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CNY - Monkey Kings (EN) (528)


The Gung Ho Team wishes you a magical MONKEY year in 2016!

We’ll be closing for Spring Festival this Sunday the 7th of Feb but we’ll be back in action on the 14th!

Have a safe and happy holiday! And watch out for those fireworks…


BSB VI – Building Your China CV

Bite Sized Branding VI

Three Old China Hands, Three CV Building Secrets

Three very different China success stories share their China career building secrets in the original fast-paced Bite-Sized Branding format: three speakers, three secrets each, and a Q&A!


As a taste of what’s to come, this BSB: SPECIAL EDITION will press pause on the marketing and branding and focus on something relevant to us all: building a career in China. As an added bonus all of our BSB speakers hail from Australia and New Zealand, providing an antipodean point of view that you hopefully won’t have heard before.

Details: 7:00PM Wednesday January 20 @ GHP: Sanlitun
RSVP: Jan 19 /
Entry: 60rmb (Includes one glass of wine courtesy of CHEERS)


Geoff Raby


Geoff Raby worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in several positions as head of the Chinese Embassy’s economics division (1986–1991), head of the Northeast Asia Analytical Unit (1991–1993), First Assistant Secretary, Trade Negotiations Division (1995–1998), Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organisation (1998–2001) and First Assistant Secretary, International Organisations and Legal Division (2001–2002), Ambassador to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (2002–2004), and a Deputy Secretary of the Department (2002–2006). While based in Beijing from 1986 to 1991, he worked with Kevin Rudd, who served as Australia’s Prime Minister and later Minister for Foreign Affairs, during which time he served as the Australian Ambassador to the China from February 2007 until August 2011.

Shannon Bufton



Shannon is an Australian national with over 9 years experience in China. He started racing in his early teens and has always been passionate about the cycling and the role that cycling can play in liveable and sustainable cities.

In 2012 he co-founded Beijing Bike Week and 2013 co-founded the Beijing Vintage Ride.

He is also the co-founder of Smarter Than Car ( and organizes cycling events. Part of the role with STC involves undertaking urban research on Beijing’s bicycle culture. Shannon recently co-authored (with Florian Lorenz) a presentation on Beijing’s sustainable bicycle culture at the World Congress of Architects in Tokyo and co-authored a paper for the Austrian Planning journal Zoll – entitled Beijing’s pedal powered livelihoods as a muse for bicycle urbanism.

He writes for a range of cycling publications and is an advisor for the UCI Tour of Beijing.

Sylvia Ding

Technical Advisor to the President, AMAZON (CHINA)

Sylvia is originally from Shanghai, but grew up in New Zealand, graduating with Honors in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Auckland. She joined Vodafone first a Partner Manager, helping businesses deliver services through the Vodafone network, and launched Premium SMS across New Zealand, before moving to London to be the Global Product Manager for Mobile Search, managing the global strategic partnership between Vodafone Group and Google, and launching the Vodafone Google product search across 30 countries.

After completing her MBA at the London Business School she joined Amazon UK as a Senior Manager during which her chief task was to re-energize the mobile market. Sylvia moved to Beijing a year ago to be the Technical Advisor to the President of Amazon China, operating as the CEO’s chief-of-staff.

Bite Sized Branding V

BSB - Website - Title (528)


The minds behind three of Beijing’s most interesting brands spill their top branding secrets of 2015 in the original fast-paced Bite-Sized Branding format: three speakers, three secrets each, and a Q&A!

Dare to be Different

As a massive supporter of innovation, creativity and doing things a little differently Gung Ho! Pizza is stoked to invite you to the 5th Bite Sized Branding pop-up presentation on bleeding-edge branding and marketing in Beijing. The entire presentation will be in English and Chinese, and end with a Q&A session.

There will be a 60rmb cover charge, which includes a free drink.

Space is very limited for this one-night event so RSVP early at

The Bite Sized Branding Series

Starting in 2013, the Bite Sized Branding series of Pop Up Presentations has enlisted pioneers of the branding/marketing space to deliver hard-hitting presentations in a fast-paced format focused on sharing knowledge and experience to succeed in this huge market, and raise the bar for all.

