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New Xihongmen IKEA Gung Ho opening soon!

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Our new Xihongmen IKEA store is opening soon!

Renovations are going well and everything is on track for a June launch. Located in the IKEA Livat Shopping Center in Xihongmen, it’ll be our largest store to date with 200 seats and an open kitchen.

To celebrate we’ll have our usual crazy launch promotions, buy one get one free pizzas, free kids pizza classes, lots of giveaways, and more!

The IKEA Livat Shopping Center is located in Daxing Dstrict in the south of Beijing, connected to the Xihongmen Subway station.

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2016 Student’s Pizza Box Competition

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After the huge and unexpected success of last year’s STUDENTS PIZZA BOX DESIGN COMPETITION, we’re doing it again! We at Gung Ho – and of course all of our customers – were totally blown away by the final winners, selected from over 180 submissions from some of Beijing’s best schools, and we can’t wait to see what level of talent we’ll get this year!

Once again, the competition is split up into elementary and high school brackets and will feature great prizes for the 16 finalists and 4 (!) grand prize winners, not to mention their school’s logo featured on the winning boxes! The deadline is June 6, 2016. Please send submissions to!

School Support:

The support of the fantastic  international education network in Beijing is a key component of the success of this competition! If you’d like to have your class participate, email us at and we’ll send you a professional design brief with classroom notes and and an official Gung Ho Brand VI (Visual Identity) guide for use as lesson materials.


THEME: Summer in Beijing
AGE GROUP 1: 12 & Under (Elementary)
AGE GROUP 2: 18 & Under (High School)
COLORS: Black, Pink & White (on brown background) OR Black, Pink on a white background
MINIMUM SIZE: 20cm x 20cm @ 300dpi
DEADLINE: June 6, 2016

Last year’s winners:

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(Still) The First Earth Day Festival

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This Earth Day, One Percent for the Planet, Patagonia, Gung Ho! Pizza and C Nature are presenting the first annual Beijing Earth Day Festival a series of events to raise awareness of environmental programs in Beijing.

Taking place on Earth Day April 22, the festival will feature a Green Market run by Earth Day Festival partner partner C Nature, featuring lots of handmade, environmentally friendly items on offer. We will also host stands for all of our Green Project partners, giving them a chance to spotlight their efforts in Beijing and China, as well as help raise donations for our signature charity partner. The festival will also feature live presentations, a charity auction, movie screenings from Patagonia, ans well as special kids’ events, live music,  and more!

April 22 | 4pm to 10pm | Sanlitun SOHO Patagonia

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BSB VIII: Meaningful Marketing

Also as part of the Earth Day Festival, three marketing maestros will share their experiences with environmental and social values-based branding – all in the original fast-paced Bite-Sized Branding format! Three speakers, three tips, and a Q&A – all hosted by the irrepressible Dominic Johnson-Hill! See the post below for more details!

April 20 | 7:30pm to 9:30pm | Gung Ho! Pizza: Sanlitun

Beijing Hikers: Great Wall Clean Up

Jiankou has superb views of the Great Wall. Unfortunately, both hikers and casual visitors are not always conscientious about cleaning up after themselves. In the spirit of Earth Day we’re going to head out and clean up as much as we can, followed by a pizza lunch at the Gung Ho Bros Jiankou traditional Chinese courtyard residence!

The event will be 150-200rmb depending on attendance, but the pizza & beer will be free! To book head over to the Beijing Hiker’s website!

April 23 | 8:30am City Departure


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BSB VIII: Meaningful Marketing

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Make your brand stand for something!

Bite Sized Branding is officially back On Message! But as a part of the Earth Day Festival, we’re going to give a little bit of a flip.

Social values have become a huge part of modern day marketing for big companies and startups alike. Multinationals can use them to scrub clean their dirty dirty corporate souls, whereas small companies can use them to open up new networks of potential customers, as a kind of shorthand to explain their own brand values, and of course most importantly as a way to make a difference and inspire others.

This month, Gung Ho & Plastered 8 are proud to announce a lineup that definitely has something to say on the topic of “meaningful marketing”. First up, Beijing’s most tenaciously freelance creative (and Mountains of Imagination founder) Martin Barnes will share what he’s learned from pet project cum full blown foundation “Wheels Plus Wings” – an organization that helps enable the “differently-abled” in China. Next up, who hasn’t shed at least one secret little tear at Bethel China‘s beautiful marketing. Not us you heartless robots! Marketing Manager Anna Calsin is going to show us how it’s done. Finally Rich Akers from Gung Ho! Pizza will finally make his BSB debut and share some lessons he’s learned from branding the Gung Ho! Green Drive and spearheading the Women of Gung Ho initiative.

The event starts 7:30pm Wednesday April 20 at Gung Ho! Pizza: Sanlitun. Cover is 60rmb and includes a free drink courtesy of those gorgeous wine-mongers at CHEERS.

See you there!

