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Attention Wangjing Customers

Gung Ho! Pizza Announcement

Gung Ho customers,

After much deliberation we have decided to close our Wangjing branch this Tuesday April 22. We remain very positive about the opportunities in the area but as of right now the store does not fit in with our current strategy.

All of our existing Wangjing customers will be transferred to our Lido store. We will be integrating all of your current information with the Lido database before closure so you will be able to continue ordering with as little inconvenience as possible. The Lido hotline is 5135 8557 –  alternatively, order online at Please remember to change your store to Lido.

We like to take this opportunity to tell you that we have very exciting plans ahead. We’ve got some big changes coming in the near future and we’re looking forward to sharing the news with you very soon.

Thanks for your understanding,

John, Jade, and the Gung Ho! Team

Reuse! Reduce! Recycle!

Gung Ho! Reuse! Reduce! Recycle!
A big part of our Green Sustainability Program has been conservation. From sorting and recycing trash to reducing electricity and water usage, conservation is something anybody (or any company!) can start doing right now.

Reuse! Reduce! Recycle!

As a modern mega-metropolis with more than 20 million people, Beijing is facing waste apocalypse: 8 huge garbage disposal facilities are working overtime, overloading 7 landfills which are on track to be full in just 2 or 3 years. Over 17,000 tonnes of waste is produced in Beijing every day.

Of course Gung Ho! Pizza is no exception. In 2013 we we able to recycle 42.63% (around 17 tonnes), generating 4,109rmb. We sent all of our used paper to be recycled, and our food waste now goes to a local farm to be used as animal feed and plant fertilizer.

In addition to recycling, we sought to reduce the amount of disposable cutlery and packaging we used internally.
We asked our catering company to stop using disposable packaging and instead deliver staff means in resuable tubs. We also asked our team to bring their own bowls, cups and chopsticks, trading a little inconvenience for a whopping 2 tonne reduction on our outgoing waste, saving 17 trees, and over 27,000rmb in packaging costs.

Recycle Unrecycle

Green Packaging

Obviously being a food delivery company, our biggest impact is our paper and plastic packaging. Moving to recycled packaging was a big focus for 2013.

Paper or Plastic?

  • In August we change our paper bags and boxes to recycled paper, saving over 9 trees a year
  • In September we began using pizza boxes made from recycled paper, saving over 260 trees a year
  • In addition to packaging, we also changed all of our menus to recycled paper, saving 105 trees a year
  • In 2013, we used over 4 tonnes of plastic packaging. Currently, all of our plastic food packaging material is made from recyclable PP plastic.

Packaging is a huge challenge, but we’ve got lots of ideas on how to change the game. More on this next week!

April 22 is International Earth Day and Gung Ho! Pizza is discounting all vegetarian products by 50% all day long! 30% of the Earth’s land mass is used for animal grazing, and 70% of our grain production goes to animal feed, and the livestock themselves contribute to over half of Greenhouse Gas emissions.


Green is the New Pink: One Year On

Jade, Jane and John - Gung Ho! Green Team!

When Gung Ho! Co-founder Jade Gray was 10 years old, his father gave him a present that was to change his outlook on the world, a book about Greenpeace’s efforts to protect the Antarctic. A pretty heavy gift, in every sense of the word. The stunning images of graceful blue whales, translucent glaciers, and sure, cute penguins impressed upon him the beauty of the planet – and it’s fragility.

Fast forward to 2013 and a grown-up Jade, who along with co-founder John, new Green manager Laura and the rest of the Gung Ho! team, fulfilled a lot of those childhood dreams.

From Gung Ho! Pizza taking its first steps towards sustainability, to creating a plan and a Green Team to implement it, and meeting both his childhood idol environmental icon Jane Goodall (see above) as well as corporate responsibility pioneer and creator of 1% for the Plant, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard (and following in his footsteps)… that kid has come a long way.

Celebrate a year of Gung Ho’s Green Program with us this Earth Day, as we retrace our steps over the past 12 months.

April 22 is International Earth Day and Gung Ho! Pizza is discounting all vegetarian products by 50% all day long! 30% of the Earth’s land mass is used for animal grazing, and 70% of our grain production goes to animal feed, and the livestoke themselves contribute to over half of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Gung Ho! Green Team Clean Up the Great Wall

The Green Dream Team

In August 2012, we approached sustainability experts We Impact to help us put together an ambitious yet achievable plan. The first step was to hire Laura Xiao to be a full-time environmental manager. The next was to create a Green Team, made up of 6 volunteers from all levels and departments who would represent the face (and arms and legs) of our Green Sustainability Program. The Green Team not only takes the sustainability message to every corner of the company, they’re also responsible for training and implementing programs everywhere from the boardroom to the frontline.

And when they’re not actively pushing the Green Dream, they’re offsite cleaning up the Great Wall, or checking out environmental sites like Beijing’s municipal trash recycling plant.