In 2016 BSB will be taking it to the next level and incorporating a wider variety of speakers and topics so stay tuned!


Sarah Keenlyside
Founder, Bespoke Travel Company

Billing itself as the “Anti-Package Tour” package tour company, the Bespoke Travel Company offers incoming visitors the opportunity to create their own trip with the help of a team of experts in each city. They were nominated for the Greatest Innovation/Disruption award at the prestigious LE Miami travel conference last year; recent high profile clients in recent years have included pop singer Katie Perry and actors Matt Damon and Johnny Depp.

Sarah Keenlyside was a former investigative journalist at the Sunday Times in London, and one of the early editors on Time Out Beijing. She has lived in Beijing since 2005 and founded Bespoke in early 2010.

Melissa McKenna
Founder, Juice by Melissa

From humble beginnings in 2013 as free give-aways at a Yoga studio, Juice By Melissa (affectionately known as JBM) quickly escalated into a high demand delivery company and started a cold-press juice revolution in Beijing. Driven by a passion for healthy living, founder Melissa McKenna has leveraged her experiences as a professional gymnast, Yoga instructor, and Marketing Executive into a hot new Beijing brand, opening her first retail space in 2014 (which has just passed its first anniversary), with a brand new Shunyi outlet opening soon.

Founder, Green T House

Inspired by a passion for tea and Chinese culture Beijing native and award-winning classical musician JinR opened Green T House in 1997. Green T House Living, a lifestyle concept encompassing tea, dining, art and events, opened in Beijing’s Chaoyang district to critical acclaim in 2006 and recently expanded into spa and hospitality with Bath House Residence, a bathhouse villa concept.

Gung Ho! Pizza: Sanlitun Restaurant

Wednesday December 16, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

RSVP by:
Tuesday, December 15


BSB - Website - Presenters(528)

RIP Doug Tompkins 1943-2015

Doug Tompkins (528)

Last Tuesday Doug Tompkins, founder of outdoor company Northface and socially conscious fashion brand ESPRIT, as well as pioneering environmentalist, tragically died in a kayaking accident in Patagonia.

The best friend of another of our personal heroes Yvon Chouinard, Doug Tompkins left the business world, selling off all of his shares and created the Foundation for Deep Ecology, and have been buying up ranches and farms ever since, which at 2.2 million acres is the largest privately owned conservation park in the world.

In the words of documentarian Jimmy Chin “It was hugely unpopular with the locals at the time, but now we look back and we’re like ‘thank God’. Tompkins was a visionary, and he showed the rest of us how much positive impact one person can have on the world.”

If you’re interested in supporting the work he started, check out Tompkins Conservation.

NY Times Obit

Winter Menu Collab with Jamie from Joyseed

GHP - Winter Menu - Post - Jaymi & Josh

This winter we’re proud to announce our exclusive pizza collaboration with Jamie Peñaloza, the Executive Chef and Creative Director of Joyseed, a healthy breakfast delivery startup currently making big waves in Beijing. A British classic with a big twist; Jamie’s pizza creation features fresh salmon, sole and prawns baked in bechamel sauce with green peas and mashed potatoes, topped with fresh parsley leaves and shredded parmesan and finished off with a squeeze of lemon. In her own words:

“Years ago when I moved to the UK, I immediately sought our local comfort foods like the classic fish pie to warm up to the cold, damp weather. The subtle flavors of fresh fish and milky bechamel topped with creamy mashed potatoes is like a big hug for me, and a perfect comfort food for the Beijing winter. So I took all of these elements and turned it into a, well, pretty unconventional, but definitely delicious, new pizza for Gung Ho.”

Presenting, the English Fish Pie Pizza. Try it now!

GHP - Winter Menu - Post - Fish Pie

Also on our new menu is the brand new BBQ Beef pizza, featuring southern-style pulled BBQ beef and roasted red peppers, covered in New Zealand manuka honey BBQ sauce and served with a side of our very own Gung Ho coleslaw.

