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Half Price Pizza!

Half Price Pizza!

When the competition started, we said we’d knock off 10% for every round we passed. Well, we made it all the way baby! So all next week starting Monday November 30, we’re doing half price pizzas instore! That’s all of our dine-in spaces – Sanlitun, Lido & Shuangjing, so if you haven’t come by yet, now’s your chance.

And as a big thank you to our legion of delivery customers, bring in a pizza box sticker voucher and get one free medium pizza for every instore purchase of 100rmb or more. We know it’s the busy season right now, so these will be valid until the end of the year. As usual, any promotions can not be used in conjunctions with other promotions, but aside from that, go for it!

The whole team of GHP thanks you all once again your incredible support. Have a safe and happy holiday season! #GOGOGO

Half Price on the Pizza Clock


Back to Back Pizza Cup Champions Gung Ho!

WE WON! That’s a collective ‘we’ by the way. With the final tally coming out at 54% to 43% every single vote counted and we cannot thank you enough!

At the end of the day, everyone has their own favorite pizza. To them, that’s the best. But we can absolutely say that we have the best TEAM in the world – hands down – and we know you all agree. And they are STOKED win this thing! Look at their little faces!!

A huge thank you to The Beijinger who crushed a long and difficult competition, even blowing away last year’s hugely successful event. The wrap up at The Beijinger is worth a read if you get a chance, and a great insight into the developing F&B scene here. And plus they say a ton of nice things about us.

And one last time: massive thanks to absolutely everyone that voted, once twice or every damn round. We love you.
Finally, we’ll leave you with this quote from Chiara:

“Their pizza is different from a traditional Italian one, but it’s good, ingredients are first-choice and the delivery guys always have a smile on their faces”

That’s why we do it.

Bring it on!! Grand Final vs Annies!

Gung Ho vs Annies

WE DID IT!! Gung Ho! Pizza is in the 2015 Pizza Cup GRAND FINAL for the second year in a row! Massive thanks to everyone who took time out of their days to vote!

The Beijing food and beverage scene has changed so much over the last decade and we’re glad to have been able to play our small part. From our first joint Lush giving international students a place to feel at home since 2003, to our first pizza store Pyro bringing New York style pizza to the Wudaokou strip in 2005, to Gung Ho! Pizza, where we do our best to take Beijing’s deliver ystandard to the next level, we’re passionate about getting stuck in and giving it a good nudge, and leaving it all on the pitch.

This competition has been a stellar showcase for the standard of pizza in Beijing – even moreso than last year – with every single round being a nail-biter. We’ve progressed past a lot of amazing competitors, places we love ourselves, and we’re grateful to have made it this far.

Our next and final matchup is with Annies. When we started Gung Ho, Annies was the go-to pizza delivery chain in Beijing, hands down. We like to think we’ve made it pretty interesting for them since then, but at the end of the day, competition has made us both – not to mention the Beijing foodie scene – all the better. But it wouldn’t be too far amiss to say that Annies is our Beijing pizza nemesis, our own Goliath, and we’d love to take them down!

So please vote this one last time, for all the marbles, and help our humble Gung Ho! Pizza become Beijing’s first back to back Pizza Cup Champions! Vote at! Voting ends Wednesday noon! #GOGOGO

GHP - Banner - Pizza Celebration - Round 6 (528px)

We Made the Semi Finals!

Gung Ho made the Semi Finals!!

Gung Ho is in the SEMI FINALS and the official winner of the PIZZA SPECIALIST division! Thanks to everyone that voted and has been voting so far! Only two rounds left and it really is anyone’s game. The semi final round of voting ends noon Monday and we’ll need all of your help to get past local hot-spot Great Leap Brewery. We massively appreciate all of your support – its means the world to us and the whole team here at Gung Ho! Vote now at #GOGOGO

The Pizza Clock says... 40% Off!

Gung Ho! Pizza has reached the Quarter Finals!

Gung Ho! Pizza is in the Quarter Finals

Pulling out of Tube Station!

Tube Station brought everything to the table, but Gung Ho proved equal to the challenge, sliding into the Quarter Finals – which will also determine the division champions!

The Beijinger’s Pizza Cup has divided the initial 64 brands into 4 categories: Bars/Cafes, Mid-Range Restaurants, Upscale Restaurants, and Pizza Specialists.

Like the death group of the World Cup, the Pizza Specialist division is undoubtedly the toughest – featuring such contenders as Bottega, Pizza Express and La Pizza, one mistake can see you flush out early and cost you the championship. That’s the division Gung Ho! Pizza been seeded in, and that’s the way we like it!

In many ways, this round is the most important. Going head to head with our toughest competitors and coming out on top is really the best accolade we could wish for.