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BSB VII: Healthy Living in Beijing

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BSB VII: Three Health Gurus, Three Healthy Living Secrets

Just in time for Spring, three health and fitness gurus share their Beijing healthy living secrets! Dr. Brandon Ni will share his experiences with pollution-related respiratory issues, therapist Dr. Theo Cope will share his secrets regarding pressure and life balance, and Brittany Dunn will present the importance of fitness in health and happiness in the original fast-paced Bite-Sized Branding format: three speakers, three secrets each, and a Q&A!


BSB again presses pause on the marketing to focus on something of utmost importance to us all: living healthily here in Beijing. We’ll be returning to branding soon with something big… stay tuned!

There will be a 60rmb cover charge, which includes a free drink. Space is very limited for this one-night event so RSVP early at


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Attending Physician, SANFINE HOSPITAL

Dr. Ni has a degree in medicine from Tianjin University, a masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from South Bay University in California. In 2008, and further studies and medical practice at the HOUSE Ear Research Institute, in the United States.

He has served as the attending physician at Triple A Hospital in Tianjin medical university, where he gained vast experience in multidisciplinary clinical practice, is currently serving as attending physician at Sanfine Hospital in Sanlitun, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of many ENT and respiratory illnesses.

Visiting Psychologist & Positive Psychotherapist, SOS INTERNATIONAL

Dr. Cope holds a postgraduate degree in Applied Psychology, is a Basic Consultant, Certified Family Consultant and a Psychotherapist practicing Positive Psychotherapy (PPT) with accreditation from the World Association of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP) in Wiesbaden, Germany. PPT is a trans-cultural, humanistic approach that focuses on one’s capabilities and the content of conflict.
He has worked in various universities in China and in private practice: the Dongbei University of Finance & Economics (DUFE), in Dalian, the South China Normal University in Guangzhou and Dalian Medical University on such topics as psychotherapy, counseling, Analytical (Jungian) psychology and introduction to psychology. He has also provided training for Chinese counselors and therapists and has worked with a wide variety of individuals and cases with a focus on eating disorders, self-harming, depression, adjustment issues, and cross-cultural relationships.

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A long time energizing fitness coach, Heyrobics instructor/Educational Mentor, and Co-founder of The Mind Body Project, Brittany Dunn’s luminously smiling face is regular fixture on the Beijing fitness circuit.

You can also find her running her DramaFit programs with kids in international schools, making companies sweat in team buildings, and adjudicating Guinness World Record attempts.

In her words: “Healthy—starts with a strong mind to listen to what your body wants– feeding it with REAL food, flexing it with enjoyable movement and nourishing it with gratitude, kindness and compassion.”

Gung Ho Gender Audit Results

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Gung Ho is excited to present the findings from our first ever gender audit! The gender audit itself is comprised of 7 sections, in the areas of representation, hiring and advancement, and wage comparison, with the image below representing some key metrics. This was definitely an illuminating experience! Though we’re very proud of these results, we’re also excited to improve some of the weaker areas of our people strategy. The next step is an in-depth analysis of the audit, but in the meantime, here is a quick review from LEAP founder Emily Roblin:

“Nice work Gung Ho! Some interesting findings here with some great opportunities too. Overall, women make up 36.6% of the company, yet the proportion among the senior leadership team has an average above that – with 42.9% of the management team as female. This is a different trend than what we often find, where in most company’s women make up a majority of junior roles, and a small percentage of senior leadership positions. This is good. The findings in Gung Ho’s representation across departments is a more typical result that we see in other audits about how talent is distributed in a gendered way. Across every industry, women dominate in support roles such as finance and HR and play more minor roles in front line sales and strategic business roles. Here is an opportunity for Gung Ho! to find more ways to engage women into the business.

A gender audit is a great way to better understand how your company is doing – to uncover things you’re doing well (and find ways to do those things more), as well as to find opportunities to make positive change that will benefit your employees, your clients, and your community. Congrats to Gung Ho for taking the first step on this journey!
Women of Gung Ho”

The audit was just the first step. With the assistance of Emily Roblin, we’ll create a roadmap to improve diversity. To that end we’re excited to announce that we’ll be using the proceeds of March 8 sales to create a Women of Gung Ho fund to support and implement the actions outlined therein.

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Although the most recent official census from 2010 shows that women represent 44.7% of the Chinese workforce, the WEF Global Gender Gap Report shows only 17% of managers are women, while a New York Times article in February of 2015 combined data from different annual board reports and found that only 1 in 10 board members in the China’s top 300 companies are women.

Announcing Women of Gung Ho!

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Gung Ho! is proud to announce the launch of Women of Gung Ho, a new initiative focused on empowering women at Gung Ho! Pizza.

With critical guidance from LEAP founder Emily Roblin, we’ve decided to start with two actions. First of all, March 8 International Women’s Day proceeds will go to create an exclusive fund for Women of Gung Ho programs.