GHP - Winter Menu - Post - BBQ Beef

And finally, we have two brand new soups for you. Our first soup is a hearty American classic: Broccoli and Cheddar Soup – just the thing to keep you warm and toasty this winter! For a different kind of heat we have a Mexican favorite: our all-new spicy tomato Chicken Tortilla Soup, topped with cheddar cheese, fresh coriander and homemade crispy tortilla chips! Not only that, but all of our soups are now available in a handy all-new cup size for 18rmb!

Check out our tasty new items today!

GHP - Winter Menu - Post - Soups

Half Price Pizza!

Half Price Pizza!

When the competition started, we said we’d knock off 10% for every round we passed. Well, we made it all the way baby! So all next week starting Monday November 30, we’re doing half price pizzas instore! That’s all of our dine-in spaces – Sanlitun, Lido & Shuangjing, so if you haven’t come by yet, now’s your chance.

And as a big thank you to our legion of delivery customers, bring in a pizza box sticker voucher and get one free medium pizza for every instore purchase of 100rmb or more. We know it’s the busy season right now, so these will be valid until the end of the year. As usual, any promotions can not be used in conjunctions with other promotions, but aside from that, go for it!

The whole team of GHP thanks you all once again your incredible support. Have a safe and happy holiday season! #GOGOGO

Half Price on the Pizza Clock


Back to Back Pizza Cup Champions Gung Ho!

WE WON! That’s a collective ‘we’ by the way. With the final tally coming out at 54% to 43% every single vote counted and we cannot thank you enough!

At the end of the day, everyone has their own favorite pizza. To them, that’s the best. But we can absolutely say that we have the best TEAM in the world – hands down – and we know you all agree. And they are STOKED win this thing! Look at their little faces!!

A huge thank you to The Beijinger who crushed a long and difficult competition, even blowing away last year’s hugely successful event. The wrap up at The Beijinger is worth a read if you get a chance, and a great insight into the developing F&B scene here. And plus they say a ton of nice things about us.

And one last time: massive thanks to absolutely everyone that voted, once twice or every damn round. We love you.
Finally, we’ll leave you with this quote from Chiara:

“Their pizza is different from a traditional Italian one, but it’s good, ingredients are first-choice and the delivery guys always have a smile on their faces”

That’s why we do it.

Bring it on!! Grand Final vs Annies!

Gung Ho vs Annies

WE DID IT!! Gung Ho! Pizza is in the 2015 Pizza Cup GRAND FINAL for the second year in a row! Massive thanks to everyone who took time out of their days to vote!

The Beijing food and beverage scene has changed so much over the last decade and we’re glad to have been able to play our small part. From our first joint Lush giving international students a place to feel at home since 2003, to our first pizza store Pyro bringing New York style pizza to the Wudaokou strip in 2005, to Gung Ho! Pizza, where we do our best to take Beijing’s deliver ystandard to the next level, we’re passionate about getting stuck in and giving it a good nudge, and leaving it all on the pitch.

This competition has been a stellar showcase for the standard of pizza in Beijing – even moreso than last year – with every single round being a nail-biter. We’ve progressed past a lot of amazing competitors, places we love ourselves, and we’re grateful to have made it this far.

Our next and final matchup is with Annies. When we started Gung Ho, Annies was the go-to pizza delivery chain in Beijing, hands down. We like to think we’ve made it pretty interesting for them since then, but at the end of the day, competition has made us both – not to mention the Beijing foodie scene – all the better. But it wouldn’t be too far amiss to say that Annies is our Beijing pizza nemesis, our own Goliath, and we’d love to take them down!

So please vote this one last time, for all the marbles, and help our humble Gung Ho! Pizza become Beijing’s first back to back Pizza Cup Champions! Vote at! Voting ends Wednesday noon! #GOGOGO

GHP - Banner - Pizza Celebration - Round 6 (528px)

We Made the Semi Finals!

Gung Ho made the Semi Finals!!

Gung Ho is in the SEMI FINALS and the official winner of the PIZZA SPECIALIST division! Thanks to everyone that voted and has been voting so far! Only two rounds left and it really is anyone’s game. The semi final round of voting ends noon Monday and we’ll need all of your help to get past local hot-spot Great Leap Brewery. We massively appreciate all of your support – its means the world to us and the whole team here at Gung Ho! Vote now at #GOGOGO

The Pizza Clock says... 40% Off!