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TBJ Pizza Cup: Round !

Gung Ho! TBJ Pizza Cup - Round 1

Support Gung Ho Pizza in the Beijinger’s Inaugural Pizza Cup! Featuring 64 pizza brands and restaurants, duking it out over 6 rounds, this might be the biggest pizza competition China has ever seen. Each round goes for a week making the entire event over 6 weeks long.

Gung Ho has been seeded high in the “Pizza Specialist” division. Our first match up is against the second largest pizza company in the world, Dominos Pizza.

Can we take them? I think we can! Please hit the link and vote for GHP.

Voting is it’s Own Reward

To make this interesting, we’re going to do a little competition of our own. Whatever round we finally make it to, we’re going to give you that much of a discount. If we make it to Round 2, it’ll be 20% off for a day, Round 3, 30% off, etc. all the way up to the finals! If we take the whole thing, we’ll throw a massive pizza party at our new Sanlitun store. Pizza, beer, the works! So what are you waiting for?

TBJ Pizza Cup Launch

The Beijinger’s Pizza Cup is an extension of their incredibly successful (and hotly contested) Burger Cup event, now in in it’s 4th year. The event was lauched with a massive outdoor event with over 3000 people in attendance. Gung Ho was there in full force (of course) – slinging out over 1000 slices over 9 hours. The GHP booth was definitely the place to be, with a sounds system, eating area, kids pizza classes, a craft beer bar courtesy of Trouble and thanks to Sugar Shack in Wudaokou, a Beer Poor Tournament! Very Gung Ho.

GHP 2.0 - Pizza Cup 12 GHP 2.0 - Pizza Cup 16 GHP 2.0 - Pizza Cup 03

GHP 2.0 - Pizza Cup 05 GHP 2.0 - Pizza Cup 20 GHP 2.0 - Pizza Cup 14

New Lunch Special & Happy Hour

Gung Ho Lunch Special

Lunch Special

Enjoy the sun before Summer official ends on the quiet China View patio with a Gung Ho lunch deal. Perfect for 2-4 people, order any pizza and salad and get either a side or 2 soft drinks, or add 20rmb and choose one of our new shares, including fried fish bites, BBQ ribs or chicken wings.


Happy Hour

Finished work? Ah well, close enough! Celebrate the (near) end of another work day with 2 for 1 craft beers and even craftier cocktails at the new Gung Ho bar. Try some of our new beer cocktails, including our Margarita Cerveza and Beery Mary.



Gung Ho Happy Hour!


Ladies Night

Gung Ho Ladies Night

Every Thursday night, spend 300rmb and get a bottle of bubbly, free!

Kick off your Thursday night with some good vibes, great food, and a glass (or three!) of bubbly! Bring down some girlfriends, share some Gung Ho gourmet pizza and pick up an ice-cold bottle of champers on the house.

Ladies only! Plenty of beer for the boys behind the bar.

Starts October 9

Nine Eyes Tower Pizza Hike

Gung Ho Nine Eyes Tower

It’s getting colder, time to look back at a pretty great Beijing Summer. In particular, a beautiful crystal clear June 7 up at the Great Wall – with GHP in attendance as usual.

The Beijing Hikers took a crew up to see the Nine Eyes Tower near the so-called “Wild Wall” section of the Jiankou Great Wall after which they hit up the Gung Ho Hut for a post-hike nosh featuring fresh pizza – piping hot out of the homemade pizza oven!

Thanks to Hayden Opie for organizing, and Gung Ho’s Gus Hayden for making the pizza and manning the oven!

Gung Ho Gus at the Oven

The Gung Ho Hut

Pizza in the Sun

Restaurant Only

With the recent renovation of our restaurant, we saw a chance to expand our menu and take it to the level. If you’d had a chance to try some of our new items I think you’ll agree. Unfortunately there are now a few little items we can’t deliver… You’ll just have to come down to the restaurant and check them out for yourself!

Do you like mac ‘n’ cheese? Here’s a mac ‘n’ cheese, GUNG HO style. Baked macaroni in a rich bechamel sauce topped with cheddar, crispy bacon and mozzarella. Dig in.

Gung Ho! Baked Macaroni Gratin

Here’s a little treat with some Asian influence: slow cooked pork in a sweet balsamic reduction served with stir-fried Asian veggies. What are you waiting for?

Gung Ho! Balsamic Pork Belly

Gung Ho Sanlitun – Open 11am to 11pm Every Day (China View, opposite Gonti East Gate)

Minimum order starting this Monday

Gung Ho! Announcement

After nearly 2 years of increasing costs, as of August 16 we will be changing our prices. Please check our website or our upcoming delivery menu for specifics.

Starting September we are also implementing a minimum delivery order. Orders under 65 RMB will incur a delivery fee of 15RMB. Order over 65RMB will be unaffected as usual. In the event of extreme weather (heavy rain, snow, etc.), the minimum order will be 119RMB. For more details please check our website.

It’s never an easy thing to do, but it’s necessary in order to maintain a high level of quality and service. As always, we welcome all of your concerns and comments.


Online Delivery Back Online

Gung Ho! Online delivery is back... online

Gung Ho Customers,

As some of you might already know, our original online ordering site is back online.

We’re always hungry for new ways to grow, improve, and reach new customers. We invested a lot of time developing a new platform with a lot of potential but ultimately it did not reach expectations.

We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience and thank you once more for your patience and support.

If you have any feedback please drop us a line at:


Gung Ho! Team

Urgent Maintenance

Gung Ho! Customers,

Due to a number of technical issues we’ve decided to take our new website offline for maintenance. We hope to have our service back online soon but in the meantime, please call our stores directly on the numbers below.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Gung Ho! Team

Sanlitun 三里屯: (010) 8587 1404
Lido 丽都: (010) 5135 8557
Shuangjing 双井: (010) 5876 5262