Go! Green! Go!

The Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line

To measure the progress of our sustainability push, Gung Ho! uses the Triple Bottom Line concept, which doesn’t just look at a company’s profitability, but also it’s impact on people and the environment.

The Triple Bottom Line epitomizes the concept of sustainable development:

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Free Custom Box Art – Tomorrow Only!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Gung Ho!

Just a reminder: If you’re in the Lido area tomorrow between 2pm to 4pm you can order a pizza and request custom pizza box art from one of Beijing’s hottest artists (we have 4 to choose from!) who will personally draw it for you in-store. And then one of Beijing’s hottest pizza companies will personally deliver it (and the pizza) to your door!

If you’re struggling for ideas on what to ask for, we’ve compiled a few suggestions:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Jackie Chan
  • Doge
  • A Unicorn
  • A Unicat
  • Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring

Thursday April 3 2:00PM to 4:00PM | Lido 5135 8557

Meet our newest delivery guys!

Gung Ho! Pizza's newest delivery guys!

Hi guys,

We’d like to sincerely apologize for the long delivery times over the past few weeks. This is not the standard we expect from ourselves – we have been caught out truly understaffed.

As you can see we’ve recently hired new delivery guys, with more to follow. They’re in training now and we’re well on track to get our delivery times back to the Gung Ho! standard very soon.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. We hope you understand that Chinese New Year is a notoriously difficult time for talent recruitment, and this year was even more so. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.


John & Jade

Pizza Box Art Request Line

Gung Ho! Pizza Art Request Line

“Long time eater, first time caller…”

Have you seen these pizza box drawing requests? Do you think we can do better?

A few years ago, requesting drawings on pizza boxes became a viral sensation. And ever since we started our Feeding Starving Artists program we’ve thought, “hey, we can do better”. Let’s take this to the next level!

Next Thursday April 3 we’ve invited our SURGE Artists Kang Haoxian, Wu Lidan, Zhang Zhanzhan, Meng Jin and Fang Er to our Lido store to create custom artwork on blank pizza boxes.

And the best part? You get to choose!

Here’s how it works: Order a pizza between 2pm and 4pm from our Lido store, tell our customer service operator what you’d like, the SURGE Artists will draw it on a blank pizza box, then when they’re done we’ll chuck a pizza in it and deliver it to you!

Date: 2014-04-03

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Store: Lido (010 5135 8557)

Put it in your planner, we have no idea when we’ll do this again!

Check out our amazing art collaborators SURGE Art here!


Gung Ho! Pizza Box Gallery

GHP VS SURGE Art: Kang Haoxian & Wu Lidan

Check out the first two amazing joints from the MC GHP / DJ SURGE collab!

Talented illustrator Kang Haoxian perfectly encapsulates the New China, from young to old, past to present – in front of one of Beijing’s most iconic landmarks no less! He even managed to capture Beijing’s love for your humble neighborhood pizza providers Gung Ho!

Wu Lidan quit a promising career as a graphic designer to pursue her passion… and hasn’t looked back! In a scant 5 years. the Beijing skyline has gone from virtually unknown to a regular fixture in media… and our pizza boxes!

Get to know these two up and coming talents in these video interviews.

New Spring Menu! Free Pizza Points!

Gung Ho! Spring Menu 2014

See that beautiful blue sky? Our Spring Menu launched today. You are welcome.

We’ve got a new Spicy Pepperjack cheese bread balls as well as new and improved BBQ Chicken and Four Cheese pizzas. And don’t forget our new and improved pizza crust that we launched last month. What do you think? We love feedback, we eat it breakfast. Send us yours at!

Pizza Points

For all you pizza point pros out there, we’ve updated our Pizza Point Exchange (GoCoin coming soon!) offering even more of our Gung Ho! goodness. And for those of you who having starting collecting yet, keep an eye out because we’re giving away 2 free points with each menu! (Only one 2 point coupon per order!)

6 Pizza Points
Exchange 6 Pizza Points for any side

8 Pizza Points
Exchange 8 Pizza Points for and medium pizza, medium salad, pasta or soup

10 Pizza Points
Exchange 10 Pizza Points for any large salad, a carnivore or veggie calzone, or 6 Gung Ho! wings

12 Pizza Points
Exchange 12 Pizza Points for any large Gung Ho! pizza

Gung Ho! Pizza Point Coupon

New Gung Ho! Weekly Specials!

  • Every Monday get 10% of all Gung Ho! Salads all day!
  • Every Tuesday get 10% Off all Gung Ho! Chicken Wings
  • Every Wednesday all Pasta & Lasagne is 10% Off
  • Every Thursday get 10% off Carnivore and Veggie Calzones

And every Monday to Friday between 2pm tp 4pm upsize your pizza from a medium to a large – free!

Sorry! VIP cards cannot be used with other promotions.