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Crazy Workday Deals

GHP - Workday Specials - Website - Post 02

Leverage your synergistic engagement with these incredible workday specials!

  • Half price salads on Monday
  • Free Pizza Upsizes on Tuesday (still two for one instore!)
  • Half price wings on Wednesday
  • Half price pasta on Thursday

No Friday? You’re a Beijinger. The weekend starts on Thursday.

Now remember: there’s no “I” in ‘Gung Ho’. But there is one in ‘pizza’.

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GHP Workday Specials

GHP - Workday Specials - Website - Post 01

Work is tough but Gung Ho has got your back. Starting August 15 we’ve got a whole new set of of work day specials to get you through to the weekend. We’ve got half off salad, wings and pasta deals – both instore as well as delivery!

And we promise never to say ‘move the needle’.

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Kiwi Spirit!

Website - Post 8.02

Our new IKEA store has been a chance to try a lot of new things – and one of the things we’ve been most passionate about is weaving our Kiwi background into the Gung Ho brand story.

As a design element you can’t get more iconic than the tiki! We’ve got a couple of different styles of tiki action in the store from the classic to an awesome neon version created by Kiwi designer Max Hodgkinson.

We’ve also got plenty of Kiwi products on offer (besides the pizza) starting with the best dairy in the world from Anchor. And you can’t knock off work in a Kiwi establishment without an ice cold bottle of Moa beer!

We’ve been pretty stoked at the new changes to GHP and we’re looking forward to rolling them out a bit further. So if you haven’t been out to the IKEA store yet, maybe keep an eye out closer to home. Cheers!


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Half Price Salads

GHP - Post - Salad Drive (528) (2016-07-18) 01

Salads are great – they put hair on your chest!

From July 25th to the 29th, and then every Monday after that, all of Gung Ho’s fresh and tasty salads are now just half price until the end of Summer!

These specials are delivery only, so if you’d like to upsize your salad then drop us a line or head on over to!

This promotion lasts until the end of Summer, August 31!


A great salad should be a simple thing, clean and fresh – but as we all know, this is harder than it sounds.

We review all of our suppliers daily to see who has the best stock and who is slipping. All of our fresh veggies are sent direct to each store where they’re washed twice and prepared onsite before being turned into one of our big big salads.

Gung Ho’s all about the pizza of course, but we do love our salads!



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Heavy Rain Alert

GHP - Post - Wet Panda (528) 01

Hi guys, due to the extremely inclement weather in Beijing today we’d just like to let you know that orders will take a little longer than usual (about an hour) and that we’ll be raising our minimum order fee to 119rmb. Sorry for the inconvenience but safety first for our delivery drivers!

Hopefully these pics of baby pandas playing in the rain will make you feel better.

Be safe out there!

GHP - Post - Wet Panda (528) 02

Xihongmen Store Now Open!

IKEA - Launch - Website - Pic 04

As with every new Gung Ho! Pizza store it’s both a celebration of all the things that brought us to this far as well as a celebration of the new!

Once again we’ve used reclaimed wood as a feature material, and we’ve added even more plants to the space. We’ve added a pizza box art gallery with 20 different designs.

We’ve got a brand new sauce bar with fresh herbs and all of our signature sauces and dips, plus a whole new range of merchandise – including a selection of New Zealand produce featuring Anchor products, lamb chops, fresh kiwi fruit and… Whittaker’s Chocolate!

The one thing we’re perhaps most proud of is a return to our roots. More than any other store, this new branch is a celebration of our inspiration from the Land of the Long White Cloud. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this soon, but for now, here are some pics.

See you soon!

IKEA - Launch - Website - Pic 01


To celebrate we’re offering buy one get one free pizzas until the end of July 3. This is only available in the Xihongmen Store so come out and make a day of it – LIVAT store is probably the most complete shopping center in Beijing with plenty of clothing stores, a Decathlon and an IKEA!

The IKEA Livat Shopping Center is located in Daxing District in the south of Beijing, directly connected to the Xihongmen Subway station.

IKEA - Launch - Website - Pic 02

IKEA - Launch - Website - Pic 03

2016 Student Design Competition Winners

GHP - SDC 2016 - Website - Header 01

The Gung Ho Student Pizza Box Design Competition was once again a massive success! This year we had entires from most of the international schools in Beijing, including the British School of Beijing, Beijing City International School, Beijing World Youth Academy, Dulwich and Harrow.

This year we had a total of 157 submissions, slightly less than last year, but of an even higher standard.

So much so that once again we had to enlist the aid of professional artists: Kang Hao Xian, Zhang Mo Liu, Tian Qi and Yan Shuo to judge. They definitely had their work cut out for them, taking nearly 4 hours to choose our finalists and winners!

Before we get to the winners we’d like to give a final thank you to all the supporters of this project, to all the teachers and parents, and of course to all the incredibly talented Beijing students that showed such amazing creative talent and artistic ability.

Prizes & Awards

This year we have 8 finalists in each age group will receive a Finalist Certificate as well as a 200rmb Gung Ho Gift Voucher.

The Design Award winner in each age group is selected by the Gung Ho Design Team and will receive a Design Award Certificate, a Gung Ho pizza party for 10 people, and their design on one of our pizza boxes, along with their picture, name, and school crest.

The Grand Prize winner in each age group is selected by our artist panel and will receive a Grand Prize Certificate, a Gung Ho pizza party for 10 people, and their design on one of our pizza boxes, along with their picture, name, and school crest.

Congrats to all of our winners and finalists, and to everyone that submitted art! It really was so difficult to choose. We can’t wait to do this again next year!


Design Award Winner: Jaden (British School of Beijing)

GHP - SDC 2016 - WeChat - Pic 03

Grand Prize Winner: Katso Gasforwe (British School of Beijing)

GHP - SDC 2016 - WeChat - Pic 04


Stephanie Chen (British School of Beijing)
Hazel Lee (British School of Beijing)
Shienna Beak (Dulwich College Beijing)
You You (Beijing City International School)
Tiffany Xie
Angel Zhang (British School of Beijing)
Bernadette van Lawick van Pabst (Daystar Academy)
Angela Zhang (British School of Beijing)


Design Award Winner: Rosie Dear (Harrow Int’l School)

GHP - SDC 2016 - WeChat - Pic 01

Grand Prize Winner: Leonard Besse (British School of Beijing)

GHP - SDC 2016 - WeChat - Pic 02


Kai MacRae (Harrow International School)
Anika Tanner (Beijing World Youth Academy)
Ryanne Kim (British School of Beijing)
Fiona Wang (Harrow International School)
Angela Wei (British School of Beijing)
Nina Krause (British School of Beijing)
Jimmy Zhang (Harrow International School)
Lion Zhao (Harrow International School)