brand new pizzas – an artisanal mushroom pizza drizzled with our homemade truffle oil and a red hot spicy beef pizza with bell peppers and our own Xinjiang spice mix.

And due to popular demand we’re bringing back our famous Thai Beef Salad, with grass-fed beef, carmelized onions and nuoc mam dressing.

We’ve also got a new side – a classic green garden salad – to lighten up your combos, as well as two new soups to warm you up this Beijing winter, all availabe right now. What are you waiting for?

Xmas Turkey Pizza

Celebrate the holidays with a taste of home: Tender roast turkey and spiced pumpkin or a mashed potato base, topped with sweet cranberry sauce and served with a side of rich Gung Ho gravy.


Holiday Combo

Perfect for around 6 people!

2 Large Pizzas (Classic/Favorites)
2 Large Salads (Favorites/Deluxe)
12 Chicken Wings (2 Flavors)
1 serving of Cheese Balls
8 Egg Tarts & 6 Soft Drinks


From the team at Gung Ho! Pizza, have a very merry Xmas, a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful New year!

Gung Ho! Xmas Turkey Pizza


To celebrate winning the Beijinger Pizza Cup, this Tuesday we’re giving you 50% off all food, all day long. This doesn’t include combos and other specials, but to make it easier we’re going to waive the minimum order fee. The half price deal is available via delivery at all stores (including Lido instore) but sadly not at the new Sanlitun restaurant (we’ve got something else planned for that.)

Thanks again for all of your support guys. #GOGOGO


50% Off!

Gung Ho, Pizza Champions!

To celebrate winning the Beijinger Pizza Cup, this Tuesday we’re giving you 50% off all food, all day long. This doesn’t include combos and other specials, but to make it easier we’re going to waive the minimum order fee. The half price deal is available via delivery at all stores (including Lido instore) but sadly not at the new Sanlitun restaurant (we’ve got something else planned for that.)

Thanks again for all of your support guys. #GOGOGO


We are the champions, my friend

TBJ Pizza Cup 2014 Bracket


Thanks so much for the support guys, It was a long road. We never thought we’d get that far but here we are! It’s hard to believe we’ve only been in business for only 4 years, but even in that short amount of time the pizza scene here in Beijing has changed immeasurably. And to be voted number 1 out of the 640 odd pizza brands in Greater Beijing? It feels pretty damn good. We’ll be announcing our celebratory festivities this week so stay tuned.

Interesting facts:

  • Gung Ho served over 1000 slices of pizza at the Pizza Cup Launch Event
  • The voting period lasted a total of 33 days
  • Over 4000 votes were cast
  • 25% of the votes were tossed due to ineligibility or obvious vote stuffing
  • The competition weighted the votes so larger brands with more stores wouldn’t have a greater advantage

Check out the Beijinger’s final coverage wrap up here.

Thanks again for your support guys. #GOGOGO


Gung Ho is the Pizza Cup Champion 2014

Pizza Cup Final Round!

Gung Ho! Pizza Cup Finalists!

This week, Gung Ho beat out some of the toughest brands in the Beijinger’s inaugural Pizza Cup to win the Pizza Specialist division. Today we just found out that we have beaten High End Restaurant champ The Rug and entered the finals!

If the Pizza Cup was the World Cup, the Pizza Specialist group would definitely have been the Group of Death. Every brand here has made a name for itself specializing in one thing: pizza. Our very first match-up was none other than the second biggest pizza company in the world, Dominos Pizza. Hutong Pizza has been making noise in Beijing for a long time now, and Pizza+ has definitely been making a racket in the hip pizza space over the past year! And everyone knows that La Pizza is THE NAME in traditional napolitan pizza. Getting past these Pizza Professionals has meant a lot to us – our team are very proud!

Our fellow finalist and final competitor The Tree is a legend in the pizza industry. One of the first (if not THE first) real pizza store in Beijing, they’ve been slinging pizza here for over 10 years. We’ve got a lot of respect for these guys – but that’s not saying we wouldn’t like to take that crown. And with any luck we’ll be here just as long.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. Just one more round to go so please vote for us one more time! We appreciate it. Voting ends midnight Monday so Go Go! Go!

To thank you for your support we’re offering a big discount day depending on how far we get in the competition. The discount is up to 50% now! So please vote one more time. For the kids.

2014 Pizza Cup Brackets!

TBJ Pizza Cup: Round 4

Gung Ho! Pizza vs La Pizza

The Beijinger’s 2014 Pizza Cup – Elite Eats!

We did it! Thanks for your support guys! We’re now in the ELITE 8, facing off for division champ. Our challenger: La Pizza. More good news: sister store Sugar Shack Pizza also got through, and faces The Tree. Bring it on! Even better news? There are only 4 match-ups so voting will only take a few minutes. Voting ends this Sunday so vote here!