Second, we will undertake a company gender audit, and present the results on Women’s Day. These results will then be reviewed by Emily, who will assist us in creating a basic roadmap to get us started.

We’re very excited to share this brand new initiative with you and we’d love to hear what you think! Send us a message at, or comment on our Facebook or WeChat pages!

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Though Modern China features many of the progressive equal employment and remuneration policies of the Communist revolution that birthed it, in practice workplace segregation and disparity of pay remains a large issue. While participation of women in the labor force in 2015 stands relatively high at 70%, women still make 35% less than men for similar work, and make up only 17% of management.

Though China is doing well in many ways, it’s still vital to continue the conversation and strive to create a positive environment of employment, reward and advancement for women.

Reference: World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2015

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Founded in 2010, LEAP is focused on the principle that when you believe and invest in diversity and gender equality, your business will thrive. Their mission is to empower individuals, teams and organizations to engage in meaningful dialogue and take action to create inclusive, healthy environments where people achieve their potential, exceed expectations and drive results.

LEAP has led over 3500 participants through LEAP programs in over 25 different cities in China and the Asia Pacific region.

Gung Ho! Pizza is very proud to be working with LEAP in the creation of this project.

Learn more about LEAP at

TBJ Reader Restaurant Awards

TBJ Awards 2016

GUNG HO! PIZZA has just been nominated for Best Service, Best Delivery, Best Salad, and Greenest Restaurant in the Beijinger’s 2016 Reader Restaurant Awards! We’ve picked up a few of these before and obviously they’re not the reason we to this but you have to admit – they’re sooooo shiny.

Click here to vote! As one of the most comprehensive award shows, there’s quite a quite to go through but let’s face it – Beijing needs you.

Voting ends this Monday at noon. Thanks for your support!



CNY - Monkey Kings (EN) (528)


The Gung Ho Team wishes you a magical MONKEY year in 2016!

We’ll be closing for Spring Festival this Sunday the 7th of Feb but we’ll be back in action on the 14th!

Have a safe and happy holiday! And watch out for those fireworks…


BSB VI – Building Your China CV

Bite Sized Branding VI

Three Old China Hands, Three CV Building Secrets

Three very different China success stories share their China career building secrets in the original fast-paced Bite-Sized Branding format: three speakers, three secrets each, and a Q&A!


As a taste of what’s to come, this BSB: SPECIAL EDITION will press pause on the marketing and branding and focus on something relevant to us all: building a career in China. As an added bonus all of our BSB speakers hail from Australia and New Zealand, providing an antipodean point of view that you hopefully won’t have heard before.

Details: 7:00PM Wednesday January 20 @ GHP: Sanlitun
RSVP: Jan 19 /
Entry: 60rmb (Includes one glass of wine courtesy of CHEERS)


Geoff Raby


Geoff Raby worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in several positions as head of the Chinese Embassy’s economics division (1986–1991), head of the Northeast Asia Analytical Unit (1991–1993), First Assistant Secretary, Trade Negotiations Division (1995–1998), Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organisation (1998–2001) and First Assistant Secretary, International Organisations and Legal Division (2001–2002), Ambassador to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (2002–2004), and a Deputy Secretary of the Department (2002–2006). While based in Beijing from 1986 to 1991, he worked with Kevin Rudd, who served as Australia’s Prime Minister and later Minister for Foreign Affairs, during which time he served as the Australian Ambassador to the China from February 2007 until August 2011.

Shannon Bufton



Shannon is an Australian national with over 9 years experience in China. He started racing in his early teens and has always been passionate about the cycling and the role that cycling can play in liveable and sustainable cities.

In 2012 he co-founded Beijing Bike Week and 2013 co-founded the Beijing Vintage Ride.

He is also the co-founder of Smarter Than Car ( and organizes cycling events. Part of the role with STC involves undertaking urban research on Beijing’s bicycle culture. Shannon recently co-authored (with Florian Lorenz) a presentation on Beijing’s sustainable bicycle culture at the World Congress of Architects in Tokyo and co-authored a paper for the Austrian Planning journal Zoll – entitled Beijing’s pedal powered livelihoods as a muse for bicycle urbanism.

He writes for a range of cycling publications and is an advisor for the UCI Tour of Beijing.

Sylvia Ding

Technical Advisor to the President, AMAZON (CHINA)

Sylvia is originally from Shanghai, but grew up in New Zealand, graduating with Honors in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Auckland. She joined Vodafone first a Partner Manager, helping businesses deliver services through the Vodafone network, and launched Premium SMS across New Zealand, before moving to London to be the Global Product Manager for Mobile Search, managing the global strategic partnership between Vodafone Group and Google, and launching the Vodafone Google product search across 30 countries.

After completing her MBA at the London Business School she joined Amazon UK as a Senior Manager during which her chief task was to re-energize the mobile market. Sylvia moved to Beijing a year ago to be the Technical Advisor to the President of Amazon China, operating as the CEO’s chief-of-staff.