So please swing that vote and help us become the first back to back pizza cup champions! Don’t forget, voting ends noon Thursday! Click here to vote or head to: #GOGOGO

Pizza Cup Discount has reached 70%

We made it! On to Round 3: Tube Station

20% on the Pizza Clock

Next Station: Tube Station!

Bottega Pizza has been around for not even a year but their great service and traditional style pizza have already shaken the pizza scene in Beijing. It was a shame to have to meet them so early in the competition – they were definitely the brand to beat this year and we have no doubt they’ll present an even bigger challenge next year!

But the votes are in and Gung Ho has prevailed! We wave goodbye to a worthy competitor and turn to face our next… Tube Station! Like us they had their start in the student market, and like us they’ve been in the biz for a very long time.

Please note that this year’s voting periods are only half a week long – voting starts today and finishes noon Monday. Please swing that vote and help us become the first back to back pizza cup champions! Click here to vote or head to: #GOGOGO

Gung Ho used Go! Go! Go!

Vote for Gung Ho! Vote for Half Price Pizza!

Beijing Pizza Cup Discount Clock!

We won Round 1! Next up: Bottega!

The Beijing Pizza Cup is back and Gung Ho is once again seeded in the super tough Pizza Specialists division! The competition is warming up and we need your help to defend our 2014 Pizza Cup crown! We’ve won the first round against old fave Pizza Buona; our next match up is against new Beijing up-and-comer Bottega! They’ve been in the game for almost a year and are shaping up to be a worthy competitor in an already crowded field.

To make it interesting, once the comp is done, we’re going to throw a massive pizza special event with a twist: the further we get in the competition, the bigger the discount! For example, if we pass the first round, we’ll do 10% of all pizzas. If we pass the second, we’ll do 20% off and so on, all the way to the finals! And even better – we’ll do it for a full week! As we’ve passed the first round, the discount is already up to 10%!

Last year Gung Ho! Pizza took it all the way and became the 2014 Pizza Cup Champions. Head to and help us become the first Beijing pizza place to win back to back championships! Voting ends this Thursday 2015 so… GO! GO! GO!

Gung Ho Discount Table

The Student Pizza Boxes are here!

GHP - Design Comp Winners - Website (528px) U18-1

The Gung Ho! Under 12 Grand Prize winning design by Sarah Lee from the British School of Beijing

Our pizza boxes, featuring art from young, up-and-coming Beijing artists, has long been one of our favorite projects. This Summer we started an event we’ve been wanting to do for a long long time – a Student’s Pizza Box Design competition – and we were blown away by the results. After a long wait, the winning pizza boxes are finally here!

Congratulations once again to these amazingly talented young winning artists Kane Lee,
Chelsey Wang, Sarah Lee and Minhye Kwon as well as all the finalists.

The project was a complete success. We can’t wait to do it again next year. Check out the rest of the winning designs and artists below!

GHP - Design Comp Winners - Website (528px) U18-2

Above: Gung Ho! Under 18 Design Award Minhye Kwon from the International School of Beijing

GHP - Design Comp Winners - Website (528px) U12-1

Above: Gung Ho! Under 12 Grand Prize winner Kane Lee from the British School of Beijing

GHP - Design Comp Winners - Website (528px) U12-2

Above: Gung Ho! Under 12 Design Award Chelsey Wang from the International School of Beijing

Competition finalists and Grand Prize winners were chosen by a panel of artists. Design Award winners were chosen by the Gung Ho! design and marketing department.

Internship Diaries: Aranza

Gung Ho Internship Diaries 1

Traveling somewhere you’ve never been to before to stay there for a long period of time when you don’t speak the language at all is scary, working or in this case interning in that place is even scarier, or at least that’s what I thought when I first came to China.

Deciding to do my internship in China was one the craziest and most scary decisions I’ve made but as it turns out it has also been one of the best ones despite the fact that all my friends and family tried to talk me out of it.

Even though my chinese is really not good, I can honestly say the language difference is not that big of a barrier, interning at Gung Ho has certainly opened my eyes and helped me get an authentic feel for China and not only understand their culture but appreciate it.

Yes, sometimes looking up in your phone’s dictionary every single word or trying to get your point across with the few words in chinese you actually know and a lot sign language can be challenging and even a bit frustrating, and I think it has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my internship but I’ve found that while there are people that not only don’t understand what you’re saying but also don’t care, there are also people that will go out of their way to help and will do anything they can to try to understand you.

My first few days as an intern where very different from what I had thought it was a reality shock, specially being involved in sales and marketing all I knew was what I had learned at school, what my teachers had told me but seeing it in real life you realize how different and hard it all is and you see first hand all the little things and details that go into making something work.

One of the highlights so far I must say has been getting to know all of our team members through our English corner training and learning every time a little more about their hometowns’ history, specialties,customs and what not, bonding with people that you might otherwise not.

For sure i can’t wait to see what next week has in store.

Gung Ho Internship Diaries - Event