Bite Sized Branding IV Recap

Bite Sized Branders

Our fourth Pop-Up Presentation was a massive success. We had over 50 people stuffed into our Sanlitun store to see three of Beijing’s Branding Maestros dish on differentiating your brand and standing out of the crowd. For those of you who didn’t make it (and those of us who had a little too much beer) here’s a recap of the marketing tips. Stay tuned for the next event coming soon!

Nathan Zhang

Think big. Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger. Beijing is a crowded city and all the marketing channels are even more so. We’re all creative people, we all have creative ideas. But if no one sees them then… it’s a waste. More than the event itself, think about how you can push it to more people, to more channels.

Plan. Plan. Plan. Everyone knows that things can go wrong so plan ahead. Plan deep. Think about the eventualities and figure out how to deal with them beforehand. Believe me, just pulling off a smooth event is success enough. But more than that, a good plan will allow you to take a step back, see other promotion angles and seize sudden opportunities on the day.

Make friends. I don’t think you’ll find a more interesting and diverse collection of people anywhere else in the world than Beijing. Everyone has different backgrounds and are doing different things. These people are your best brand ambassadors. Also, forget big PR events. Invite media out one on one, spend some time with them and you’ll get a much better result.

John O'Loghlen

Think Outside Your Product (Box). Get crazy. Just because an idea or program doesn’t have anything to do with your product at first blush doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you’re into it and you think it’s amusing or viral or you’re passionate about it, go for it. We look at everything and think “how can we do this differently?”. The Feeding Starving Artist campaign is a perfect example of this. We took something that everyone does, and made it our own.

Be Passionate. Don’t fake it. Especially with things that might be seen as ‘trendy’ such as our Green program. We’re sure some people rolled their eyes with this, but we like to think proved ourselves in the long run. We launched the program after a long gestation period nearly a year and a half ago. And just six months ago we published our first GRI report. Staying true to your passions will give you the gas to outlast your critics, and earn you genuine kudos.

Run Towards Problems, Not Away. People who leave comments generally do not expect replies. Even more so for complaints. Of all of our most loyal customers, probably about half of them initially made a complaint. We try to keep a 24 hour customer reply and resolution policy. It’s tough sometimes, but even a simple apology gives people a surprising and lasting impression.

Dominic Johnson-Hill

Treat your customer like your wife. Always be looking for new ways to surprise her and put a smile on her face. Recently I sent some North Korean artists a picture of Beijing’s CCTV tower and asked them to paint a “beautiful future”. The resulting artwork was forwarded over 400,000 times on Weibo! Not that I consider this a success as no-one bothered to tag me. So, treat your customer like your wife – but don’t forget to tag yourself.

Get distracted. This doesn’t exactly help in the wife department but I’ll come back to that. Marketing and creativity rewards a breadth of knowledge and a wide range of experiences. If you get too focused, you get boring. And too much planning means your marketing loses its heart and soul. So get distracted! Follow new ideas and new trends. It’s in the process of being distracted that I find my creative ideas – though it can be trying for my wife when I forget to pick up the kids. Which leads me to my next point:

Keep reinventing yourself. A relationship – like any good business – needs to be continually reinvented. You need to be in a constant state of revolution. We used to say “80 hou” or “90 hou” [post-80's or post-90's generation] but now I say “81 hou”, “82 hou”. Each generation is completely different from the one that precedes it. If I was still selling the t-shirts I was selling even 5 years ago I’d be out of business. Keep changing for the market, keep reinventing yourself and you’ll keep your business going strong – as well as your marriage.

TBJ Pizza Cup: Round 2!

TBJ Pizza Cup: GHP vs Hutong

We did it! Gung Ho took an easy first round victory against Pizza Goliath Dominos. Next up: Hutong Pizza! Hutong pizza is an old name in the Beijing pizza business and represents our first local challenge. Second round voting starts today and ends next Wednesday.

More good news! Our sister store Sugar Shack Pizza also advanced past Passby Bar to challenge late night eatery First Floor in the second round.

Thanks everyone for your support so far, especially if you voted in the first round. We’re going to ask you to vote a lot in the coming month, but don’t forget – every round is going to be half the size of the round before, and will take much less of your time. So please continue to vote and let’s see how this thing shakes out! You can vote for the next 16 matchups online here!

Voting is it’s Own Reward

To make this interesting, we’re going to do a little competition of our own. Whatever round we win, we’re going to give you that much of a discount. If we win Round 2 (but get knocked out in our 3rd round matchup), it’ll be 20% off for a day, Round 3 win (4th round loss), 30% off, etc. all the way up to the finals! If we take the whole thing, we’ll throw a massive pizza party at our new Sanlitun store. Pizza, beer, the works! So what are you waiting for?